Lovebites Drops New Official Video For Stand And Deliver

Lovebites Drops New Official Video For Stand And Deliver


Lovebites drops new official video for Stand And Deliver

Japanese power metal band LOVEBITES have released the official video for Stand And Deliver, the title track from their fourth studio album Judgement Day. Currently on tour in support of the album which was mixed and mastered by Finnish masterminds Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila, it features contributions from members such as guitarist Toshihiro Kanazawa on guitars; bassist Makoto Kanai on drums, guitarist Naoto Kawano on keyboards, vocalist Mikko Sakata on bass playing duties etc.

In October 2022, the band returned from their hiatus with the addition of bassist Fami and have now released their fourth studio album. Available digitally on February 22nd and physically in three editions over two days on Saturday, February 23rd.

Stand And Deliver

No matter the reshuffle within their ranks, Japanese pop sensation LOVEBITES haven't faltered on Judgement Day. After taking a brief hiatus, they recruited a new bassist and released their fourth album - produced by Finnish maestros Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila who previously produced all of the band's studio albums.

Stand And Deliver delivers an explosive mix of metal riffs and an energetic rhythm. It also features one of the album's strongest vocal performances - an uncommon feat in this genre. This song showcases modernized old school thrash with subtle electronic touches like drum machines adding interest and effectiveness. Stand And Deliver will remain in your head long after listening - it truly is an earworm you won't forget.

The Spirit Lives On may not be the biggest hit, but it certainly boasts the most impressive sound of any of the ten tracks on the record. It features some stunning vocal performances and some memorable sung hooks in recent memory. Despite relying too heavily on tremolo guitar effects, The Spirit Lives On still manages to provide an enthralling listen.

The Spirit Lives On

Lovebites have released the official video for Stand And Deliver, the first single from their upcoming album Judgement Day. This song features their new bassist Fami who joined after an audition process. At 20 years old, she has already performed live with many artists since her teenage years and has even performed in Japan!

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Two paths exist in life: one leads to death and the other to life (Romans 8:5-6). Your choice in how you live your life will determine whether you go to Heaven when you pass away or spend eternity in hell.

Once you are born again, the Holy Spirit is living inside of you, changing your mind and heart to reflect Jesus more accurately. Through Him, we can live a life that brings God glory, loves others well, and serves others with kindness and generosity.

But unfortunately, many Christians who identify themselves as Christians fail to live according to this principle - and Satan plays an active role. He desires you to believe you're saved but will do his best to destroy your life by convincing you otherwise.

The only way to protect yourself from the lies of the enemy is to remember that you are a Christian and Jesus died for you. This will enable you to resist his temptations and experience peace that surpasses all comprehension.

Wicked Witch

Tokyo heavy metal legends LOVEBITES have returned from their hiatus with a new member, an exciting single and the announcement of their fourth studio album titled Judgement Day. This album marks the first time they will feature all members of their new line-up - including bassist Fami who was selected after an international audition process at just 20 years old!

In the 1939 film adaptation of The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy is captured by a malevolent witch known as Wicked Witch of the West. She desires Dorothy's ruby slippers and will do anything to claim them. Additionally, Wicked Witch has minions like flying monkeys, Winkie guards and more who serve her purpose.

Margaret Hamilton portrays a villainous figure, yet she remains kind-hearted. After appearing as the title character in the 1939 film, Paul Lynde added her signature villain role for Halloween Special 1976.

The character of the Wicked Witch serves as inspiration for several horror films and television shows. Bandora from Sentai/Power Rangers often receives comparisons to her, as does Hereditary's villainous witch.

Slasher genres often get written off as less than thrilling, but Wicked Witch proves otherwise. With its dark plotline, oppressing isolation and evil villain who goes beyond typical were-creature archetypes, this addition to the genre's canon will leave viewers feeling unnerved. Though more of a character study than pure slasher, this movie still deserves your attention if you're in for some intense action!


Dissonance is an essential concept to comprehend in poetry, especially when the subject is someone experiencing inner conflict. It adds a feeling of eerie tension to the text which in turn prompts an honest response from readers.

Dissonance can also be used as a way to inject humor into the poem, helping readers laugh at their own experiences of discomfort and frustration. To gain more insight into how dissonance might be used in poetry, listen to some music or read literature that employs various sounds that build tension.

Psychology has long understood cognitive dissonance, or conflicting thoughts and values that are uncomfortable to hold. According to psychologist Leon Festinger, these inconsistencies can cause an aversive state that prompts individuals to attempt to reduce the dissonance.

