LeBron James Wife - Savannah Brinson

LeBron James Wife - Savannah Brinson


LeBron James Wife - Savannah Brinson

lebron james wife
lebron james wife

LeBron James wife, Savannah Brinson, is an accomplished entrepreneur and philanthropist. Additionally, she holds diplomas in interior decorating as well as furniture design.

She was born on August 27, 1986 in Akron, Ohio to J. K. and Jennifer Brinson.

LeBron James Wife - Savannah James is a mother of three

LeBron James and his wife Savannah have endured a lot together over the years. From troubled high school days to great successes in LeBron's NBA career, they have remained faithful to one another through it all. Even with all of life's demands - work, family - they remain deeply committed to one another as they raise their children together.

They met while still in high school and got engaged in 2013.

LeBron is a professional athlete renowned for his on-court performances, but his wife has achieved greater fame as an entrepreneur and social activist. She founded The Juice Shop juice bar, Home Court interior design firm and serves as vice president of LeBron's foundation.

In addition to her involvement with her husband's foundation, she is an interior designer and runs her own furniture line. Additionally, she instills values like kindness, love, and compassion into her children by modeling for them.

James and his wife love spending time with their children in Los Angeles when they're not training on the basketball court. Additionally, they own two pets - a dog and cat.

They share a special bond with their children that has enabled them to survive the stresses of being parents while also working as professionals.

Their devotion to one another and their children is evident on Instagram. Though she strives to keep her profile low key, she boasts over 2 million followers on the platform.

LeBron James Wife - She is a model

Savannah Brinson is a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and wife to NBA star LeBron James. With an impressive social media presence and involvement in her community, Savannah has opened several businesses such as a juicery and furniture line. Additionally, she serves as vice president for her husband's foundation while sharing special family occasions on Instagram with her followers.

She met LeBron while they both were in high school, and the two quickly fell in love. Their relationship is built on trust and support; it's strong enough that they often travel together to pursue their aspirations. In September 2022, they marked nine years of marriage with a glamorous Vanity Fair photo that celebrated their dedication to one another.

James has always prioritized his family despite being a professional athlete. He shows tremendous support to his wife and ensures she has the best life possible.

At the age of 17, she became pregnant with their son Bronny, whom they welcomed into their lives in October 2004. In addition to playing basketball, the couple enjoys traveling and spending time with their kids.

As a mother to three children, she has become deeply invested in their lives. She enjoys spending time with them and is an incredibly loving individual.

She is an enthusiastic supporter of causes that empower girls and young women. She has spoken at numerous fundraising events, serving as honorary chairwoman of YWCA Greater Cleveland's Circle fundraiser.

She has an avid interest in fashion, having modeled for luxury brands such as Black Dolce & Gabanna and doing numerous photo shoots. Additionally, she collaborated with K-Organics - a child-friendly sports drink which she promotes on her Instagram account.

LeBron James Wife - She is a fashion designer

Basketball great LeBron James is one of the most acclaimed and successful athletes in history. He plays for the Los Angeles Lakers and has amassed a substantial fortune through his successful career. Additionally, he has launched several businesses and earned many endorsement deals.

Savannah Brinson, the wife of NBA star LeBron James, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist dedicated to empowering young women. She serves as vice president of the LeBron James Family Foundation and also volunteers with numerous charities and boards.

As a mother of three, she stays busy with her family life. She enjoys sharing family events on her Instagram account and is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys to exercise. When it comes to food, she prefers organic cold-pressed juices, superfood smoothies and acai bowls which she loves munching on!

She owns The Juice Spot in Miami, which serves organic cold-pressed juices and superfood smoothies. Additionally, she's partnered with K-Organics - a child-friendly sports drink which she promotes on her social media pages.

Additionally, she runs a charity program that assists Akron-area girls prepare for prom.

She is a true style icon when it comes to fashion. She often dons tasteful and chic Schiaparelli, Margiela and Alaia outfits. Most recently she donned a custom white dress for the 2023 Vanity Fair Oscars Party and looked absolutely stunning.

James may be an accomplished basketball player, but his wife Savannah Brinson is just as talented in the fashion industry.

LeBron James Wife - Savannah Brinson & James

They've been together since high school and she champions education, children's rights, and young women's empowerment. In addition to running their own clothing label, Savannah serves as vice president of The LeBron Family Foundation.

LeBron James Wife - She is a socialite

Savannah James is a successful businesswoman, philanthropist and entrepreneur who married LeBron James in 2013. Together they reside in Akron, Ohio in a Tudor-brick two-story home built in 1994.

She has helped him carve out a career as a professional athlete and continues to support him as he builds his empire.

After nine years together, it's clear they enjoy spending time together. Recently, they celebrated their anniversary and shared touching tributes to one another.

Their marriage is a testament to the value of having an encouraging partner. Not only does she assist James with his career, but she also provides him with tremendous emotional support.

She also exhibits a strong philanthropic spirit, supporting numerous charities such as the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and LeBron James Family Foundation. Additionally, she serves on the boards of directors for both organizations.

Her charitable work has won her many admirers around the globe. She recently launched an initiative called Women of the Future which aims to give young women a chance for success.

LeBron James Wife Savannah has a passion for fashion, and she loves to try out different looks. Recently, she donned a black dress featuring an eye-catching cutout detail. The outfit proved popular among Savannah's followers; she shared a video of herself wearing it on Instagram.

The internationally-recognized model has worked with major fashion houses such as Chanel. She has earned the title of style icon for women around the world.

Recently, she attended a red carpet event wearing an elegant black dress. To complete the ensemble, she accessorized with heels and a clutch bag.


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