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Martin Truex Jr News


Martin Truex Jr news

Martin Truex Jr has been in the spotlight this season due to personal matters. Last week, the Joe Gibbs Racing driver shared news of his breakup with girlfriend Sherry Pollex on social media - an announcement which came as a shock.

Trux may have made the right decision by staying winless this season. After all, he is winless for the first time since 2014 and appears set for retirement after this season.

Sherry Pollex and Martin Truex Jr. End Relationship

Sherry Pollex and Martin Truex Jr have shared an extraordinary journey together over the years. While they have faced many trials together, their partnership has also yielded many successes. One of their proudest accomplishments has been founding a foundation to assist survivors of ovarian cancer.

Sherry and Martin founded the MTJF in 2007 to increase awareness about ovarian cancer and provide assistance for those affected by it. Since then, they have become champions for women and children fighting this terrible illness.

Sherry experienced a major setback in her health several years ago when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and required three surgeries to remove it.

Sherry had cancer, yet still managed to make a mark on NASCAR and the racing community. In 2017 she was part of the NMPA Myers Brothers Award ceremony and is an advocate for ovarian cancer research and treatment.

Her battle with ovarian cancer has been a tremendously difficult journey for her, which she often shares through social media accounts. She hopes that sharing her story will motivate other women fighting cancer to remain positive and continue living a healthy life.

She admits it can be overwhelming for her partner and her to deal with people constantly asking her about her health. Though she's never been shy about sharing that she is fighting ovarian cancer, the attention it brings can sometimes cause a distraction for them both.

After her initial surgery in 2014, she underwent multiple rounds of chemotherapy and was initially told by doctors she only had a 30% chance of living for another five years. But that is just one of many unexpected turns she has encountered throughout her battle with ovarian cancer.

Sherry's battle with ovarian cancer has been challenging, yet she has found peace and healing by focusing on the positive things in life. Sherry has regained her zest for living and is determined to remain active so she can be around to witness her grandchildren growing up.

Truex Ends 2022 Season

As 2022 came to a close, Martin Truex Jr. faced an important decision - whether or not to continue his NASCAR career. Although there were various reasons for uncertainty about his future in the sport, he ultimately chose to stay with Joe Gibbs Racing and pursue other opportunities.

Even though he didn't win a single race in 2022, the 42-year-old veteran still displayed impressive speed throughout the season. This put him in contention for numerous stages victories and multiple top-five finishes.

He finished in the top 10 at many of his races, such as Atlanta, Texas and Dover. Unfortunately, there were some setbacks too - such as a wreck at Dover and engine failure at Texas - which ultimately cost him some points in those competitions.

At New Hampshire Motor Speedway in July, Truex finally broke his winless streak by winning the pole and leading 80 or more laps. He led 172 of the initial 209 laps but ultimately finished fourth behind teammate Christopher Bell.

Truex was unable to win in 2022, but still managed to secure his second regular-season championship - an impressive accomplishment for any driver. After missing the Championship 4 only once throughout his Cup Series career, this is truly a momentous milestone.

After an impressive 2017 campaign that included back-to-back runner-up finishes in the Cup Series, Truex and crew chief Cole Pearn are set to take over driving duties for Toyota for the new year.

Truex was driving for the first time ever outside his familiar Furniture Row Racing team when he and Pearn switched to Joe Gibbs Racing in the new year, and they have been working together ever since.

Truex was tested during the 2022 season, yet he always kept his head up and focused on what needed to be done. He came close to winning several races, including leading 80 or more laps at Richmond Raceway and Nashville Superspeedway.

He had a good chance at making the playoffs, too, as he was fourth in the standings with two races left to run. Unfortunately, his efforts weren't enough and he ended up missing the postseason for the first time in eight years.

Truex Returns to Joe Gibbs Racing

After six months of contemplating his future, NASCAR driver Martin Truex Jr. announced Friday night that he will return to Joe Gibbs Racing next year, effectively ending speculation about his retirement from racing.

Truex, who turns 42 this week, has 31 career wins in the Cup Series and two Xfinity Series titles (2004-05). Additionally, he has captured both Daytona 500s twice and Coca-Cola 600s once.

He has reached the playoffs in each of his last five seasons, posting four top-five finishes during that stretch. Furthermore, he has reached the Championship 4 twice in two years.

Truex has achieved several notable accomplishments outside the racing world, such as founding The Martin Truex Jr. Foundation with his girlfriend Sherry Pollex to raise awareness for ovarian and pediatric cancers. In 2014, Pollex was diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer; she underwent a radical hysterectomy and underwent 17 months of chemotherapy treatment for it.

Since then, she has been on a mission to raise awareness about these diseases and those affected by them. Together with her partner, they opened an oncology massage, yoga, and diet center in Charlotte, North Carolina that provides holistic treatments like acupuncture, oncology massage, yoga and diet for those fighting cancer.

This organization has awarded more than 100 grants totaling $1.36 million to cancer patients, marking it as the first non-profit organization in America to offer acupuncture therapy for cancer patients.

Truex made headlines in 2014 when his girlfriend Sherry Pollex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Although this has been a difficult journey for them both, they have remained strong and are still fighting this disease today.

After winning the 2017 season title, Truex left Furniture Row Racing and joined Joe Gibbs Racing, where he has amassed 30 career wins and two Xfinity Series titles. However, his current deal with JGR expires in 2022, leaving uncertain whether or not he will return to racing.

Truex was faced with a tough decision; after an inconsistent year in his Gen 7 car, he finished 2022 with zero wins, four top-5 finishes, 15 top-10 finishes and an average finishing position of 14.9; moreover, he failed to qualify for the 2022 playoffs as well.

Truex’s Next Move

Martin Truex Jr is on a quest for another championship after taking home the crown in 2017. He's currently running as the runner-up in the Daytona 500 and has come close to victory at Sonoma and Las Vegas races as well.

After suffering his last two Cup Series losses, Truex and crew chief Cole Pearn are considering their next steps. With Furniture Row Racing set to close its doors at the end of this season, Truex and Pearn have chosen to return to Joe Gibbs Racing with the No. 19 Toyota Camry for one more year.

Two-time Xfinity Series champion Will Van Pelt will continue running part time in the series and has announced that he plans to begin the 2023 season at Sonoma Raceway in July. If his current performance levels hold up throughout the final three races of the season, it could give him a shot at winning the series title.

At Furniture Row, Truex achieved success in six races and finished in the top 10 in 14 others. Furthermore, he was one of only four drivers in Xfinity Series to finish every race scheduled.

He is an accomplished road-course racer, having won at some of NASCAR's toughest tracks such as Talladega. With a career average of 7.8 points per race and 31 victories overall - including four at Daytona and one during the 2017 NASCAR championship - he boasts an impressive resume.

Since entering the Cup Series in 2007, Truex has recorded six second-place finishes. His performance on Saturday night at Texas was particularly disappointing, as he was racing against a car that had an enormous advantage over him.

That was the difference that cost him the race to Kyle Busch, who employed a better pit strategy and took advantage of late pit stops on both sides of the track. Had Truex made all his stops, he would likely have emerged victorious.

Truex saved an impressive 1.612 seconds per pit stop, amounting to a massive gap over the duration of the race. If he could have consistently reached his stall in half that time, it would have given him a much stronger edge against Busch.

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