Malaysia Pargo Reveals BIG NEWS About #JenniferWilliams

Malaysia Pargo Reveals BIG NEWS About #JenniferWilliams


Jennifer Reveals BIG NEWS About Malaysia Basketball Wives

Malaysia Pargo Reveals BIG NEWS About Jennifer Williams

VH1's popular series #BasketballWives is set for its eighth season and promises a fresh new cast with both newcomers and returning cast members.

This season will be filled with drama, from a marriage proposal to charges for federal fraud. Furthermore, one wife's friendship will come to an abrupt end.

Brooke Talks To Her Dad

Brooke Penelope Davis was a special baby to her parents, and as an eight-year old had the unique experience of attending her first christening as part of the congregation. However, Brooke had experienced years of neglect from her father, so the loss of her mother proved particularly hard on her.

Brooke's dad miraculously showed up to her christening and took her in his arms! It was an incredibly touching moment for Brooke, who was beaming with joy as she hugged him tightly.

Her dad Ted and mother Victoria had been married for almost 30 years, but their relationship was fraught with tension. It wasn't until Victoria's daughter Brooke was born that they began to get closer again.

After Brooke was born, Victoria moved to California and Brooke spent most of her time there with her father who didn't pay much attention to her. For several years they were apart, and although they didn't get along at first glance, he eventually came back for a visit and the two of them were reunited at their grandsons baptism.

Malaysia has some exciting news to share with the Basketball Wives crew: she's pregnant! However, it appears her pregnancy will cause tension between Angel and Duffey.

She also revealed that she and her current partner have many issues. She's fed up with constantly fighting with Iman, feeling like their relationship has hit a wall.

Rumors of Brandi's cheating have begun to circulate. She is suffering from major depression and feels as if she can no longer trust Brandi.

Jen and Evelyn seem to be in for an unexpected journey when Jen brings them both to Puerto Rico for a vacation. Although Evelyn tries to convince Jen that they're friends, Jen has her doubts. When Jen sees pictures of Evelyn with OG from her Sip 'n Shop booth, tensions between the two begin to build between them.

Jackie Talks To Brittish

One of the most captivating scenes from Netflix's The Crown season 2 takes place during John Kennedy and his wife Jackie's visit to Buckingham Palace. Queen Elizabeth gives John and Jackie a private tour of the palace as well as some quiet time together, creating an intimate moment that may allow viewers to gain insight into both women's minds - but also raises many questions about their relationship and how much drama was involved during that meeting.

Do they really butt heads? Rumors swirl that there was a minor diplomatic dispute between the two regal women that day. According to one report, Jackie badmouthed Queen Elizabeth in front of her guests, calling her an "old middle-aged woman so incurious, unintelligent and unremarkable that Britain's new reduced place in the world wasn't even a surprise but an inevitable inevitability" and calling Buckingham Palace a "second-rate, dilapidated, and sad" building.

In fact, society photographer Cecil Beaton recorded in his diary that Jackie felt Elizabeth was "pretty heavy going." That is not an encouraging statement coming from a First Lady of the United States.

However, it's still beneficial for these two women to come together and discuss how they can resolve their differences. We sincerely hope that Malaysia and Jennifer can put their disagreements behind them once and for all, moving on with better things.

It has been some time since we last saw Malaysia and Jennifer on the show, but they were recently back together at Williams' Classy Girl Wardrobe Sip & Shop event to remember her mother who passed away in 2015. Both looked very contented together at the gathering, which serves as evidence that they have made peace with one another.

Basketball Wives promises to be a win-win situation for all parties involved and we can't wait to see how it all unfolds on the upcoming season! Keep reading for an inside look at what's to come, then tune in Monday night at 8 PM ET/PT on VH1 to watch it all come alive!

Malaysia Gets Even With Jennifer

Malaysia Pargo is one of the stars of "Basketball Wives" season 10 and she's excited to share some big news with her friends. After several tumultuous episodes with Jennifer Williams, the "Los Angeles" star is ready to tell her former co-star she's moving on.

In her green screen interview with Jen, she revealed the growing tension between them since the premiere. They hadn't spoken in months and even made disparaging remarks about each other's relationships.

But she is now ready to open up to her former best friend. After all, she knows the pain of having someone walk away when one is on the brink of something great.

She hopes to move past the drama so she can focus on her new relationship with Jelani. In a green screen interview, she acknowledged it's difficult to let go of the past but wants to make the most of their time together.

However, life is far from easy for her. She's still dealing with serious issues with her ex-husband and now faces a cease and desist order. And she fears that if she doesn't stop talking about their co-parenting drama while filming, he could sue her for child support.

It appears her ex-husband may have been spying on her. Brandi Maxiell used to be a close friend of hers but didn't appreciate her attitude when she was fired from "Basketball Wives" years ago.

She believes someone had warned her ex-husband was planning to sue for child support, which would have been a devastating blow for both of them.

Malaysia ultimately wants some peace of mind. She plans on taking a trip to Puerto Rico where she can visit her family and spend quality time with sister Evelyn, which will help her deal with some of her fears, such as her brother's passing. Furthermore, Malaysia needs time for healing before returning to work through conflicts with co-stars.

Evelyn Goes To Puerto Rico

Evelyn Serrano is a young girl struggling to make ends meet in El Barrio, Spanish Harlem. Every day in her neighborhood is filled with poverty, inequality and racism - but that will all change when The Young Lords join forces and take to the streets of New York to protest what they perceive as injustices in their community.

Evelyn finds herself caught up in the revolution along with her Abuela and friends, setting garbage fires on the streets as part of a powerful movement that will forever alter her perception of Puerto Rican heritage and how she was raised with its stories.

Evelyn finds her family and herself growing closer together in spite of all the turmoil. She even finds the strength to use her voice for causes she believes in, ultimately uniting them all.

However, there's an unspoken dark side to this story that rarely gets discussed. Unfortunately, it's not a particularly great movie either.

Harold Gern (Antony Carbone), his wife Evelyn Gern (Betsy Jones-Moreland), and lawyer Martin Joyce all go scuba diving to discover they are the only people left alive on Puerto Rico after some mysterious disaster has killed off everyone else. Additionally, they recognize that their survival has been made possible due to using deep sea diving equipment which provides them with oxygen.

There's plenty to discuss in this film, though it might not be something you want to watch for the end of the world. Nonetheless, its plotline is captivating and its acting was adequate at the time.

After an intense period of drama, Evelyn travels to Orlando with Jen to meet their basketball fiancee Gloria Govan and her fiance Matt Barnes. When Evelyn confronts Gloria about her alleged role in Shaunie's scandal, tensions between them begin to flare.

Evelyn is in charge of organizing a 34th birthday celebration for Royce while simultaneously struggling with her relationship with Chad and the fate of her frozen embryos.

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