Liam Neeson Slams Uncomfortable Interview On 'The View' Calling Out BS

Liam Neeson Slams Uncomfortable Interview On 'The View' Calling Out BS


Liam Neeson Slams Uncomfortable Interview On The View Calling Out BS

Liam Neeson is one of the most versatile and talented actors in Hollywood. He has starred in award-winning films like Schindler's List, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, and Taken.

Before his big screen debut in Pilgrims Progress (1978), he enjoyed an acting career in Irish regional theatre.

Joy Behar’s Crush On Liam Neeson

Joy Behar's latest obsession is Liam Neeson. The Taken actor visited The View last week to promote his new film Marlowe, and Behar was visibly delighted when he showed up. But Behar quickly made things awkward for Neeson when she started gushing over him in front of the cameras.

The longtime host has an affinity for the 70-year-old actor, even joking that she wanted her "ashes sprinkled over him" while promoting his movie. Given her admiration of Taken series characters, it's understandable why she might harbor feelings for them.

Neeson isn't so sure it's okay to have a crush on another person, and he finds it uncomfortable watching someone you admire show off while on television. That's why he was so offended by The View segment featuring clips featuring Behar extolling Neeson's virtues.

In a post published to Rolling Stone, the veteran actor lashed out at The View for making him feel uncomfortable during their interview. He noted several remarks about him that left him feeling uneasy, particularly during a montage of clips showing Behar discussing her love affair with Neeson throughout the years.

He referenced clips where Behar expressed her desire to have her ashes sprinkled over him, and another showed her confessing to being "roused" by the Taken movies. Though he tried to play it off, it's obvious he felt uncomfortable at the time.

He expressed that it was an "embarrassing" segment, noting that it didn't meet his expectations for his interview. According to him, The View should have left out the segment from their conversation with him.

Behar has been a part of The View since 1997 and remains its only original panelist. Additionally, she co-hosts The Joy Behar Show on HLN and Joy Behar: Say Anything! on Current TV.

She has also penned numerous books, such as The Great Gasbag: An A-Z Study Guide to Surviving Trump World. She has been married to Steve Janowitz since 2011.

Behar was joined by co-hosts Sunny Hostin, Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin on The View on February 15th to meet Robert Neeson. But Behar quickly felt embarrassed when a producer told her to discuss her crush on the 70-year-old actor with them. That producer had put together a montage of clips showing all her live TV gushing over Neeson over time; Behar also told her co-hosts there was room in her heart for both Neeson and her husband Robert.

Liam Neeson Slams Uncomfortable Interview On ‘The View’ Calling Out BS

Liam Neeson seemed uncomfortable during his recent appearance on 'The View' when host Joy Behar showered him with praise. The Taken star, 70, was promoting his 100th film Marlowe when the interview got a bit too sentimental and ended with a highlight reel of Joy Behar expressing her affection for the actor.

The montage featured her saying multiple times that she wanted her ashes sprinkled over Marlowe and another where she said his films make her feel "aroused" by them. While he wasn't particularly delighted by his appearance on the show, he did manage to have an intelligent conversation with host Sunny Hostin after such a cringeworthy segment.

Recently, Liam Neeson revealed to Vanity Fair that he felt the show's producers had taken advantage of him and left him looking unflatteringly awkward. According to reports, he was in the dressing room sipping on champagne when he noticed the montage he'd just seen and wasn't pleased with what he saw.

The star took to Twitter last week to express his views on the episode that aired last week. He wrote that he's been a fan of the show for years and never had an unpleasant experience, adding that it was only last week's slam-able interview that made him feel uneasy. Additionally, Phillip Marlowe - who plays detective Phillip Marlowe in the movie - took aim at its producers for making inappropriate references about him. Additionally, their official Twitter account shared footage from that interview which quickly went viral and gained much attention.

Liam Neeson’s Response To Joy Behar’s Crush On Him

On February 15 of ABC's satirical talk show The View, Liam Neeson was left feeling "uncomfortable" after host Joy Behar talked about her crush on the 70-year-old actor. While Neeson wasn't offended by Behar's overtly flirtatious behavior, it did make for an uncomfortable interview.

In the segment, Behar gushed over Neeson's films and quipped about her "aroused" feelings after watching him play a kidnapping villain in Taken. She also described her affection for the 70-year-old as a "crush."

The segment was full of humor and awkwardness, including when Behar asked Neeson if he was worried about becoming a martyr after being involved in shooting. She then played a video montage showing all her love for Neeson throughout the years.

While the conversation eventually moved onto other topics, Behar's comments about her admiration of Neeson made the conversation appear rather lighthearted and lack focus. At that point, Neeson took a step back and asked what was wrong with her behavior.

Neeson revealed to Rolling Stone in a new interview that his appearance on The View was uncomfortable due to Behar's discussion of both his career and her crush on him. He was especially embarrassed by her montage of praise, which included several embarrassing moments where she expressed her desire for him to have her ashes sprinkled over him.

She expressed her admiration for Neeson and her husband Steve Janowitz, saying she has "room in her heart" for both men. In the interview, Neeson also spoke of his late wife Natasha Richardson - who passed away in 2009 - saying that if he played James Bond she would not marry him.

Neeson then discussed his recent film Marlowe, a Raymond Chandler thriller that sees him portray the legendary private eye Philip Marlowe. Additionally, he discussed his upcoming prison escape movie The Riker's Ghost, in which he will portray an unwilling prisoner forced to escape jail.

Neeson did manage to have an "intelligent conversation" with co-host Sunny Hostin afterward, though not without some awkward moments. In addition to discussing his film, he also spoke about the rise in anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial.

The 70-year-old actor wasn't the first celebrity to experience an uncomfortable interview on The View, but his interview did rank among the worst. Indeed, some viewers took to social media to voice their disapproval of it.

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