Local Firefighters Visit Children's Hospital With Speed Cameras

Local Firefighters Visit Children's Hospital With Speed Cameras


Local Firefighters Visit Childrens Hospital  Speed Cameras

On Friday morning, several firefighters were injured when a fire broke out at a duplex on Staten Island. The blaze started in an unoccupied space between additions and quickly spread to its attached buildings.

Chief John Hodgens of FDNY reported three firefighters critically injured but alert and expected to survive the fire that occurred in Arden Heights, Staten Island.

1. Children’s Hospital

Local firefighters tasked with keeping children safe in an emergency should be commended. While no one likes to think of their fellow professionals in such a predicament, it's no surprise that they would have the latest equipment and gear on hand to ensure all family members remain secure and out of harm's way. Furthermore, their superior medical expertise guarantees patients of tomorrow feel well taken care of today.

In the end, a comprehensive approach to healthcare is the best way to protect Georgia's future generations. Utilizing cutting-edge pediatric technology and offering an array of community services, our team works tirelessly to keep kids safe and healthy.

2. Speed Cameras

Speed cameras have become a controversial part of driving, both due to their potential effect on road safety and the fines they may cause. But they do work in some areas, deterring drivers from speeding in certain places; therefore, it's worth learning more about them.

In the UK, there are various types of speed cameras that can be found on roads. Some are static, like SPECS cameras (Speed Priority Enforcement Camera System) which calculate average speeds over distances up to 20 miles; others are mobile and used in various ways.

For instance, in 1992 the UK's first speed camera was installed on Twickenham Bridge and caught around 23,000 drivers within 22 days.

Other types of speed cameras are employed to stop motorists who pass a red light or reduce the speed limit on smart motorways to reduce congestion. They may be mounted on traffic signals or fixed to gantries above the road for added protection.

Mobile speed cameras are sometimes employed in specific circumstances or as part of safety camera partnership teams or safety campaigns. These can be placed near accident blackspots and managed by local police forces to reduce accident rates in particular areas.

Safe streets advocates say the cameras are an effective tool for discouraging drivers from speeding in school zones, which encompass a quarter-mile radius around a school building. They cite horrific accidents that have taken place in these zones as evidence to impose penalties for reckless driving.

But the city's change in policy, allowing speed cameras to remain active 24/7, has resulted in 70 percent more tickets being issued than before. An analysis of three weeks worth of open parking and camera violations data found that 513,777 tickets were issued during that time period - nearly 211,000 more than when cameras were only active five days a week between 6 am and 10 pm.

Some drivers may be dismayed that the city has expanded the scope of its speed camera program, but safe streets advocates insist it's essential for saving lives. After signing the bill, Mayor Bloomberg declared that this change would enable the city to monitor dangerous and reckless driving 24/7 - potentially helping prevent countless traffic fatalities.

3. Firefighters

Many in the community consider firefighters to be heroes - running into burning buildings, saving cats from trees and pulling people out of wrecked cars. But if you ask firefighters what their true heroes are, it would have to be those children and families receiving care at MemorialCare Miller Children's & Women's Hospital Long Beach who receive true hero status.

For years, firefighters at the hospital have helped bring joy into the lives of children by organizing events and activities like beach bashes and sibling playrooms. Additionally, they answer requests from social workers for wheelchairs, portable DVD players and PlayStation game systems.

One way they give back is through the LBFD Kids Program, which has been running since 1997. During holidays, this program brings firefighters to Children's Hospital of Orange County to bring gifts for hospitalized children.

Another way they assist is by visiting the Family House, a 16-bedroom facility that allows families to stay in the hospital with their sick child. By making sure everyone feels comfortable while they're there, healing can begin more quickly.

To make their visit even more exciting, firefighters dress as superheroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Supergirl and other popular characters. Furthermore, they rappel down the side of the building so children can see them up close.

Firefighters are making a major contribution to their local communities by installing speed cameras that monitor drivers. Recently, New York City upgraded its cameras from day-to-night operation, meaning violators could now be caught 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

As a result, the city saw an average decrease in speeding tickets issued by 72% compared to last year. While the cause may still remain unknown, this drop may have been due to increased awareness of the law or that more drivers were traveling away for holidays.

Local firefighters and citizen volunteers launched the Random Acts project, providing gifts to children in need at the hospital. Through these random acts of kindness, the hospital has become a happier place for both patients and their families.

4. Police

The police are an integral part of society, playing a significant role in safeguarding us against crime. They often employ technology to make their job more efficient and may also be involved in preventing crimes from occurring in the first place.

The term "police" can refer to a variety of groups, from actual law enforcement officers to organizations like the FBI or Secret Service. There are even specialized police units like Specialist Firearms Command of the Metropolitan Police Department in London.

One of the more fascinating and innovative ways police have interwoven themselves into our lives is by using social media to promote their work and inform us about upcoming events. For instance, they've been known to popularize things like the annual Blue Cross/Blue Shield Children's Health Insurance Awards ceremony, which has become a big hit with local hospitals over the years.

Practically, police can take to the streets with their latest toy: a mobile command center that allows them to monitor traffic and provide real-time updates on any incidents that are taking place. In doing so, they keep our communities safer while alleviating patients and families of many headaches.

It is essential that you abide by our policies when visiting Boston Children's. We have set limits for visitors of various ages, and we ask that you be considerate of other people's comfort when visiting us.

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