Latto Promises She's 'Kickin Down the Door' For Female Rappers at 2023 

Latto Promises She's 'Kickin Down the Door' For Female Rappers at 2023 


Latto Promises Shes Kickin Down the Door for Female Rappers at 2023 Wom

Latto Promises She's 'Kickin Down the Door' For Female Rappers at 2023 

Latto Assures Female Rappers She'll "Kick Down The Door" at 2023 WomCamp

Though many female rappers have achieved success in recent years, some still feel underappreciated. That is why Latto has chosen to show her support for the next generation of rap stars.

1. Latto

Hip hop has been around for a long time, but there have been times when the presence of female MCs felt thin. This was especially true during the 2000s when file-sharing platforms had an adverse effect on recorded music sales and forced the industry to adjust to new technologies.

Even so, some pioneers helped open the door for women to take center stage in rap music. Missy Elliott, Salt-N-Pepa and Lil Kim were just three of them that helped push female MCs to new heights with their unique styles and socially aware messages.

No matter their age or experience level, these women were instrumental in breaking barriers and opening the door for other female rappers to shine. From park jams of the '70s through cyphers of the '90s and mainstream success in the '00s, female MCs kept the movement going with their sassinessy lyrics and hard work.

Latto, real name Alyssa Michelle Stephens, has made it her mission to ensure young women who are trying to break into the industry have the same opportunities as she has had. This includes supporting and working with female MCs on her singles.

She's collaborated with rappers such as Trina, Gucci Mane and Cardi B. Her songs are an eclectic blend of rap and pop with catchy hooks that get stuck in your head and a strong message about self-love.

Recently, the 24-year-old ClayCo, Georgia native sat down with Billboard to discuss her rise to Powerhouse status and commitment to supporting the next generation of female MCs. She stated that she's 'kickin' down the door' in order to assist other budding artists reach their full potentials.

In the meantime, she's focused on strengthening her connection to fans and building her brand. She is currently gearing up for her biggest night - the 65th Annual Grammy Awards - where she hopes to bring her signature style and bubbly pop vibes onto the big stage and take home some gold.

2. Lakeyah

Hip hop has always placed a priority on women on the mic, yet there have been times in its history when it seemed like there weren't enough female rappers rising to prominence. Thanks to streaming services, however, there are now more aspiring rap stars than ever before and they deserve to be celebrated for their efforts.

Latto is a Milwaukee-bred rapper who has made quite the name for herself over the past year. Her cocky wordplay and fast lyrical flow has won her an audience of millions. Her singles "B***h From Da Souf" and "Muwop" were certified Platinum, plus she's featured on songs by Gucci Mane and Nardo Wick.

She was part of XXL's 2021 Freshman Class and made a major career move last spring by being named an ambassador for Rihanna's Savage X Fenty lingerie line. Her hard work ethic and dedication have cemented her place among Quebec City's most promising stars.

Houston boasts some of the hottest lyricists in the game, and it's no shock that Houston's latest female rappers have a Southern flair. From Megan Thee Stallion to Lizzo, these women are proving there is still demand for rap music with that incomparable Southern flavor.

These ladies come from various genres, yet they all share one trait: their ability to bring positivity and empowerment into their music. Whether crafting upbeat anthems or delivering powerful lyrics, these women MCs are on their way to becoming icons in their own right.

Day Sulan, 4Hunnnid's first lady, joined Rubi Rose for her single "Big," and has continued to prove she's got what it takes. In 2021 she released a new track featuring YG and d3szn called "Hit Em Up," cementing herself as one of rap's up-and-comers.

Atlanta's newest lyricist, originally known as Yung Baby Tate, is taking her music seriously and drawing inspiration from Lauryn Hill. Her tracks often contain subliminal affirmations that demonstrate her determination to deliver her message with authority. We look forward to hearing what her forthcoming album has in store - be it an album of clever affirmations or heartfelt declarations? Find out for yourself by tuning into YUNG BABY TATE on August 10th!

3. Azealia Banks

Latto, who began her music career as Miss Mulatto on the reality-television show "The Rap Game," is an accomplished rapper with several hits to her credit. Her debut single Bitch from Da Souf reached number one on Billboard Hot 100 and earned platinum certification; Muwop featuring Gucci Mane followed suit and also went gold.

The 22-year-old artist, whose name means "mommy" in Swahili, is an ardent independent thinker and unafraid to express herself. She co-wrote every track on her debut album and overcame major obstacles to achieve success - solidifying herself as one of music's most exciting newcomers.

She's the perfect example of female rappers' next evolution, offering her energetic sound on "Broke With Expensive Taste," available now through Prospect Park Records. Her new album will be released later this year and she plans to tour across America for its release.

On her new album, Latto showcases her sharp penmanship and sharp sense of wit as well as a sensual rap style. Her song, "Slap a B***h," serves as proof that she can craft timeless, inspiring anthems.

She has the unique gift of creating music that's both inspiring and playful, while also deeply personal. Her latest album offers a wonderful glimpse into both her evolving sound and growing influence as an influential hip hop artist.

Her singles have earned her a dedicated fan base and the praise of many critics. Additionally, she's won awards for her music - including the Best New Artist award at the 2022 BET Awards.

Latto hopes that as she continues to break barriers and establish herself as a leader in the music industry, she can assist other female rappers in reaching their ambitions. She believes that having an inclusive environment for all artists is essential for creating success.

Recently, she spoke to Billboard about her admiration of the originals who opened doors for female rappers like her. She is grateful for their support and hopes that future generations of female rappers can thrive without fear of having their careers taken away from them.

4. Kendrick Lamar

Latto was honored earlier this week at 2023 Wom in Los Angeles with a Powerhouse award and four backup dancers as she performed her single "Lottery."

She also spoke of her dedication to aiding younger artists in reaching success. The Houston rapper admitted she often faces sex bias, but hopes her Powerhouse status will encourage more people to respect female MCs as they pursue success in music.

In a recent interview with Billboard, she expressed her intention to not only continue making music but also help younger artists develop and learn from their experience. Furthermore, she is always searching for ways to motivate young women and show them that anything is achievable if they put their mind to it.

Her rap skills are just as impressive as her vocal ones, and she's a dynamic performer who doesn't hesitate to stand up for herself. Additionally, she attacks beats with impeccable breath control and an infectious tone.

At the 2022 BET Hip Hop Awards, Latto's song "Big Energy" was a huge hit and she is nominated for two rap awards at the 2023 Grammys - Best New Artist and Melodic Rap Performance.

Hip-hop artists face a formidable competition when competing for awards at the Grammys, and it can be especially tough if you're new to the game. That is why it's encouraging when an up-and-comer challenges some of the established names in the industry.

That is why it is essential to support emerging female artists like Kendrick Lamar in the hip-hop world. For too long, men have held all of the power in this industry - it's time for more recognition to go to those deserving of it - women like Kendrick Lamar are leading by example!

Lamar has dedicated much of his career to advocating for social justice issues such as race, poverty and the state of the economy. Furthermore, he has consistently stressed the significance of female empowerment.

Kendrick does acknowledge the limitations that come with being an artist and role model to young people in his music, though he doesn't explicitly address it in his lyrics. That is why he strives to give younger artists the same opportunities and resources as his peers even when they may not be as popular or have the same fan base.

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