Madonna Played Truth Or Dare With Bob the Drag Queen

Madonna Played Truth Or Dare With Bob the Drag Queen


Heres How Jack Black Ended Up Playing Truth or Dare With Madonna

Madonna recently unveiled her upcoming Celebration Tour through an hilarious game of Truth or Dare with celebrities. Jack Black, Lil Wayne, Judd Apatow, Diplo, Amy Schumer, Eric Andre, Kate Berlant and Bob the Drag Queen were among those featured in the video.

Madonna's world tour, which kicks off this summer and includes Bob the Drag Queen, will showcase 40 years worth of her greatest hits. Plus, there will be some extra surprises along the way!

It started out as a joke.

Madonna recently assembled an array of famous friends to play an intense version of Truth or Dare in celebration of her 1991 film of the same name. She invited everyone from Jack Black and Amy Schumer, Diplo, Lil Wayne, Bob the Drag Queen and Judd Apatow to take part in this epic game.

Star-studded video was released to announce her latest tour, The Celebration Tour. To commemorate 40 years of hits, it begins July 15th in Vancouver, Canada and continues through winter before concluding in Amsterdam next December.

Starz invited a bunch of celebrities to her home for dinner table game of Truth or Dare. From Kate Berlant to an obviously stoned Lil Wayne, it was quite the eclectic crew she pulled together - but it all ended up hilarious - especially the NSFW part where she got her friends to do some daring things!

One of the more NSFW moments in the video comes when Madonna asks Amy Schumer to show off her skills at licking her husband's butthole on a food spread. Amy Schumer, an accomplished stand-up comedian and actress, really shows off her sexy licking abilities in this clip.

Other guests in the video include comedian Eric Andre, Diplo and Tenacious D frontman Jack Black. As things heat up even further, Madonna's Sex book crew recreate an iconic shot by placing their mouths on her chest to recreate it.

She admits it started off as a joke, but it turned into an incredible experience and she had so much fun. There was even some tongue-kissing involved - always good for some healthy competition!

All that was left for them to decide was whether or not their celebrity guest was feeling sexual. Luckily, everyone agreed to give it a shot.

Unfortunately, they all were. So much so that when it was time for them to leave, the game got out of hand. Thus, providing us with an opportunity for some NSFW content on the internet!

It got a little out of hand.

As part of her announcement video for an upcoming tour, Madonna brought together an array of stars to play an NSFW version of Truth or Dare. In the clip, she invites comedian Amy Schumer, rapper Lil Wayne, DJ Diplo, director Judd Apatow, Bob the Drag Queen and Jack Black to take part.

In the video, they sit around a table and get into some intense physical contact. Black even claims that he has more "relationships" with Madonna than any of her guests at the table!

Amy asks Madonna to pull on her husband's pants with a bread ring before being dared to "lick his butthole." When Diplo is asked to dip his balls into a margarita and then down it, he readily accepts the dare; even more so when Amy sticks her tongue down his throat before striking an explicit menage a trois pose with her.

Madonna posted a provocative video to her Instagram page to promote her upcoming "Celebration" tour, which begins July 15.

Once the game is over, singer Amy announces she's going on a world tour to perform her most popular hits! The 35-city trek begins in North America on July 15 and concludes December 1 in Amsterdam.

This isn't the first time she's pulled this stunt. In 1991, she also released a documentary film entitled "Truth or Dare" that documented her 1990 Blond Ambition World Tour.

She shot the footage herself, and the result was an impressive film that showcased her creativity and talent. In fact, it remains one of her most beloved music videos.

Alek Keshishian's documentary captures singer at a particularly challenging point in her career. After just wrapping up her Blond Ambition World Tour, she was dealing with throat issues.

She still managed to secure some great interviews from her fans, as well as filming some of the songs she performed live, such as "Beautiful Trauma" which she performed during her final show in Nice.

It ended up being a lot of fun.

The Queen of Pop has been teasing her upcoming tour with an explicit video featuring her celebrity friends Jack Black and Lil Wayne playing truth or dare. At the Kelly Clarkson Show on Tuesday morning, the star revealed how it all went down, including that she had been shirtless in the photos and that the video was shot during an intense game of truth or dare.

It was an enjoyable event and even resulted in some funny pictures! But more importantly, the video served as a great platform to promote her tour, with views of over 1 million.

Madonna released the video in January, tease her upcoming tour with NSFW sexy clips featuring celebrities including Judd Apatow, Amy Schumer, DJ Diplo and rapper Lil Wayne. She even invited Bob The Drag Queen to join in the fun!

In the video below, renowned EDM producer Diplo is challenged to dip his balls into a margarita and drink it all without stopping, under the supervision of comedian & musician Jack Black. Diplo proves that he's up for the challenge!

What really caught my attention, however, was when some of the guests started engaging in some X-rated antics. Some even attempted menage trois with Jack Black and Weezy! This wasn't all that surprising given that this sultry video was a parody of Madonna's 1991 documentary Truth or Dare which followed a similar theme.

Director Alek Keshishian sought to make a film that would explore Madonna's backstage world, rather than simply capture her stage show. What ensued is an intimate look at Madonna's dancers and entourage as well as their overlapping dramas and conflicts.

This film was an instant sensation and is still considered one of the greatest concert documentaries ever made. It also set a landmark in queer cinema by normalizing Madonna's dancers' sexuality without fetishizing or exoticizing them - an extraordinary accomplishment in an age when celebrities weren't necessarily expected to have close-knit family units.

It was NSFW.

Madonna announced her upcoming Celebration Tour with a star-studded video that featured a game of Truth or Dare. To support the event, she invited an all-star lineup of actors, musicians and comedians including Diplo, Judd Apatow, Jack Black, Lil Wayne and Amy Schumer.

The short film features a risque version of the popular game, in which celebrities are asked questions about their sexuality. Madonna stars as an edgy sex queen in the clip which she shared on her Instagram page.

Madonna has long been known for her diva persona, but in her NSFW video she shows that she still has that wild side within. In this NSFW video, Madonna challenges her celebrity friends to a round of sex-themed Truth or Dare game that allows them to push the limits of what's acceptable in public.

Her questions to the group of actors and musicians were quite daring, leading her into some rather unsavoury scenarios. At one point, she dares Diplo to pull out his penis; at another, she requests Black to kiss her on the cheek.

She even goes so far as to recreate a scene from her 1992 'Sex' book, in which she and her male friends were challenged to kiss each other while wearing thongs.

Watching such behavior can be entertaining, but it's also essential to understand that such behaviour isn't exactly socially acceptable. That is why NSFW has become such a prominent slang term.

NSFW initially stood for "Not Safe For Work," but over time the term has come to encompass content which may not necessarily be inappropriate to view on a work computer, yet is potentially upsetting or offensive.

Therefore, it's best to read an article or image before clicking on it. NSFW tags are often appended to images and links that might raise some eyebrows, but there are plenty of other sensitive content types on the Internet which doesn't require an NSFW label.

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