Married at First Sight Continues With Five New Couples

Married at First Sight Continues With Five New Couples


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Married at First Sight, a life-altering reality show, continues its journey with five new couples. These singles put their trust in the experts and hope to find someone who shares their interests and aspirations.

Season 15 of the show features four couples: Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, and Stacia and Nate. Let's take a closer look at each pair.

Amani and Woody

Fans of Married at First Sight will remember Amani Aliyya and Woody Randall as the couple that chose to remain together on Decision Day. Their chemistry was evident from the start, and over time their relationship has only strengthened.

Amani is a non-profit worker who relocated to New Orleans after growing up in Chicago. She knows exactly what she wants from a partner and hopes to find someone who can share her ambitions and goals with her.

She hopes to raise a family in the future, but she doesn't want to rush into parenthood due to all of the work involved.

Woody is eager to start a family with someone who will cherish him. He hopes that on the show he can find his ideal wife and bring her into his life.

Christina and Henry

Henry and Christina had a turbulent relationship on Married at First Sight, from Christina's suspicions that Henry might have an affair to his unwillingness to initiate any sexual contact. It was no wonder their relationship was so rocky!

Fans have since speculated that the couple may be heading for divorce. Their marriage began to unravel after a particularly contentious honeymoon.

Christina and Henry also disagreed over Henry's claim that Christina tried to blackmail him with a text message claiming he was gay. On Decision Day, however, the couple chose to stay together.

Brett and Olivia

Married at First Sight, a reality TV series, has successfully married 59 couples over the course of several years with help from relationship experts. While many of these couples remain together, others were ultimately separated.

One such couple was Brett and Olivia Cornu, who chose not to remain married on Decision Day in New Orleans. They divorced before the final episode aired.

On the show, Brett and Olivia seemed to have a lot of issues that eventually caused their breakup.

They remain close friends, however. A cast photo featuring Henry Rodriguez, Woody Randall and Miles and Karen has been snapped of them together but they are no longer an item.

Karen and Miles

Lifetime's Married at First Sight is an experiment that matches young singles based on "scientific matchmaking" and then follows them throughout their first few months of marriage. Though it may seem like there will be plenty of drama, several couples have managed to keep their marriages intact after the show's run.

Karen and Miles, stars of Season 11, are still together and recently showcased their affection in an interview. Miles spoke passionately about how special Karen is to him in the clip; in fact, his words were so touching that he became overcome with emotion.

Miles was raised in Spartanburg, South Carolina and has a deep-seated passion for education. Additionally, he enjoys working with both young adults and children alike.

Amelia and Bennett

Amelia and Bennett are one of the funniest couples to watch on MAFS. From their very first meeting, it seemed like they'd made the perfect match.

Bennett is the artistic director of a theater company and has been searching for his perfect life partner for years. He was greatly encouraged by Married at First Sight's track record of successful past couples.

Amelia is a doctor currently finishing up her residency. She believes that anyone can fall in love with anyone-ish, much like her grandparents' arranged marriage. Amelia believes it's possible to develop true affection over time with someone you genuinely adore.

Despite facing a difficult living situation, Amelia and Bennett manage to make it work. They're one of the most relaxed couples in the entire cast, seemingly content with married life despite having to relocate for Amelia's doctor residency.

Molly and Jonathan

It's not uncommon for Married at First Sight couples to divorce after their arranged marriages with complete strangers. But that wasn't the case for Jonathan Francetic and Molly Duff, who tied the knot on Season 6 of the show.

Their relationship appeared promising on screen, yet soon enough they found themselves at odds with each other. They fought for control of their relationship and had intense fights both on- and off-camera.

Jon and Molly had longstanding communication problems, which only compounded matters. On their tell-all episode, Jon revealed a recording of Molly calling him "disgusting" and accusing him of making her "skin crawl."

Though their MAFS journey didn't pan out, Jonathan eventually fell in love with Dr. Jessica Griffin - one of the experts who matched him on the show - and they are happily engaged today.

Jaclyn and Ryan

Jaclyn Schwartzberg and Ryan Buckley are one of the beloved couples from Married at First Sight. Despite some serious disagreements, they chose to remain together in the season 6 finale of the show.

They both acknowledged that disagreements would persist, yet they understood the necessity of working together in order to keep their marriage strong.

After their honeymoon, Jaclyn began to question if Ryan had truly meant his wedding vows when he made them.

She also felt Ryan acting too fake during a romantic one-on-one dinner date when he awkwardly recited his wedding vows to her again.

She also dates a man she met online, and it appears their relationship is more stable than the one with Ryan. Plus, they have an adorable pup named Daisy!

Alyssa Ellman and Chris

Married at First Sight is an unscripted show that explores the drama and chaos that can ensue in relationships. Throughout its run, some couples manage to reach their happily-ever-after, while others struggle with a troubled marriage.

Season 14 saw Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette tie the knot at the altar, but their union didn't quite go as planned. The couple battled over finances, lifestyles, and ultimately endured a painful honeymoon together.

Alyssa refused to share a room with her husband because their lifestyles didn't mesh, and on their honeymoon, she often broke down in tears. Additionally, Alyssa suggested they split their apartment with other couples for more privacy.

Fans are taking Alyssa's treatment of Chris to heart and are calling her out as a manipulative bride. They contend that Alyssa is unwilling to get to know Chris or form any genuine connections with him.

Paige and Chris

Married at First Sight is a reality show that offers couples the chance to wed strangers before cameras roll. Each week, viewers get an inside look at the drama as these newlyweds attempt to navigate their new lives together.

Chris Williams and Paige Banks were the first couple to garner widespread attention on Married at First Sight. Fans expressed concern about Chris mistreating his new wife, prompting many negative comments from viewers who hoped she was mistreated by him; however, things quickly took an unfortunate turn for the worse.

On their honeymoon, Chris unexpectedly dropped a bombshell when he revealed that Paige had become pregnant with his child. Despite her disappointment, Chris still wanted to try and make the relationship work. In the end, Paige and Chris divorced; however, Paige has since moved on and is enjoying life without her toxic husband.

Briana Myles and Vincent Morales

Lifetime's Married at First Sight adds a unique spin to the dating reality show genre. Couples are matched up by experts and agreed to get married at the altar; then they live together for eight weeks before choosing whether or not they wish to remain together.

After the experiment, couples often stay together; however, this doesn't happen every season. Briana Myles and Vincent Morales, one of the couples that got married on the show, is one of those few couples to remain together and welcome a child into their union.

It's true that many apply to be on the show, but only a select few actually make it. Additionally, many must be rejected twice due to having second thoughts.

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