Married at First Sight Star Alyssa Ellman

Married at First Sight Star Alyssa Ellman


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Married at First Sight star Alyssa Ellman has caused much controversy during her time on the show. Her marriage to Chris Collette was troubled from the start, and she is not satisfied with how things are progressing.

Despite her difficulties, she remains determined to find her soul mate. She hopes that one day she can find a husband who will cherish and value her completely.

Alyssa Ellman

Alyssa Ellman is a social media marketing specialist and animal activist who joined the season 14 of Marriage at First Sight. After her relationship ended, she sought out new love on the show, finding comfort in meeting new people.

On the reality TV show, Alyssa was paired with Chris Collette. The two were chosen due to their similar backgrounds and lifestyles; however, their relationship quickly unraveled as they struggled to connect.

Though Alyssa and Chris initially seemed to have a great chemistry, their marriage ended abruptly after their honeymoon. Alyssa chose not to spend the night with her husband, and they barely spent any time together during their vacation. Additionally, she refused to share a room with him.

Her cold behavior towards her husband and insistence that she was a "good person" were an enormous turnoff for many viewers. Additionally, many of her fans believed she was superficial and didn't want to collaborate with Chris.

After their divorce, Alyssa and Chris returned to Married at First Sight for a reunion show where they discussed their short marriage. Alyssa admitted that while she entered into the union with good intentions, Chris just wasn't an ideal match for her. Additionally, Alyssa believed her groomsmen when they warned her against Chris being condescending was an alarming red flag which raised serious doubts in her mind.

Ten days after their marriage ended, Alyssa and Chris parted ways and are now in separate relationships. But their short time on MAFS will never be forgotten.

Though the show strives to give couples a way out of conflict and into a harmonious marriage, it's essential to remember that no guarantees can be made. Most marriages aren't perfect, and that couples must accept that reality exists.

On the MAFS series, couples are matched by experts trained to detect potential matches. After an intensive eight-week training session, it's determined if the pair has what it takes.

Most couples on the show divorce within a year of their decision day, though some have been married longer. It's common for marriages to take some time to work out, and if both parties have a strong bond at the beginning, they can usually overcome any issues that arise. However, if neither feels satisfied in their marriage or doesn't like each other enough, then it may be better to part ways.

Chris Collette

Married at First Sight is a reality TV show that follows singles as they embark on their first marriage ceremony and tie the knot. It can be an intricate process, but also filled with inspiring success stories.

On Season 14 of the reality TV show, Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette appeared to be married at first sight. Unfortunately, their union didn't last long as Alyssa refused to share Chris' room on their wedding night, leading the couple to part ways shortly thereafter.

Fans have yet to pinpoint why Chris and Alyssa ended their relationship. Reports indicated they were very cold towards one another, even though Chris wasn't ready to part ways just yet; Alyssa didn't appear interested in exploring any potential new connections either.

Now, it appears Chris has moved on with someone else. In a clip from this week's episode, he revealed that he's dating another cast member.

The 35-year-old realtor is currently dating Season 11 MAFS alum Olivia Cornu. He flew her from New Orleans to Boston for a date and also invited her on their Season 14 cast getaway to Cape Cod.

In the clip, he shares that despite his divorce, he's not let it bring him down and remains open to finding love again. Although he has yet to meet someone who meets all of his criteria, he hopes that will happen in the future.

Some fans are criticizing Chris' smile in the previews, noting that it isn't particularly flattering and that he has crooked teeth. This issue has become so contentious on social media that some even advise him not to smile due to his misaligned teeth.

He doesn't let it affect him and continues to focus on growing his real estate business. He even cracks jokes about all the negativity, but never lets it get to him.

Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collett's breakup was one of the most shocking moments on this season of MAFS. Although they didn't make it to the finale, their relationship was very short lived, leaving fans eager to see what will transpire next.

Reality Titbits

Alyssa Ellman is a Boston-based animal advocate with impressive social media skillset. She also boasts an impressive list of accomplishments, such as being matched with Chris Collette on MAFS.

She is a MAFS devotee to the core, and her enthusiasm for the series is contagious. She believes in love being everywhere - MAFS being an ideal platform to experience it for yourself.

Alyssa is one of only four couples to make it all the way through Season 14, and she's had her fair share of ups and downs along the way. But she finally found her match in Australian TV personality Duncan; he's an experienced bachelor who knows his stuff; they've experienced many highs and lows together over the years but their relationship appears to be on solid ground - looking like it may be here for good!

Married at First Sight

Married at First Sight is a reality show that promises to find you your true soul mate and make the relationship last. While many people seem to find true love on the show, there are also those couples who just don't click. Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette were one such pair during season 14.

On their wedding night, Alyssa made it clear she didn't feel comfortable sharing a room with Chris. It appeared that things between them weren't going smoothly between them; she effectively informed Chris she didn't want to marry him and that they should part ways before the experiment was over.

On their honeymoon, Alyssa often broke down in tears and refused to live with her husband in the same apartment. She expressed that she did not agree with his treatment of her and felt their lifestyles weren't compatible, leading her to consider divorce before they had even tied the knot, according to Lifetime.

Many couples on the show were shocked by Alyssa's behavior during her honeymoon, who were all hoping to find true love on the show. Dr. Pepper Schwartz and Pastor Cal Roberson even live-tweeted during the episode to offer their insight on Alyssa's misbehavior.

Experts and viewers of MAFS urged Alyssa to make her marriage work before leaving the show, as it was obvious she wasn't ready for a long-term commitment. Nevertheless, Alyssa continued to make disparaging remarks and disparage fellow cast members without realizing they were filming her.

Unfortunately, Alyssa and Ryan weren't able to make their marriage work out; however, she has since put the show behind her and moved forward with her life. Recently she connected with Ryan who also appeared on season 11 of MAFS and married Brett in Houston.

The experts are trying to assist Alyssa and Chris. Although they haven't kicked them off the show yet, they want to observe how they react on decision day.

After witnessing Alyssa and Chris' disastrous honeymoon, it appears the experts are trying to help them uncover what went wrong and why their relationship isn't working. Additionally, they're asking Alyssa to participate in another experiment with a new partner so they can gain more insight into their compatibility.

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