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My Orion

Japanese power/speed metal band Lovebites have released the official video for Stand And Deliver (Shoot 'em Down), taken from their fourth studio album Judgement Day, which will be released on February 22nd 2023 via JPU Records.

The new album from Mikko Karmila and Mika Jussila, known for their work with Nightwish, Children of Bodom and Amorphis, contains ten songs crafted by their Finnish masterminds. The soundscape combines fast-paced melodic heavy metal with powerful vocals and heavy riffing.

Judgement Day takes a different approach than Lovebites' previous releases, yet they've kept the fast-paced energy intact. Songs still feature soaring guitar leads, powerful riffing and intense drumming perfect for speed and power metal fans alike.

From Japan, Lovebites are a female-fronted hard rock and heavy metal band comprised of guitarists Midori, Miyako, bassist Miho and drummer Haruna. Additionally, singer Asami joins the lineup; having performed live since her teenage years and worked with other artists alike.

After the departure of bassist Miho in August 2021, Lovebites held auditions open to all nationalities, ages and genders from around the world in search of a new bassist. Fami, twenty years old and selected after an extensive selection process, is their new addition and hails from Japan.

After taking a break from touring in late 2021, Lovebites are set to return to the studio early 2023 for their fourth studio album, Judgement Day. Due to be released digitally worldwide on February 22nd and physically available February 24th via JPU Records, preorders for this record can now be placed through their store; those interested in getting their hands on it before then can purchase either a video on demand or CD bundle from JPU Records ahead of release.

Inspirational Country Artist Amanda Hagel Releases Official video

Inspirational Country Artist Amanda Hagel Releases Official Video for Her Own Drum

Since her debut album Rush was released in 2014, Amanda has made a name for herself as an artist dedicated to crafting meaningful and motivating music.

Her latest single "Be the Light" marks her ninth official Country Radio release and further cements her position as an Inspirational/Country Artist. Her impressive catalogue continues to gain traction both nationally and internationally.

What Brand of Country Are You?

Inspirational Country Artist Amanda Hagel has been relentless in building her brand and music catalogue since the release of her debut album Rush in 2014. She is no stranger to success, having achieved it despite facing down adversity with grace. Furthermore, Amanda is certified personal trainer - though small - with a passion for wellness that has fuelled much of her musical success. Her latest offering - produced by Canadian bartender legend Bart Mckay - is her most intimate incarnation yet; accompanied by an experienced band.

Her Own Drum

Inspired Country Artist Amanda Hagel Releases Official Video for "Her Own Drum"

Inspirational country artist, songwriter and producer Amanda Hagel has released the official video for her fourth full-length studio album Her Own Drum. Featuring three motivational songs that emphasize finding one's voice and following your own drumbeat, this new record showcases Amanda's growth as both a writer and performer.

Her Own Drum, a joyful song about finding one's own voice and following the voice of your heart, inspires listeners to live their best lives by embracing their individual spirit. Additionally, this powerful piece highlights how music can heal, encourage and transform lives of those who are suffering or in need.

Karissa is a Saskatchewan-based singer/songwriter whose life has been profoundly affected by domestic abuse, bullying and the opioid crisis. Through organizing drive concerts to spread her message of strength and courage throughout her community, she continues to spread positivity through music as well as an online school tour in Saskatchewan - encouraging students to find their unique voices and live authentic lives.

She has become an outspoken proponent for gender equality in the music industry and speaks regularly on women's rights. A Saskatchewan Country Music Award nominee and finalist in the USA International Songwriting Competition, her work is recognized by both organizations.

She is also a father to four children and an advocate for healthy eating and fitness, as well as mental health promotion through her organization Your Best Self Through Drumming. She believes that drumming has an immense effect on one's body, mind and spirit by increasing focus, confidence and self-expression. As an instructor of drumming across Canada, her mission is to assist individuals in reaching their full potential by recognizing and expressing their inner voices through drumming.

Angel Lullaby

Amanda Hagel is an uplifting Country Artist whose music has earned her national and international recognition. She was a CBC Searchlight national finalist, nominated multiple times for the Saskatchewan Country Music Award and won their Country Gospel Album of the Year award in 2017.

Her mission is to create music that motivates and uplifts her listeners. She draws inspiration from Dolly Parton, believing that art should communicate beyond words.

With her latest release, Angel Lullaby, she continues to weave stories of a mother and daughter's bond. This song is an enchantingly beautiful and heartfelt piece that spreads a message of hope and comfort through the bond between mother and daughter.

When a baby is born, it's natural to want to shield them from potential harm. Darla however, fears that the child they are carrying may end up with a soul and thus would pose risks around her and Angel.

