Married at First Sight Hits a Milestone With Season 10

Married at First Sight Hits a Milestone With Season 10


married at first sight season 10

Lifetime's reality series married at first sight has reached a major milestone with season 10 and we can't wait to see how this season unfolds. The show has an all-new look this season, featuring five couples set for marriage at first sight.

With five new couples set to walk down the aisle, we expect there to be more drama than usual. But before we dive into it all, let's take a closer look at some of the couples who made it this far.

Meka Jones and Michael Watson

Every season of Married at First Sight features couples who seem like an unlikely match, but Meka Jones and Michael Watson were an exception to that rule.

Meka and Michael initially had a good intention, but their relationship never took off during the show. Meka felt untrustworthy towards Michael due to his tendency for dishonesty; this eventually led Meka to request an annulment after their marriage.

Meka and Michael had made progress in overcoming some of their issues, but there was still much work to do before they could fully repair their relationship. Meka believed Michael was making false claims about his job as a school principal and his wealth; additionally, she suspected he was cheating on her with another woman which ultimately led to their divorce.

Once their marriage ended, Meka and Michael endured a difficult period of separation. Ultimately, both filed for annulment in court.

Both couples alleged that they had been defrauded of their marriage by the producers of the show. It was an eerie development that left viewers on edge.

Meka and Michael endured a great deal of drama during their tenure on the show. On their honeymoon, they even spent separate hotel rooms because Michael reportedly gave Meka an ultimatum: If she didn't have sexual relations with him that night, he would end their marriage.

Meka and Michael ultimately chose an annulment over divorce, which is not always the preferred option. Meka expressed her distrust in Michael's job status and financial ability to earn money, as well as his false assertion of having purchased a Groupon voucher for a trip to Jamaica with false information. Ultimately, they chose this course of action instead of divorce.

Since the show, Meka and Michael appear to have found love again. Recently, she shared an endearing photo of her new man on her Instagram story.

Fans are cheering them on as they embark on their new journey of love. The affectionate picture serves as evidence that Meka has found a relationship that is healthier than her previous one.

After their divorce, Meka and Michael took a break from reality television but are now back in the spotlight. They've appeared on several other reality shows and have built an amazing bond with their daughter from a previous relationship.

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice

Mindy Shiben and Zach Justice featured on the season 10 premiere of married at first sight. The two Washington, DC residents were matched with experts who praised their relationship as "unique and captivating," as well as "a great match for each other." Unfortunately, after this experiment their relationship didn't last.

After their honeymoon, Mindy felt like Zach was treating her too much like a friend instead of as her actual partner. When she discovered he was having an illicit affair with one of her close friends, Mindy decided to put off marriage altogether.

When Mindy asked her best friend Lindsay about the relationship between Mindy and Zach, she was informed that they only talked on the phone occasionally. Later, however, Lindsay admitted they had exchanged messages over time. Both sides quickly deleted any evidence which might have indicated an actual connection between them.

Even with MAFS experts encouraging them to give their marriage a chance, Mindy still doesn't believe she and Zach will find true love. She claims he lacks attraction for her and they lack intangible chemistry - leading her to worry for the future of their union.

Mindy seems so afraid of their marriage that she doesn't even want to move into the apartment chosen for them by MAFS experts. Despite Mindy's attempts at communication with her husband, it appears she has difficulty trusting him.

At the start of this season, Mindy was full of hope that she would meet her ideal man on Married at First Sight. She was overjoyed when Zach appeared on the show and hoped they would find their happily ever after together.

Mindy became disillusioned when it became apparent he wasn't attracted to her or they lacked intangible chemistry. Additionally, he didn't seem interested in moving into the apartment selected by MAFS team for them, leaving Mindy feeling as if they weren't meant for each other.

Mindy didn't find her dream man on Married at First Sight, but she did gain valuable lessons about love from her time on the reality show. She believes it has made her a better person and taught her the value of resolving conflicts amicably. Mindy says being on Married at First Sight was one of her life's biggest lessons.

Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd

Married at First Sight is a reality TV show that gives desperate singles the opportunity to find love with someone stranger. Those selected for the show say "I do" to someone chosen by three relationship experts and then live together for eight weeks before deciding whether they want to remain married or divorce.

While the show does have its share of couples that break up, there are also those that stick together for the long haul. One such pair is Jessica Studer and Austin Hurd from season 10.

Jessica and Austin, who met while dating in Washington D.C., were one of the most reliable and drama-free couples throughout the season. Despite some difficulties along the way, Jessica and Austin quickly fell in love and made their marriage their top priority.

Their love was so strong that they even bought a home after their televised marriage. And when they found out they were expecting a baby, it made both of their hearts flutter!

The couple has shared some truly heartwarming photos of their new son on social media platforms. They have been documenting his milestones, celebrating his achievements and providing a glimpse into their family life as husband and wife on Instagram.

Jessica and Austin are doing great as a married couple in Washington, D.C. They are contented, healthy and feeling blessed to have such an amazing family of three.

They have expressed that they are "fully committed" to one another and believe this type of relationship can only exist when both people are in love. And they couldn't be happier that Westin Paul Hurd has joined their family!

Jessica and Austin had a difficult journey but now find happiness and an even closer bond than before. With their dog and beautiful home, they're enjoying every minute of life to the fullest - an example for future MAFS couples who need to give everything they have, trust their partner, and work hard to maintain their love!

Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid

On the season 10 premiere of Married at First Sight, Taylor Dunklin and Brandon Reid made history when they tied the knot. But one week later, their union is in peril.

After much drama and misunderstandings, Taylor and Brandon finally divorced after 15 years together. Although it seemed like the perfect match when they tied the knot on TV, it soon became evident that their union wasn't meant to be.

Taylor enjoyed being a social media star, but was less than delighted with Brandon's lack of communication or respect for her. They started fighting soon after their honeymoon began and Brandon let his rage loose on the production crew and other couples during their getaway - ultimately leading them to part ways.

When Taylor and Brandon got back together, they were able to work things out; however, there remained several issues between them. Brandon struggled with controlling his temper, often engaging Taylor in arguments during their honeymoon as well as during a Couples Retreat before Decision Day.

No matter how hard Taylor and Brandon tried to reconcile away from the cameras, it didn't seem to help resolve their differences. On Decision Day, Taylor tried her best to talk Brandon into seeing the light but he was clearly still grieving over how other couples and the production team had treated him.

Additionally, Taylor had an issue with her social media presence and claimed she only married at first sight to gain followers. It appeared this was a lie - something which Taylor knew all too well.

On January 2 of this year, Brandon filed for annulment in order to preserve his legal history and separate from Taylor, according to court documents obtained by E!. It seems he did this out of necessity rather than out of love for her.

Since their season of Married at First Sight ended, both Taylor and Brandon have kept a low profile. Both have set their Instagram profiles to private, and have reduced their social media activity overall.

Brandon is currently employed as a sales manager in Washington DC, and also holds an academic appointment at John Hopkins University there.

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