Lucky Day Lotto Ticket Sold in Illinois for winning $1.15M?

Lucky Day Lotto Ticket Sold in Illinois for winning $1.15M?


115M Winning Lucky Day Lotto Ticket Sold in Illinois


Lucky Day Lotto is a state lottery game that costs $1 per ticket and boasts the biggest starting jackpot of any Illinois jackpot game with $100,000,000. Plus, with 14 drawings per week, this lottery provides plenty of entertainment for those just playing for fun.

On Tuesday, March 13th, 2013 the winning Lucky Day Lotto ticket was sold in Diamond, Illinois at Minit Mart Diamond (3195 E. Division St). According to the Illinois Lottery, this ticket matched all five numbers: 13-15-22-25-28-42!

Over the years, thousands of people have won prizes in this lottery. Some of them were extremely lucky; Mario Chavez won 800,000 dollars in 2014 while a woman from Warrenville also took home 1.5 million dollars.

Lucky Day Lotto offers players an exciting feature called EZmatch that gives them a chance to win instant prizes by adding an extra dollar to their tickets. With this option, they can print out five additional numbers with different cash values on each one and match them against other Lucky Day Lotto numbers for an extra chance at winning large sums of money.

If you would like to play Lucky Day Lotto but cannot make it out to an authorized lottery retailer, buying a ticket online is still possible. This is an efficient way for those with busy lives to play the lottery and check results from home on their computer - though unfortunately this option is only available for residents of California.

Lucky Day Lotto offers three additional prize tiers in addition to its main prize tier. These prizes are the lowest in this lottery and each has its own odds for winning.

Lucky Day Lotto game fans can get two chances at a lucky break for $1 with our Midday and Evening draws taking place at 12:40 PM and 9:22 PM respectively. Tickets are available from authorized retailers such as gas stations or online, plus they're valid for up to 25 consecutive draw times!

Odds of winning

Illinois lottery officials recently reported that a $1.15 million winning "Lucky Day Lotto' Ticket was sold in the Chicago area during late October. This prize, which is the state's largest in over ten years, could be paid out as either one lump sum or divided up over 29 years through annuities.

According to the lottery, your odds of winning the grand prize are less than 1 in 1.3 billion. To increase your chances of success, play on a regular basis and you could potentially hit it big! Despite seemingly impossibility, some lucky winners have bagged millions over time. The Illinois lottery boasts three $1 million winners and two other jackpots worth millions of dollars each. One recent jackpot was won by a lucky Des Plaines resident in early November. The most popular games are Illinois Lotto and Mega Millions; the latter has produced over $4 billion in cash prizes since 2002. The most expensive jackpots have been won near Chicago and Milwaukee while southern Illinois offers smaller prize pools.

Claiming a prize

Recently, a Lucky Day Lotto ticket sold in Illinois landed a whopping $1.15M jackpot prize - making it the state's first million-dollar winner of 2016. Although this wasn't for Mega Millions, one player who matched all five numbers won the lottery on Wednesday evening's drawing.

Winners have one year to claim their prize and may do so by visiting any of the lottery's five authorized prize centers located in Chicago, Des Plaines, Rockford, Springfield or Fairview Heights. Alternatively, they have the option to claim it through mail.

Players in Illinois have the option of claiming their prizes through an online lottery website, though this method is only accessible for residents of that state. Unfortunately, there is no way for those living outside Illinois to buy tickets online and there isn't a mobile app currently available either.

Like most lotteries, the odds of winning a lottery jackpot are slim. The Lucky Day Lotto IL game boasts an incredibly low jackpot ratio - one in 1,221,759.

Though this lottery still boasts the lowest odds of any pick-5 game in America, it has become significantly more difficult since changing its number format. Furthermore, its maximum prize is lower than other major lotteries' prizes.

Once you win a prize, it is essential to claim it promptly in order to avoid losing it. The Illinois Lottery urges winners to store their tickets securely until they visit one of the state's prize centers or submit an official claim form.

To claim your prize, you must have an iLottery account and be at least 18 years old. The website allows for instant verification of winning numbers through a computerized system that randomly selects them for you. You also have the option to receive it in cash or check.

To improve your chances of winning, try "wheeling" instead of simply playing calendar numbers. Doing this helps trap winning numbers into groups of five that are easier to identify. Plus, for an additional $1 you can play the EZmatch option which adds a bonus instant prize up to $5,000!

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