Darla's love for Angel is founded upon the fact that he is her son, and she feels an unbreakable bond with him that she has never experienced before. It's an intense feeling, one which will remain with her for life.

I adored this episode for the way it demonstrated Darla's son as an essential piece of her life. He awakens a soul within her that she hadn't felt before, and it's an experience she doesn't even anticipate.

It's an example of the show's knack for creating moments where two people meet in unexpected places and feel connected to each other. This is particularly true of Holtz and Angel as they lock eyes in slow-motion after the rain falls on them - a moment both seem to be searching for, which is incredibly powerful.

Angel's response to the loss of his father is eloquent and poetic. He takes a moment to consider his actions, admitting they caused him pain and that there can never be enough compensation to make up for what has been done. This moment of reflection brings Angel to realize that his greatest act of love in this world was indeed that he brought forth his son into this world.

Be the Light

Amanda Hagel is a Saskatchewan country artist renowned for her inspirational music that uplifts and empowers listeners around the world. Her most recent single release Be the Light is testament to her devotion and love of performing music as she embarks on her career in this genre.

This song showcases her passion for storytelling and how music should be an art form that goes beyond lyrics. It's a stunning, heartfelt number that will resonate deeply with many listeners on an intimate level.

Amanda's track "Divine Love & Compassion" speaks to the divine forces of love and compassion, conveying a message of comfort and hope that will leave listeners feeling at peace. This song serves as the perfect example of her artistry as an Inspirational Country Artist.

Be the Light has already earned rave reviews from fans on social media and at concerts! It is a song that will give you inspiration to see life with new eyes.

At a time when many are searching for an escape, it's essential to keep your spirits high and find hope in the midst of hardship. This song serves as a reminder that the strength you possess lies within yourself.

Her official video for Be the Light is now available across all streaming platforms! In it, Amanda performs the single live in front of a crowd and on stage. It's an incredibly special performance that showcases her talent and desire to share her music with everyone.

This is her ninth official single release to Country Radio and it perfectly encapsulates why she describes herself as an Inspirational Country Artist!

Since the release of her debut album Rush in 2014, Amanda has followed her passion and purpose as her impressive catalogue of music continues to be discovered and shared both nationally and internationally.

She is no stranger to the spotlight, having been a National Finalist in CBC Searchlight contest 2015. Her first CD "Rush" earned her a Saskatchewan Country Music Award nomination for Country Gospel Album of the Year in 2017.

This past year has been an amazing journey for her as she has received numerous accolades and recognition both nationally and internationally for her artistry and hard work. She is nominated for a Saskatchewan Country Music Award in 2021 as Country Artist of the Year, has launched her Be the Light Concert Series, and will release her latest album Be the Light on May 17th, 2021.

Built an ANIMAL BARN on ONE BLOCK Minecraft

How to Build an Animal Barn on One Block in Minecraft

OneBlock is a game mode in Minecraft where players start with one block and can break it repeatedly to acquire new materials. It's an enjoyable way to play and an excellent way to expand your island.

Animals provide food and other useful items in Minecraft. A barn can be an ideal location to store them safely away from other creatures.

Building a Barn

The barn is an essential structure for Minecraft players, providing them with resources like milk, meat and eggs. Additionally, it gives players a way to tame animals which aids in hunting and combat.

If you are new to the game, constructing a simple barn can help get you started. However, if you wish to construct more complex barns in it, then gathering resources may take longer than anticipated.

Thankfully, there are plenty of barn ideas for Minecraft you can select from. Here are some of the top options to consider:

Substantial Survival Barn

Building a substantial survival barn can seem intimidating to players who aren't experienced with large barns. This is due to its intricate layout, which may take an extensive amount of time in Survival Mode to complete.

With some patience and careful planning, however, you can complete this project without much difficulty. The basic layout includes a large floor area as well as separate sections for various kinds of animals to house.

Once your base has been established, begin building the walls of the barn. Make them as tall as desired and then construct stables atop them for additional storage space.

This will give your cattle a safe and secure haven from any potentially malicious creatures that might lurk at night. To make it even easier to enter and exit your barn, add windows and a small door at the front for easy access.

As you can see, building an animal barn is a beneficial decision for Minecraft players in both Survival and Creative modes. Not only does it keep them stocked with food, but it also reduces the amount of stamina lost while searching for food.


Enclosures offer a safe, secure home for animals. Not only do they protect against damage and injury from other players and animals alike, but they also maintain an ideal climate by keeping animals dry and stable. Enclosures provide the ideal environment for animal wellbeing.

