Logan Paul and KSI - Primes Big Game Commercial

Logan Paul and KSI - Primes Big Game Commercial


Logan Paul  KSI  Primes Big Game Commercial

YouTube sensations Logan Paul and KSI are on track to make history as they become the first creator-made brand to receive a Super Bowl commercial.

Prime Hydration, the drink they released last year, has quickly become a worldwide sensation. Stocks of the drink are quickly selling out and there's an active resale market on the internet.

Prime Hydration

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in America, drawing millions to watch each year and providing celebrities with an opportunity to promote their brand. This year, YouTuber Logan Paul announced he'll be at the Super Bowl and will be promoting his Prime Hydration drink.

Prime Hydration, created by YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul, has become a hit in both the UK and US. Not only has the duo taken over part of the hydration market but they've become official hydration partners to both Arsenal Football Club and UFC as well. As such, Prime Hydration has gained widespread appeal across both countries.

KSI and Paul have had great success using social media to promote their drink, leading it to garner a large following quickly. But it's not just about creating buzz; you also need enough product on hand to meet demand.

With the growing popularity of the drink, it has become harder to locate stores selling it, with many fans waiting in line to purchase. This has lead to shortages in some areas where people have had to resell them at inflated prices on sites like TikTok.

People are now paying a hefty price for a bottle of Prime, with some even buying multiple bottles to resell online at aninflated rate. This has caused an incredible craze in both the United States and UK, where people are spending up to PS80 on four bottles!

Prime Hydration is an incredible product, but it must compete against giants such as Gatorade and Powerade to truly stand out. In order to do so, Prime Hydration must deliver top-notch drinks that don't taste artificial or sickly.

These drinks are designed for young audiences and feature a range of fruity flavours such as orange, grape, blue-raspberry and Lemon-Lime. Together these tastes make an irresistible combination that tastes fresh and clean.


The Super Bowl is one of the world's biggest sporting events, and companies pay millions to have a commercial shown during half-time. This year, YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul will be featured in an Amazon Prime drink commercial during the big game - an unprecedented move for creator-led brands.

KSI and Logan Paul are well known for their trash talk and celebrity boxing matches, so now the two have joined forces to launch Prime energy drink. Not only has this partnership created a buzz around their product, but it has even earned them an agreement with UFC to become its official sports drink.

This has been an incredible success for the brand, leading them to purchase an advertising slot during the Super Bowl. Furthermore, they plan to promote their new drink in Australia and India where fans have been queuing up outside to try and get a bottle of Prime.

The duo's popularity is surging and demand for their drink has become uncontrollable. In the UK, there have even been fights between fans and retailers as stores struggle to keep up with demand; some stores had no choice but to raise prices in order to remain profitable.

In an effort to combat this, KSI and Logan Paul have created a fun campaign for their Prime drink that will be seen on TV during the Super Bowl.

Check it out below and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

KSI is a British rapper and YouTube star whose music has earned him an enthusiastic following. He's been active since 2015, with his debut LP Dissimulation packed with commercial songs sure to please his young male audience.

He's got a voice that is uncannily similar to Justin Bieber's, and his lyrics are just as clever and catchy. All in all, this album deserves an A+; don't judge it too harshly.

KSI's success and his ability to connect with his online audience have enabled him to achieve great things. He's become a world-renowned YouTuber, launching many businesses as a result. Additionally, he is an accomplished boxer who recently competed in the YouTube Boxing Championship.

Logan Paul

This year's Super Bowl promises to be one of the biggest yet, and companies are shelling out millions of dollars for commercial placement during the game. But YouTube creators Logan Paul and KSI have taken a risk by getting their own ad into the show - and it looks incredible!

Logan Paul has made headlines over the past two years with his videos on YouTube and other platforms, earning millions of dollars and amassing a following. He began as a major force on Vine, an app which later disappeared, before branching out onto multiple other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

He's amassed millions in advertising revenue for brands such as Dunkin Donuts, Hanes, and Pepsi. Most recently he joined forces with Walmart to promote their Prime hydration drink.

Paul began his social media journey as a teenager, posting videos of himself doing stunts and playing pranks on his friends and family. Eventually, his video-sharing account amassed an online following of 9.4 million followers before Vine closed down. Since then, Paul has expanded onto multiple platforms such as Facebook and Instagram where he continues to earn hundreds of thousands in advertising revenue through sponsored posts.

His slapstick humor and Midwestern good looks have earned him millions of subscribers and fans around the globe. In 2017, he made $12.5 million from his YouTube channels alone, becoming the face of Dunkin Donuts' first social media star campaign.

Paul has also starred in films such as The Thinning: New World Order and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. With an online fan base of over 100 million on YouTube and 25 million followers on Instagram, Paul enjoys a large devoted following.

The 24-year-old has faced controversy before, particularly for his Japan suicide forest vlog that caused widespread outrage and forced Google to suspend all ads on his channel. Furthermore, he's been banned from using Google Preferred which allows advertisers to contact him easily.

He remains one of YouTube's most beloved creators, and Prime has become an industry disruptor, raking in $250 million in sales by 2022.

Super Bowl

YouTube stars KSI and Logan Paul have invested millions of dollars for their Prime Super Bowl commercial, marking the first Big Game spot that supports creator-led businesses.

This commercial promotes Prime, the energy drink KSI and Paul released in 2018. They have experienced incredible demand for their product: UK fans have flocked to stores in droves to grab bottles.

KSI and Paul are renowned for their entertaining YouTube channel, which features music videos, sports commentary and even some boxing fights. Their PRIME drink has become a global sensation and they recently signed an agreement to become official sponsors of the UFC.

Prime Hydration is an avid NASCAR sponsor, having their logo featured prominently at races. This is an effective way to reach those who don't usually follow sports and it has helped Prime Hydration expand its global sales.

Prime Hydration's Super Bowl ad will offer them a new platform to reach the US audience. As it's such an iconic sporting event, Prime Hydration hopes that many football fans will tune in to view the advert and that this will encourage even more people into their fold.

In addition to their Super Bowl ad, KSI and Paul have released several other marketing campaigns in support of Prime Hydration. Perhaps most popular are their Prime Challenges, in which they challenge their followers to complete various tasks using Amazon Prime assistance.

These contests have amassed hundreds of thousands of YouTube views and are among the top-viewed Prime promotions. According to CreatorIQ's creator intelligence firm, they've also increased brand social media engagement.

The Prime Challenges have amassed a combined 10 million views on Instagram and Facebook, while KSI and Logan Paul Prime Instagram accounts boast over 3.7 million followers. CreatorIQ reports that 60% of their Instagram audience is male and 49% falls within the 18-24 age range.

Despite their success, fans have expressed concerns about their meet and greet events. Recently, they cancelled an event for PRIME brand in Perth, Australia due to overcrowding issues; they had planned on giving away 2,000 bottles of the drink free-of-charge to those in attendance.

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