Lola Brooke - Don't Play With It Remix Official Video ft. Latto Yung Miami

Lola Brooke - Don't Play With It Remix Official Video ft. Latto Yung Miami


Lola Brooke  Dont Play With It Remix Official Video ft Latto Yung M

Brooklyn-born rising rap phenom Lola Brooke returns with an explosive official remix to her breakout single "Don't Play With It," featuring Yung Miami and Latto. Extending the already massively-rising native single that featured Billy B, this fresh new offering further accelerates the 'Don't Play With It' movement exponentially.


Brooklyn rapper Lola Brooke has been making waves in the rap space with her viral hit "Don't Play With It," and now she's getting ready to take it up a notch with an official remix featuring two of the hottest female MCs: Yung Miami and Latto. They were spotted filming the music video for this remix earlier this week, and now it can be streamed on Spotify.

Lola's Dizzy Banko-produced track has become the soundtrack of New York City this past year, solidifying her as one of the top up-and-coming artists worldwide. To further cement her success, Lola recently signed with Arista Records and is making sure she doesn't miss an opportunity to further increase her momentum.

On Yung Miami and Latto's new single, "Whip It", they add some spice with their sassiest rhymes. Their presence on the track is welcomed as it brings some much needed energy that had been missing from previous works.

Yung Miami is no stranger to taking the mic, and her powerful verses lend the song some serious street cred. A true rapper of her generation, her words are as smooth as they are powerful.

Latto also delivers an energetic performance on the track, sure to please her fans. Their all-star chemistry makes this song truly remarkable and it's evident that these artists are destined for great things.

With a unique take on the original, the trio of MCs bring their distinct styles to the table and create an infectious synergistic energy sure to have dance floors jumping all over again. It's definitely worth listening and will only serve to strengthen the New York chanteuse's momentum going forward.

Lola's breakout hit has amassed over 20 million streams on Spotify, winning her widespread praise from critics and fans alike. It also features on popular hip-hop playlists like Spotify's "RapCaviar," Apple Music's "Rap Life," and Amazon Music's "Rap Rotation." Moreover, the music video for Don't Play With It boasts 27 million views!


Lola Brooke is the latest artist to enjoy a major breakthrough with her breakout single, "Don't Play With It," featuring big names such as A Boogie Wit da Hoodie and Flo Milli.

Since its release, Dizzy Banko-produced track has skyrocketed charts worldwide and cemented her as one of the hottest new artists to watch globally. Now she brings a fresh remix to the song with two huge features from Yung Miami and Latto.

This video showcases the femcee and her collaborators bringing their energy to the track, making it an instant hit. Plus, it's an entertaining way to see all three of them perform their lyrical skills in action!

The revamped version of "Don't Play With It" is sure to have many fans eager to dance the night away. This sassiness anthem already boasts over 27 million views on YouTube and continues to gain steam.

The original version of "Don't Play With It" boasts plenty of pithy lyrics from Lola Brooke, but this remix breathes life into it with some honest-to-goodness verses from Yung Miami and Latto. Their chemistry is undeniable as they seamlessly weave their words together in an unforgettable performance.

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Brooklyn's hottest young rap star, Lola Brooke, has taken the world by storm with her breakout hit single "Don't Play With It." Now she's taking things up a notch with an exclusive remix featuring some of her favorite female rappers.

As soon as the video for Lola Brooke's 'Don't Play With It' remix dropped, social media was abuzz with anticipation. In it, she is seen filming a music video alongside fellow rapper Yung Miami and City Girls rapper Latto; all three deliver powerful lyrics in unison that is truly electrifying to witness.

The track has already received excellent feedback from Billboard, calling it 'the best new song of the week' and 'one of the top songs to listen to this week,' as well as accolades from XXL, Rolling Stone, and other outlets. It has also earned praise from esteemed artists like Cardi B and Kim Kardashian.

Lola Brooke's iconic drill-focused anthem has amassed millions of plays across all digital platforms, and her collaboration with Yung Miami and Latto on "Don't Play With It Remix" promises to take this 2021 breakout to another level. Yung Miami adds some sassiest verses while Latto brings all-out attitude along with diamond-hard production.

Yung Miami is no stranger to the music scene, having previously collaborated with Flo Milli on her single "Conceited" and performed alongside A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie during his tour. Her smooth flow, deep voice, and sharp wordplay have earned major artists like Meek Mill and A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie taking notice of her talent.

With an array of upcoming releases, 2021 breakout sensation isn't slowing down any time soon. Her project will include multiple hit tracks like infectious 'Back To Business' and catchy 'Pizza Party' featuring Meek Mill and Lil Kim.

She has big goals for the future of her music career and she's not afraid to take risks. Her hit single, "Don't Play With It," has already earned praise from renowned artists and an enthusiastic fan base.


Brooklyn-based rapper Lola Brooke has unveiled the official remix of her hit single, "Don't Play With It." This updated version of Dizzy Banko's track features features Latto and Yung Miami on vocals; stream and watch now below!

Since its release a few months ago, this daring anthem has garnered widespread international recognition - not only has it become a staple on hip-hop playlists worldwide but also its official music video which boasts 27 million views.

Now, Yung Miami and Latto have joined forces on this remix with some catchy lyrics of their own. As a result, they add some edge to the track which will definitely become a hot addition to your audio-candy playlists.

Dizzy Banko, Sambeatzz & Tsunami produced the track while Ximonas Delos directed the video at RFK Stadium in NYC. Featuring an uptempo chorus from a female rapper, this song will surely get you dancing!

On the remix, Lola Brooke is joined by Yung Miami and Latto for a full-on shutdown of her latest single. The rappers come together under an overpass to shoot an intense visual that matches the gritty nature of the song itself.

Brooke has quickly earned the admiration of many with her smooth flow, deep voice and quick-witted wordplay. She is currently ranked as one of the most promising rap artists in the game and has already received co-signs from Kim Kardashian and Cardi B - but her success is just beginning.

Due to its success, Brooke has signed a deal with Arista Records and is eager to take her career further. In the meantime, she's got several more singles on the way.

Her latest single, "So Disrespectful," is an impressive showcase of her lyrical skill. Vibe Magazine raved about it, noting that it "carries similar gritty energy as 'Don't Play With It' and could strike fear into even the toughest man's heart." Additionally, this track has been receiving extensive radio play.

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