Low6 Launches March Madness Bracket Games

Low6 Launches March Madness Bracket Games


Low6 launches March Madness bracket games

The NCAA men's and women's basketball tournament is underway, and Low6 has released March Madness bracket games to coincide with it. These bracket-based competitions are becoming increasingly popular among online gaming companies as they draw in more players, boost daily active users, and engage them with targeted promotional offers.

According to the American Gaming Association, 25% of Americans plan to wager $15.5 billion on this year's tournament. Despite all the excitement of this event, AGA urges everyone to exercise responsibility and play legally.

Pistons Picks

The Detroit Pistons have joined forces with gamification firm Low6 to introduce March Madness bracket games that rival some of the more popular global titles. These free-to-play contests give fans a chance to win prizes like autographed memorabilia, tickets and an alumni meet-up.

Aside from the game itself, the team also offers fans a host of other interactive features to keep them busy throughout March. One such example is an advanced LED display at their headquarters that enables fans to make customized picks.

Low6's gamification solutions are being utilized by sports teams around the world, from the NFL's Cincinnati Bengals to NBA's Detroit Pistons. The company has collaborated with brands like Learfield and its Sidearm Sports subsidiary to develop creative branded content, digital marketing experiences and free-to-play gaming apps.

Low6's March Madness-themed competition is one of the most impressive products they offer, designed to bring extra fun into the fan experience at Ford Field. The free-to-download app allows users to create personalized picks for every game while its interactive components make it easy for users to compete and win prizes. What makes this app particularly noteworthy is that this marks Low6's first official branded product for a professional sports franchise - an incredible milestone in its long history of gamification in professional sports. This marks an enormous step forward for Low6, who has been at the forefront of implementing gamification into professional sports for over a decade now.

NBA Picks

March Madness bracket games are an excellent way to gamify digital marketing brand experiences and unlock powerful acquisition, engagement and conversion metrics. Low6 has joined forces with the Detroit Pistons to launch this free-to-play game that is accessible for all users.

The NCAA Tournament is always an exhilarating time of year for sports fans and bettors alike. Every March, millions of Americans fill out brackets with their favorite teams; this year 68 teams will participate in this year's championship event!

As the season progresses, the winner of each game will advance to the next round. Every team has a shot at winning it all, so it's essential that you place bets on the right picks.

Some teams with a long history of winning the NCAA tournament, such as UCLA and Duke. Even though these are considered top seeds, there have been some surprising upsets throughout this year.

UMBC pulled off one of the greatest upsets in March Madness history, defeating top-ranked UVA by 22 points and shattering brackets across America.

But there are also underdogs that could go far, like Gonzaga. The Zags boast a strong offense and are slightly underrated this tournament; they're expected to face TCU or Grand Canyon in the Sweet 16.

For the first time ever, Bet365 is offering a $10 million prize for the best bracket in its March Madness bracket challenge. All you have to do is create your bracket before the first round starts and Bet365 will provide a leaderboard based on points earned for each correct pick. There are also prizes for the top 5,000 players on that leaderboard including free bets and tickets to the Final Four.

NFL Picks

Every year, millions of sports fans across the US tune in to watch the NCAA basketball tournament. Many participate in bracket-based competitions where they attempt to predict each game's outcome. Whether they are professional or casual viewers, these games provide an ideal platform for engaging with your audience.

Low6 has joined forces with the Madness Bracket Challenge to enhance your digital marketing brand experiences and unlock powerful acquisition, engagement and conversion rates. By combining SSO integration, logos, custom creative and drop-in adverts into an engaging interactive brand experience, Low6 gives operators and brands a new digital asset that promotes both retention and acquisition.

The Madness Bracket Challenge has been widely praised for its feature set, including SSO integration, personalized logos, in-game adverts and CRM communication. Furthermore, there's a whitelabel version which gives operators access to first party data such as names and emails through its flexible yet interactive bracket - making it the only e-sports bracket that allows Sponsor branding inside the Bracket. Furthermore, there are other useful elements like first person shooter style quizzes and mobile-friendly interfaces.

MLB Picks

Every April, over 10 million sports fans tune in to watch March Madness and many take part in bracket-based competitions. These games can be highly lucrative for online gaming companies and serve as a great way to drive engagement, boost daily active users and promote promotional offers.

Low6 has added a bracket game for sports betting operators to its free-to-play lineup. This bracket can be customized with logos, creative, drop-in ads and CRM communication, giving brands the ability to gamify their digital marketing experiences while unlocking powerful acquisition, engagement and conversion metrics.

It's no secret that bracket picking has become one of the world's most beloved sports activities, with Americans filling out more than 70 million brackets annually. It offers us an opportunity to witness Cinderella stories from underdog teams and create a lasting legacy through generations to come.

Long believed that creating the perfect bracket was impossible, but it's actually much more achievable than you might think. If you can select an entirely unique bracket, your odds of winning are 66.7 percent - that's 70 million times better than if each game were a coin flip!

Put your brand at the center of March Madness this spring and unlock powerful acquisition, conversion and engagement opportunities with a March Madness bracket! Seamlessly integrate your branding through personalized logos, creative assets and drop-in ads within the Bracket for maximum engagement with players during sports' biggest tournament! Plus you can turn passive social media audiences into ownable first-party data by adding sponsors to both logos and creatives or offering upsell messages once someone makes their pick.


The PGA TOUR is offering a free bracket challenge, known as PGA TOUR Pick'em Live, powered by Low6 and accessible in both the official PGA Tour app and TOUR website. Designed to increase fan engagement with the game and its weekly prizes, players can enter at any point during a tournament week with points system directly tied to live odds.

The PGA TOUR's free-to-play bracket challenge is the latest addition to their digital offerings, which include NBC Sports, GOLFTV and the tour's official app. Low6 developed the games in collaboration with PGA Tour, NBC and PointsBet to launch it.

Low6 has been developing partnerships with sports teams such as the Detroit Pistons and Cincinnati Bengals. Recently, the company completed a $5 million funding round to expand its operations in America.

On Wednesday, the PGA Tour announced their partnership with Low6 to launch free-to-play March Madness bracket games for their upcoming season. These free-to-play contests allow users to predict who will win each round.

Many fans enjoy playing traditional bracket games for fun, but some also wager money in traditional tournaments. Bet365, for instance, offers a $10 bracket challenge with the chance to win up to $1 million based on how many correct picks are made during the tournament. The prize amount will depend on how many correct predictions are made during that round.

Low6 offers a suite of free-to-play fantasy, picks, trivia and bracket games. It has collaborated with some of the biggest names in sports, gaming and media technology such as PGA Tour, UFC and Uber Eats. Moreover, Low6 recently announced its partnership with Inside the Pocket - an industry leading free-to-play aggregation platform - which significantly expands their global reach.

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