In ONE BLOCK Minecraft, there are various enclosures you can construct for your animals to live in. Not only do these make your animals feel at home, but they also enhance the realism and immersion of the game itself.

Fencing in an enclosure for animals of any species is a wise idea, as it keeps them from wandering and damaging your property. You can even use the BUILDER block to quickly construct this type of structure since it easily trace out squares.

Zoos with enclosures are an excellent way to show off your animals to visitors, as they can interact with them and watch them while you're gone. You can also provide water and hay in their enclosures for a comfortable environment for them.

You can create a variety of structures within the enclosures to give them a more distinct appearance. For instance, you could build a glacier-like structure using white blocks to replicate snowfall, or incorporate a small hill and cave within the enclosure to resemble animals' natural habitats.

Another fantastic idea is to construct a caged-in enclosure for your wolves. This will make them feel more at home and also allow you to observe them without fear of attack from other players.

When crafting a perfect enclosure, make sure it is well-constructed with proper locks and latches. Furthermore, opt for strong, durable material like polypropylene which has excellent heat- and abrasion-resistance as well as corrosion resistance. These characteristics make polypropylene an ideal material choice.


Fences in Minecraft can be incredibly useful, serving a variety of purposes. You can use them to construct farms, keep hostile players out of your base area or even tame and breed animals inside them so they will become loyal companions for you.

Fence gates provide a convenient way for players and mobs to enter and exit a farm without having to walk around it. They can be opened and closed with right-clicks.

Additionally, if you have livestock that cannot be moved (sheep, cows, chickens), gates can be used to create a "mob lock" that keeps them within the pen but unable to escape. Create two gates for this purpose and place one on either side of the pen for extra security.

Fences are the most popular way to secure a farm from the outside world. This becomes especially crucial when playing Plains, where wolves will spawn and become natural predators of your livestock.

A fence will also protect your farm from those who might want to steal it. For instance, a criminal could trespass on your land and then take advantage of any crops or chickens you have, while a teenager might wander into your yard and start tease the cats or run off with the dogs.

Before you begin planning and constructing your fence, it is essential to take into account why you want one in the first place. Your family's reasons will determine what type of fence is required and how it should be installed on your property. Once you understand these reasons, selecting the most suitable option for you becomes much simpler.


Gates are an essential element of any barn design. Not only do they keep your animals secure from enemies, but they can also help control the flow of traffic within your farm.

In Minecraft, you will come across animals of all kinds - cows, sheep, pigs and chickens included! Protecting these valuable resources is paramount; after all, they provide us with food and entertainment!

When building your barn, the first thing you should do is secure the area by fencing. A fence will make it much simpler for you and your animals to move around inside it.

If you want to ensure your animals don't escape, a mob lock could be an option. This small buffer consists of two fence gates with a pressure plate in between them that prevents animals from slipping through one gate and entering another.

You can install double gates on each side of the fence, or add some fence blocks to create a larger area between them. A pressure plate will open and close the gate quickly, keeping your animals inside.

For further details, take a look at our guide to Taming Animals in Minecraft. It offers advice on how to handle various types of creatures.

In addition to taming, you must protect your farm from enemies. This is especially crucial during the Plains stage of the game since wolves often spawn in packs during this period and could easily raid your food supply if not taken care of.

Thankfully, there are multiple methods to keep your barn secure from predators. You can use gates, fences and mob locks to safeguard both your animals and any enemies that may come your way.


Lighting in Minecraft is one of the most influential elements that can shape your environment. Whether you're building in survival or creative mode, there are numerous ways to bring light into your world and boost its aesthetic appeal.

Light is one of the many methods available in Minecraft, but one of the best is using lava or glowstone. These materials give off a strong amount of illumination that can be used for lighting up barns or other structures.

Another option is placing beacons, which give off a lot of light and are an ideal choice for adding extra illumination in Minecraft. Unfortunately, these can be expensive and require a lot of power consumption.

Another option is to install lights in a ceiling or wall, which will illuminate the space and add brightness to your build. This works best for smaller barns or other structures since it provides illumination without making the room seem too dark.

For larger builds, lighting in the ceiling may not always be a wise decision as it can place it too far above the ground and prevent proper illumination. Furthermore, placing light sources close enough to a door or window so players can easily see inside may prove challenging.

That is why it is essential that the lighting system in your building functions optimally. Not only can it affect satisfaction and visibility, but also task performance, safety and security measures like sales volume, mood/atmosphere creation, aesthetic judgment and social interaction. Furthermore, lighting can tell a story about a space and who will use it most frequently.

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