McDonald's Full Menu With Prices

McDonald's Full Menu With Prices


McDonald's is the number one fast food chain worldwide. Their burgers are legendary and they frequently offer exciting deals and promotions to their customers.

McDonald's meals typically range in cost from $5 to $8 depending on where you live. Here's a look at their 2023 menu with prices so that you know what to expect!


McDonald's breakfast menu provides a selection of dishes to get you through the morning. Whether it's something sweet or savory, McDonald's has something for everyone at an unbeatable price point.

The McGriddle is the top seller on the breakfast menu, boasting its delicious syrup-injected texture that will have you craving more. Plus, if you're trying to reduce calories in the morning, this dish makes sense.

For a delicious alternative to your typical biscuit, why not try making your meal sweeter with bacon, egg and cheese? Not only that but it's low in calories and fat too!

Another excellent option is the Big Breakfast, which features an Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns and your choice of Hotcake with Margarine & Syrup or Biscuit with Sausage & Egg. At 820-850 calories per meal, this meal could be ideal if you're watching your weight or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Other popular breakfast items include Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles and Sausage McMuffin With Egg. These sandwiches are incredibly filling and taste delicious, so you're sure to get your money's worth from them.

However, it's essential to note that you should only choose one of these breakfast sandwiches if you are on a diet plan. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese McGriddles contain an excessive amount of calories (34 grams) and sodium which may not be beneficial for your wellbeing.

Additionally, the Sausage McMuffin With Egg contains a high amount of saturated fat and calories. Although not necessarily a bad choice, there may be better breakfast sandwiches available at other fast food chains.

McCafe Bakery offers four tempting treats at an affordable price point that would pair nicely with coffee or tea. Each item can be found to tantalize your taste buds!

In addition to these breakfast items, you can find a selection of cold snacks and desserts as well. These are ideal for those needing an easy morning bite on the go or nursing a hangover after a night out.


McDonald's lunch menu offers customers a selection of items to choose from, including classics like hamburgers and cheeseburgers, as well as healthier choices like egg McMuffins or Southwest grilled chicken salad.

Most restaurants will start serving lunch around 10:30 or 11 AM Monday through Friday and at 11 AM on weekends, depending on their location and if the store is open 24 hours.

McDonald's often offers a BOGO lunch special, allowing customers to purchase one item and receive another for just $1 more. These deals tend to last only for a short time and can usually be found on McDonald's website or app.

Another popular secret menu item is the "Cactus Jack" meal, which features a Quarter Pounder with cheese and bacon along with barbecue sauce and Sprite for $6. This has become a go-to favorite among burger connoisseurs nationwide.

Finally, the chain recently relaunched spicy chicken nuggets in select locations for a limited time. Though these nuggets may not be quite as fiery as before, they remain delicious and well worth the price!

McDonald's may not be known for having many healthy options on their menu, but they have recently begun providing more choices in response to people's growing concern about nutrition. Their curated healthy menu offers a selection of foods that are both nutritious and delicious.

Mcdonald's burgers may not be the healthiest options out there, but they do provide more variety than many other fast food restaurants. That being said, McDonald's remains a great choice for anyone in search of something quick and convenient.

Over the last decade, more and more people have been demanding healthier options at fast-food restaurants. This is largely due to a desire to steer away from processed junk food in favor of nutritious, whole foods.

Due to the growing awareness of health, more people are making an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables as well as less meat. McDonald's provides plenty of healthy choices with their BOGO deal - get two select items for just $5!


McDonald's menu offers something for everyone - whether you're in need of a quick bite to eat or an entire meal. Not only are their burgers and fries delicious, but they also offer many other delicious items like salads and sweet treats. With something to suit everyone's taste buds, McDonald's is sure to please everyone's cravings!

McDonald's 2023 menu offers a wide range of items in different categories, such as combo meals and shareable options; McNuggets fries sweets and treats; happy meals sides and more; McCafe coffee, bakery items, beverages; plus individual items too! With so much selection it can be easy to feel overwhelmed; here are a few tips on narrowing down your choices and finding something perfect to satisfy your hunger!

Before visiting McDonald's Restaurant, it's wise to confirm its opening and closing hours. This way, you'll know when best to arrive and avoid traffic or any delays getting your food.

Another important thing to consider when ordering from McDonald's is the nutritional information on their menu. Many items are fried and packed full of calories as well as other unhealthy nutrients that should not be consumed in long term.

Nutrition is an integral factor to consider when dining out, particularly for those with health objectives. To make informed decisions about what to order next time at McDonald's, take time to learn about each item's fat, protein, fiber and sugar content.

One of the best ways to determine what's right for you is by consulting McDonald's official nutritional guide. This will give all the info necessary to make an informed decision!

McDonald's menu offers a variety of dishes to choose from, but one stands out above all others: McDonald's Big Mac. A classic dish, but there are other excellent dinner alternatives that should not be overlooked.

For something a bit more substantial, Mcdonald's Filet-O-Fish is a classic that they have been serving since their establishment. This grilled ribeye steak is topped with melted cheese and their special sauce before being served on top of a toasted sesame seed bun.


McDonalds snacks menu offers something for everyone - health nuts, sweet tooths and everyone in between! With chicken wraps, fries and dessert, there's sure to be a snack here to satisfy any appetite.

Apple pie has long been a beloved item on McDonald's menu, and these bite-size slices of baked apple goodness make the ideal treat for anyone with a sweet tooth. Not only are these healthier alternatives to deep-fried apple slices, but they have become one of McDonald's most beloved snacks in history.

They're an excellent way to enjoy a piece of cake without going overboard on calories and fat. Just be sure to double-check the ingredients list to make sure there aren't any allergies present.

McDonald's Snack Wraps are a favorite between-meal snack that come at an affordable price of less than $2 per serving. Not only are these portable portions of chicken ideal for on-the-go consumption, but they're also one of their most popular items on their menu!

For a more substantial snack, the Big Mac is your answer. Created in 1967 by McDonald's franchise owner Jim Delligatti, this beloved burger has become a go-to for fast food enthusiasts ever since.

McDonald's Egg McMuffin has become a go-to breakfast favorite thanks to its affordability and delicious taste. Enjoy this popular sandwich served with hotcakes or bagels every morning.

Additionally, it's easy to locate at various locations, making it a convenient choice for busy individuals on the go.

Snack Wraps are a delicious and portable option when you don't have time or energy for a full meal. They come in various flavors like Grilled, Crispy or Buttermilk Crispy.

Happy Meals can't be complete without fries - choose from an array of toppings for your sandwich and get an additional serving with each purchase!

A quick search on McDonalds' website will provide you with a list of snacks and meals available near your location. Plus, prices for these items and other McDonalds menu options will be displayed.


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