Latto Flat Out Denies Dating 21 Savage

Latto Flat Out Denies Dating 21 Savage


Contrary to her denials, it appears Latto Flat Out is in a relationship with 21 Savage. After years of dating rumors, the new tattoo behind her ear seems to confirm their relationship.

According to reports, Latto purchased a Lamborghini for her 23rd birthday. They first collaborated on Latto's 2021 single "Wheelie."

She’s a side chick

Contrary to persistent rumors that she and 21 Savage are an item, Latto Strongly denies this information.

Fans have been speculating that the two Atlanta rappers are dating for years, and there's plenty of evidence to back this up. From photos taken together in Puerto Rico to Instagram stories featuring both artists, rumors seem endless. Additionally, they've collaborated musically on songs like "Pull Up" and "Wheelie," which ended up making it onto her sophomore album 777.

However, a recent TikTok video has the social media community questioning their relationship status once again. In the video, Latto can be seen cooking soul food for her unknown boyfriend which has led many to believe they're an official couple.

Rumors of a romance between Latto and 21 have been swirling for years, and their speculation is only increasing in prominence due to their recent feud with Kodak Black. Additionally, they've collaborated on a song entitled "Wheelie," featuring Colin Tilley's music video direction.

21 Savage recently took a step back from those rumors during his Clubhouse chat. The Slaughter Gang boss denied any connection to a "celebrity girlfriend," while dispelling any notion that his recent duet with Nas, "One Mic, One Gun," was an intentional attempt for attention. Additionally, 21 Savage lashed out at the media for twisting some of his words into stories.

Latto may be dating 21 Savage, but she wants to keep their relationship private so as not to become a major media target. It could be her way of keeping away from attention since 21 Savage has plenty of fans.

It's possible the rappers are an item, but it's also likely they're simply friends. If so, then there would be little reason for them to talk about a relationship on social media or even refer to one another in interviews.

Latto and 21 could potentially be hindered from becoming a serious couple due to their age difference. At 24, she's still young enough to still have difficulty determining what she wants out of life.

She’s a ninja

Over the past few years, Latto Flat Out has been the subject of much rumor and speculation regarding her relationship with 21 Savage. Although they have denied it numerous times, fans remain convinced they are together. A TikTok video purporting to show Latto cooking a soul food meal for an anonymous boyfriend recently left social media abuzz with questions regarding their current status.

Although it can be hard to tell who is real, Latto's new red tattoo that reads "Sheyaa" is certainly worthy of mention. While that may not seem like much, it certainly serves as evidence to back up his alleged ninja status.

Latto recently debuted her signature red hairstyle, complete with matching glasses in the same shade - a gift from her long-term beau who also gave her a brand new Lamborghini.

Latto recently debuted some fashionable hair and glasses as well. She also took some creative photos during her vacation that showcased a stylish hat with an intriguing secret inside, which had to be seen to be believed - she posed wearing it on Instagram Story and at the Grammys too!

She’s a cheater

Rumors abound regarding Latto Flat Out, especially regarding her dating life. As a big name in rap right now, fans naturally want to know all about her.

One of the biggest rumors surrounding her is that she's dating rapper 21 Savage. While they have yet to confirm the relationship officially, they've been seen together in public before.

Though she does not publicly confirm their relationship, fans have known for years that they are an item. The duo has collaborated on multiple songs and even took a vacation together last year in Puerto Rico.

Recently, Latto reignited relationship rumors by getting a tattoo featuring Sheyaa's real name: Sheyaa Bin Abraham-Joseph. This tattoo was visible behind Latto's ear during Sunday night's Grammy Awards in Los Angeles.

This isn't the first time she's stirred up rumors about her relationship with Zone 6 rapper 21. She often posts photos of them together on her Instagram account and last month was seen promoting his latest single "FTCU."

However, it appears she's trying to coerce him into publicly claiming her. Unfortunately, this strategy will likely backfire and she will likely receive much ridicule for acting so gullible and delusional.

If 21 was truly interested in her, there would have been no need for such secrecy. They could have made their relationship public knowledge and she wouldn't need to keep their relationship hidden from others.

She may have a legitimate reason for not confirming their relationship: They're currently married and working toward getting 21's green card. Unfortunately, due to his immigration status in the UK, it will be difficult for him to obtain such an immigration document.

He may have good reasons for not claiming her publicly. After all, he's likely dealing with his wife and children on a daily basis.

Despite all these reasons, she remains a hot topic on social media, particularly when it comes to her dating life. If she were to reveal that she was seeing 21 Savage, it would certainly be an incredible development for her fans.

She’s a liar

Even though she has denied dating 21 Savage, social media users remain convinced of their relationship. There is ample proof to back this up - including photos taken between them at various events.

Fans have noticed Latto and 21 Savage frequently hanging out together. They even share stories from these locations on Instagram.

They have collaborated on songs such as "Pull Up" and "Wheelie," appearing together in the music video for the latter song. It's evident that they share an incredible connection, making it no surprise they have become an item.

Latto and 21 have attempted to keep their relationship private, even going so far as to hide it from their fans. According to reports, they have frequently gifted each other luxurious gifts and vacations in the past.

She has recently been linked to Memphis rapper Key Glock. While they have yet to confirm it, fans believe they are an item due to their content similarity on social media posts.

Rumors of a relationship between the two artists were ignited when they were photographed together in Puerto Rico for Latto's 22nd birthday. Both artists have amassed an extensive social media following and are well known to travel frequently for work purposes.

Reports indicate Latto recently got a tattoo of 21 Savage's real name behind her ear. This new piece of body art displays the word "Sheyaa," which is exactly the same name he uses on his music recordings.

Latto Flat Out and 21 Savage's relationship is a sign of their deep trust in one another, showing they don't just want to benefit from fame.

They both take their careers seriously and strive to succeed in the music industry. Both individuals possess incredible talent and an enthusiasm for art.

They are motivated and dedicated to succeed, but also aware that success is never guaranteed. To stay motivated, they strive for improvement every day to develop as musicians while remaining loyal to one another.

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