LL ACCESS - David Benavidez Vs Caleb Plant

LL ACCESS - David Benavidez Vs Caleb Plant


LL ACCESS David Benavidez vs Caleb Plant  Full Episode

Former super middleweight champions David Benavidez and Caleb Plant will square off in a 12-round fight to end their years-long feud. LL ACCESS follows the pair as they prepare for battle together.

Charles' relationship with Quinn becomes public, Maggie receives an attractive offer, Kelsey and Lauren develop a special bond with Clare, Liza fact-checks her book, and Kelsey strives to atone for her past mistakes.

1. David Benavidez

On March 25th, two-time WBC super middleweight champion David Benavidez is set to face former IBF world titleholder Caleb Plant in a Premier Boxing Champions event from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. This fight will be broadcast live on SHOWTIME pay-per-view.

This 12-round bout will be a final eliminator for the WBC world super middleweight championship and features Jose Valenzuela versus Chris Colbert, Jesus Ramos versus Joseph Spencer, and Cody Crowley versus Abel Ramos.

At a press conference today, Benavidez and Plant discussed their upcoming fight, with both of them expressing excitement about it. Both fighters pledged their best efforts in order to win the bout and, hopefully, earn themselves a shot at earning a world title shot as a result of it.

Plant said he has been training hard in preparation for this fight. He's doing a lot of heavy weight training and is eagerly awaiting the fight. Plant also believes this fight will be beneficial to boxing as an event.

He expressed his confidence that he would win the fight and predicts great success for himself. He believes he can make a name for himself through hard work and determination.

Benavidez enters this fight with a lot of momentum. After winning an impressive battle against Canelo Alvarez, he has enjoyed great success so far and will have many fans backing him up.

2. Caleb Plant

Caleb Plant is an undefeated 21-0 world champion born in Ashland City, Tennessee to Richie Plant and Beth Plant. His dad was a former kickboxer who worked various jobs to support his family.

He began boxing at a young age and won gold at the 2011 Golden Gloves amateur competition. Ultimately, he decided to turn professional in 2014.

In his first year of competition, Plant won 8 out of 9 matches by knockout. In his final match, he defeated Anthony Dirrell by knockout in the 9th round.

Following his victory, he earned the IBF super middleweight title and has since achieved worldwide fame as an accomplished boxer. Currently ranked number one by the WBA, he continues to enjoy immense popularity amongst boxing fans.

Despite his trials, including the loss of his daughter Alia and mother Beth's passing, Plant has never wavered in his focus or determination to achieve success in boxing. His courage, grit and willpower have earned him much respect within and outside of the sport.

Plant was raised in an impoverished part of town, dealing with all that poverty brings. He worked odd jobs and struggled to overcome his mother's substance dependency issues. But his passion for boxing helped him escape these struggles and find a path towards living a better life.

His parents built a cheap gym with the hope of teaching him the necessary skills for success. Through this rigorous regimen, he perfected his craft and eventually became a world champion.

He has dedicated his career to his daughter Alia, who tragically passed away at 19 months old in 2015. Since her passing, Plant's name has become synonymous with courage and perseverance in the sport of golf.

Caleb Plant enjoys spending time with his family and striving to improve himself. He's currently gearing up for his upcoming fight against David Benavidez on Saturday 25th March 2023.

3. The Fight

On this episode of The Fight, former super middleweight champions David Benavidez and Caleb Plant finally put an end to their long-running feud in a 12-round fight at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The Emmy-winning original documentary series chronicles their preparations for the showdown.

On March 25th at MGM Grand in Las Vegas, undefeated David Benavidez (26-1, 23 KOs) takes on former IBF super middleweight champion Caleb Plant (22-1, 13 KOs). Their fight will be televised live by Showtime.

This show also includes other super middleweights Jose Valenzuela, Chris Colbert, Jesus Ramos and Cody Crowley. The fights will last 12 rounds and serve as a final eliminator for the WBC super middleweight title.

This fight has amassed over three quarters of a million views since it was released on YouTube, and we hope you'll join us to watch it! It promises to be an entertaining bout, so we can't wait to see how it unfolds!

Only two episodes in, The Good Fight is already making a mark as an exciting addition to Netflix's situation drama lineup! The series is intelligent and relatable, not afraid to explore controversial topics while showing off women's strength as it follows an energetic team of ACLU lawyers as they fight against important issues within this administration.

Situation dramas rarely confront serious subjects, but this show does just that! By focusing on the legal battles the ACLU is currently involved in, the show has managed to elevate its humor levels when dealing with attorneys navigating various court systems.

4. Finale

The concluding episode of LL ACCESS had all the elements necessary for an unforgettable conclusion: a thrilling battle to control nature's most potent force, an exquisite display of magic, and an astonishing scene involving one of Los Angeles' iconic buildings. Additionally, this final installment showcases some of the series' best writing along with plenty of nods to past tropes.

Nevertheless, the finale wasn't without its share of shortcomings; some of the show's most memorable moments were cut short and left viewers feeling underwhelmed. Nonetheless, it still earned itself a place among one of the best series finales ever.

One of the more thrilling sights was the sight of several new portals opening up in the sky above 10,000 B.C. This was an indication that more than just Eve and Gavin would return to civilization - potentially becoming their biggest challenge!

No one can truly say which series finale is the best, but few TV shows ever reach that feat. To honor those that make it to the top, we decided to showcase 30 series finales from across the spectrum.

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