LisaRaye Didn't Find Out About Da Brat's Pregnancy Online

LisaRaye Didn't Find Out About Da Brat's Pregnancy Online


LisaRaye Didnt Find Out About Da Brats Pregnancy Online

Recently, retired rapper Da Brat and his hair care mogul wife Jesseca Dupart announced they are expecting their first child together. They made the announcement on Sherri Shepherd's talk show and through an Instagram post last week.

Raquel Harper's It's Tricky With Raquel Harper podcast featured LisaRaye McCoy, who claimed she hadn't learned about Da Brat's pregnancy online. TMZ shared the clip on social media, leading many to believe there was some kind of major rift between them over it.

1. She Didn’t Get A Call

LisaRaye McCoy has been an integral part of her sister Da Brat's life since childhood, but recently the two have experienced difficulties. After Brat came out to her family and friends about their relationship with Jesseca Dupart, things took an unpleasant turn between them.

Contrary to what some may have thought, Brat and Dupart appear to have reconciled their relationship. After all, they are expecting a baby together!

Are you curious to know how LisaRaye found out about her sister's pregnancy? Well, the actress didn't receive a phone call - instead, she learned about the news through social media!

McCoy revealed her reaction to the news on her podcast "It's Tricky with Raquel Harper." She admitted that she hadn't known about her sister's pregnancy until she saw a post about it on Instagram.

On the podcast, she was asked her opinion about Brat's pregnancy. Although she didn't take too long to answer, eventually expressing her annoyance at not knowing the news until it had already been announced.

McCoy appeared to be deeply distressed about the whole situation when she spoke on her podcast, as you can hear her say that she hadn't received any kind of notification about her sister's pregnancy. Furthermore, she didn't feel any kind of relationship with her sister until after coming out to her.

When asked if she thought it was wise for her to be the aunt of Da Brat and his wife Jesseca Dupart's child, McCoy took a moment and thought before replying with one word: "Wonderful!"

Hope they can maintain this harmonious relationship! After all, the Harris-Duparts have gone through a lot together and it is only right that they have an aunt to support them. And with a baby on the way, LisaRaye will surely come in handy once more!

2. She Didn’t Know The Gender

Families rarely opt out of knowing the gender of their unborn child, but there are times when expectant parents may feel this way.

Recently, Da Brat and his wife Jesseca Dupart announced they are expecting their first child together. On social media, the duo posted a photo carousel featuring Da Brat cradling her bare belly in an unbuttoned Chicago Bulls jacket, red sweatpants, and matching Jordan sneakers.

Though the photos were heartwarming, many are wondering why the sisters decided to announce their pregnancy online. Some speculate that there might be some tension between them.

Rumors began swirling after LisaRaye McCoy revealed on Instagram that she hadn't known about Da Brat's pregnancy until it went public. The actress, who appeared on Raquel Harper's It's Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast, claimed to have had no knowledge of the pregnancy until it was publicly revealed.

McCoy claimed the only reason she didn't learn of Da Brat's pregnancy until after posting it on her Instagram page. She went on to describe a tense moment during Cocktails With Queens when Da Brat appeared to surprise her with the news, leaving her feeling cut off from her sister's life.

However, the 48-year-old rapper dispelled her sister's claims in a report she shared with The Shade Room. She noted that she and McCoy hadn't spoken in years, so she wasn't aware of their relationship until seeing it on social media.

Parents may opt to wait until after delivery to find out their baby's gender, such as being concerned about a miscarriage or struggling with how best to approach sex with their new arrival. There are plenty of reasons why this decision might be made; parents might simply wish for peace of mind before making such an important life decision.

Many moms-to-be who don't know their baby's gender or identity do so to create a more authentic and meaningful story for their little one. Many believe it will help them come to terms with their identity as mothers or transgender individuals if they're uncertain of themselves or are transgender.

3. She Didn’t Know The Date

Many were shocked when Da Brat announced her pregnancy with Jesseca Harris-Dupart, her wife. Last month, the 48-year-old rapper took to social media with photos of herself sporting a growing baby bump and an endearing message for her fiance.

LisaRaye McCoy and her sister Da Brat have a complicated relationship, which became even more so this week when LisaRaye revealed on Raquel Harper's podcast that she hadn't known about her sister's pregnancy until she shared it on social media.

According to TMZ, the actress claimed she didn't receive a call prior to her sister's announcement on Instagram. She claimed she knew nothing until they went public with their relationship online and began sharing pictures on their individual accounts.

LisaRaye is proud of her sister, but she wishes they would be more discreet when discussing their personal business ventures. In fact, LisaRaye has some issues with the constant interviews her sister conducts about their family business activities.

That's why she was somewhat offended when Raquel Harper shared an interview with her where it appeared she might be discussing Da Brat's current pregnancy. The video went viral and many fans believed McCoy was discussing their newest addition to their family.

Harper was asking McCoy about her relationship with her sister and how they were responding to the news of her pregnancy. Despite feeling upset by the topic, McCoy opened up and shared all her feelings for her sister.

As Harper asked if she was excited about Da Brat's pregnancy, she took a moment to pause before giving an emphatic yes. Additionally, she expressed that she was "forever thankful" that her sister found love and joy.

While their relationship has had its share of problems over the years, it appears they are finally on track and ready to start a family. It's unfortunate that all this drama has come at such an unfortunate time.

4. She Didn’t Know The Location

On Tuesday, February 21, Da Brat and his wife Jesseca "Judy" Harris-Dupart announced their pregnancy. The So So Def emcee shared several photos of her growing baby bump on social media while giving a shout-out to their fertility doctor.

Da Brat is experiencing an exciting time, but it also brings about some tension between her and sister LisaRaye McCoy. In a recent interview, the 53-year-old actress revealed that she wasn't given any kind of warning prior to her sister's pregnancy announcement being shared with the world.

McCoy shared her feelings regarding her sister's pregnancy announcement with Raquel Harper's It's Tricky with Raquel Harper podcast in an interview. She expressed that she felt betrayed because she wasn't informed before the rest of the world found out.

McCoy claims she didn't learn about the rapper's pregnancy online; rather, she only became aware of it after seeing pictures of herself and Dupart on social media platforms.

McCoy and Brat have always had some tension between them, but it recently reached a breaking point during Cocktails With Queens. Following an especially heated moment with Brat, McCoy broke down in tears and upset; she felt sure it wouldn't be an easy feat to get her sister and Dupart to settle things peacefully.

McCoy became even more worried when she learned someone had recycled an interview she did with Harper about Da Brat's pregnancy. According to TMZ, McCoy took a long pause before answering the question regarding her feelings on the matter.

It's unclear what caused her to pause and decline her reply, but she isn't the only person feeling overwhelmed by Da Brat's pregnancy. Many fans have voiced their worry over their ongoing feud between the two, and now there may be another factor at play.

According to a trending story, LisaRaye discovered her sister's pregnancy on social media. This comes just one day after Da Brat and his wife announced it on Sherri Shepherd's talk show. In one photo carousel posted online, Da Brat could be seen holding her belly in an unbuttoned Chicago Bulls varsity jacket, red track pants and matching Jordan sneakers - suggesting she is currently 18 weeks pregnant.

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