Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Is Ready For Love

Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Is Ready For Love


The Love Is Blind Season 4 Cast Is Ready for Love

Netflix Has Released the Cast of 'Love Is Blind' Season 4

We can't wait to see who makes it down the aisle in Seattle! With their brand-new squad of singles ready for romance, we know there will be no holding back when it comes to falling in love sight unseen! We can't wait to see who takes them down that aisle!

Ava, a communications specialist, seeks a partner who's "all in" and accepts her "super close family". Additionally, Ava wants him to not mind that she can be annoying at times. Excellent manners are an absolute must!


Love Is Blind is back and Seattle-area singles are eager to find their lifetime partner. The Netflix reality show returns with a brand-new season of those seeking love without having ever met each other, all in the hope of finding their ideal match.

Unlike traditional dating shows, this show has a unique premise: couples date without actually seeing each other in audio-connected pods. Within these virtual spaces, they chat and bond over their love for one another.

Once they begin to fall in love with each other in the pods, they form a connection, agree to get married and engaged, and move in together for several weeks. Suddenly they must face their real-life realities and decide if they can sustain the physical connection they formed while in the pods for life together.

Season 4 features 30 eligible singles searching for someone to share their lives with. But which ones will find true love?

On Friday, March 24th, the new season of "Friends" premieres and we've got all the main contestants for you to follow on Instagram. Take a look through the slideshow to meet all the singles and stay abreast of all the drama that goes down on this crazy show!


Netflix has officially confirmed a fourth season of Love Is Blind will air on March 24. This time around, the pods are open again and many new singles have signed up to enter in hopes of meeting The One without ever meeting them face-to-face.

Fans will follow a new group of hopefuls as they embark on an unconventional approach to modern dating in Seattle. After exploring each other's strengths and flaws in the pods, the couple will decide if they are ready for engagement and whether their bonds remain intact when they meet up in real life.

As they get to know each other better, they can narrow down their options so that they won't waste their time with someone who isn't suitable. Once both agree to get married, the couple will move in together, plan their nuptials and test out whether the bonds formed inside the pods still hold true in real life.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey return as hosts, this time shooting in Seattle. We can only hope that more couples find love and have a happy ending this time!


Love Is Blind is back for another thrilling season and more singles are searching for their forever partner in Seattle. Here's who's joining the pod this time around, plus where to watch the latest episodes!

On the show, singles gather in 20 "pods" surrounded by walls, each separated from their peers. They converse without ever seeing each other and over time develop deep emotional connections. Finally, they get to test out if love truly blind?

Environmental scientist Brett is "unrealistically optimistic" about finding a love match on Love Is Blind, but he's still working to break free of his habit of chasing women who are "bad for me." Ideally, he hopes to find someone with great listening skills as well as someone who's balanced, motivated and caring.

Marketing manager Marshall has had difficulty finding a woman who values family and ambition, but he's ready to open up his life to someone new on the show. He hopes to meet someone who enjoys cooking and can join him for Thanksgiving dinner.

Attorney general Kwame Raoul is a nationally-recognized leader in the fight to safeguard women's rights and keep our kids safe from street violence, school shootings and online predators. He has spearheaded efforts to expand access to reproductive healthcare throughout the Midwest while leading an all-out national initiative to safeguard our democracy against extremists.


Love Is Blind Season 4 is about to kick off, with a brand-new group of Seattle singles eager for some romance. This unique dating show from Netflix has an innovative premise: couples spend 10 days "Pods" speed-dating without seeing each other beforehand.

Once they find someone they want to get to know more deeply, both men and women propose marriage - still sight unseen. After the proposal, they take a vacation together before settling in to make their relationship work.

In the initial episodes, viewers will get to meet some of these new hopefuls, including Zack - a criminal defense attorney looking for someone successful, strong and independent. He's an attentive listener who doesn't mind having some "fun" on dates.

Brandie has been single for three years and hopes to find a man who appreciates her "honesty" and values "selflessness". She doesn't want someone who looks good on paper or who tells her what she wants to hear - only someone who truly understands who she is and values what she stands for.

If you're eager to watch Season 4, the premiere will be held on Friday, March 24. Additional episodes will air on March 31 and April 7. Plus, if you follow the cast on Instagram, you can keep up with all of their drama!


Love Is Blind is back for season four, featuring 30 singles from Seattle who are ready to take on the dating challenge. They'll speed date in iconic "pods" in an effort to meet someone special without ever meeting in person.

Brandie has been dating for three years and is looking for someone who will appreciate her integrity and selflessness. She doesn't want a man who just wants her money; instead, she wants someone with "smarts and career-oriented qualities".

She loves traveling and hopes to find a partner who shares her enthusiasm. Together, they plan on visiting places such as Santorini in Greece and Paris, France as they get closer.

As the marketing manager, Marshall seeks a partner who can cook him an exquisite meal. Additionally, he hopes to meet someone with an open mind and the capacity for new perspectives.

Micah often dreams of finding the perfect man. While she doesn't have a physical type, smart and career-minded men who enjoy having fun often catch her attention.


Netflix has already confirmed a return of Love Is Blind, featuring singles ready to date sight unseen once again. The reality show's unique premise: couples meet and date via audio-connected pods and can only meet in person once they've become engaged.

For the Seattle-based cast, this is their chance to find love with someone who shares their interests and values. Flight attendant Amber has been single for some time now and feels her romantic life has yet to click. She hopes to find a "type A intellectual" partner who's confident and can accompany her on layovers at airports as they share in her travel adventures.

Communications specialist Ava is searching for a trustworthy partner who shares her values of honesty and cleanliness. Furthermore, she wants someone who will respect and cherish her "super close family" as well as her self-described "ugly laugh."

Brandie has been dating for three years and is looking to change things up because her "picker is broken." To avoid men who "look good on paper" and tell her what she wants to hear, Brandie wants someone who values honesty and can appreciate her selflessness.

She wants to avoid regretting her decisions, so she decided to join the Love Is Blind experiment in search of an "older, successful and tall" man who doesn't mind that she's "annoying". Additionally, excellent manners are a must!


The 'Love Is Blind' Season 4 Cast Is Ready for Love

Netflix's dating show returns with a brand-new squad of 30 singles looking for their match in the pods. Nick and Vanessa Lachey return as hosts and mentors as the cast attempts to discover if they can truly fall in love and wed sight unseen. The series continues its quest to help viewers figure out if true love exists between them before meeting face-to-face.

This season, shot in Seattle, follows a group of hopefuls who are fed up with traditional dating methods and want something more emotional. They will speed-date in "Pods," where they can talk without seeing each other before deciding if they want to get engaged and meet face-to-face.

April is one of the women searching for love this season on Love Is Blind, who joined because she doesn't want to regret her choices when it comes to finding her future husband. She wants an older, successful and tall man who won't mind being annoying but who also exhibits excellent manners.

Ava, a communications specialist, is searching for her ideal man. She says she would "like to get married and start a family," with someone who "flosses regularly" and who will accompany her on vacations.

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