Latto Disappointed By Rappers She's A Fan Of After Nicki Minaj Dust Up

Latto Disappointed By Rappers She's A Fan Of After Nicki Minaj Dust Up


Latto Disappointed By Some Rappers Shes A Fan Of After Nicki Minaj Dust Up

Nicki Minaj is one of the greatest female rappers in history. A 10-time Grammy nominee, with over 20 million followers on Twitter and widely considered a rap legend, Minaj is truly remarkable in her craft.

Minaj has achieved great success, yet she has also made some controversial remarks throughout her career. Most notably, she's become known for her abusive online comments and has been accused of fueling an abusive stan culture epidemic with her fame.

1. Lil Durk

Nicki Minaj and Lil Durk's Twitter spat has spiraled out of control. Minaj became incensed that her song "Super Freaky Girl" wouldn't be eligible for hip-hop awards at the 2023 Grammys since it is considered pop music, then pulled Latto into it by asking why her Tom Tom Club-sampling breakout single "Big Energy" should also be eligible in these rap categories.

While it's normal for stars to respond to critics on social media, Minaj has gone too far in her response. She's become a virtual supervillain, using her platform to harass her registered sex offender husband while fanning the flames against those who disagree with her views.

Recently, Minaj engaged in doxxing a YouTube commentator who wasn't fond of her music. After Kimberly Nicole Foster posted some mildly critical tweets about Minaj, she was subjected to an outpouring of hate mail directed at her.

It's not the first time she's done this. In the past, she even mocked rap rival Lil' Kim for not writing all of her verses.

When Lil' Kim was at her peak, she had an array of successful singles and albums to her name. She's even been a major influence on other female rappers such as Azealia Banks and Iggy Azalea.

Minaj's voice and ability to craft catchy songs is a big part of her appeal, yet her rap style isn't always up to par. This explains why Minaj sometimes falls short of what fans expect from her -

Minaj has been busy building anticipation for her Queen album and comeback tour which are set to commence this week. To get everyone hyped up, she's been using social media as a means of spreading her message and encouraging people to attend her shows.

Minaj has had some success with her recent songs, yet none of them have been as big a hit as some of her past singles have been. As a result, it appears she may be in an emotional downward spiral; becoming frustrated and trying to stir up drama.

2. Lil Wayne

Latto recently expressed her disappointment in some of her fellow rappers. The singer exchanged barbs with Nicki Minaj over a report that her hit song "Super Freaky Girl" wouldn't be eligible for any rap categories at the 2023 Grammys.

Minaj has often been the target of controversy in the past for her sex-offender husband's activities and collaboration with 6ix9ine, an artist known for his homophobic remarks. Additionally, she faced backlash for appearing on the cover of Harper's Bazaar Arabia - a region with some of the worst LGBTQIA+ rights in the world - which featured controversial images.

Minaj has defied critics to build an international platform that puts her among some of music's biggest names. She's been nominated for a Grammy, had multiple hit singles, and boasts an Instagram following to rival Taylor Swift or Lady Gaga's.

Months ago, Minaj took her public persona too far when she took aim at YouTuber Kimberly Nicole Foster for critical comments she made about her. Following the video's upload, Minaj liked several tweets directed towards Foster which only served to fuel the fires of animosity between them.

Minaj's trend of cyberbullying her critics on social media is all too common in the music industry, but none more so than with her. Instead of stopping her followers from doxxing the woman, Minaj simply liked their posts, further fueling the fire.

Minaj is an incredibly talented rapper, but her childish and insecure online behavior is truly unfortunate. She needs to realize that being a sexist troll on TikTok won't earn her respect from those she aspires to reach.

Unfortunately, it appears likely that she won't even reach her full potential. Despite her accomplishments, she continues to engage in the same cycle of sexual offender hubris and bullying her critics.

Unfortunately, some of the rappers who have come out in support of Minaj have done so with such an air of insecurity. If she can't overcome misogynist behavior in today's climate, she may soon find herself the target of another sex offender's campaign.

3. Childish Gambino

On Thursday night, Nicki Minaj got into an altercation with another rapper that was ultimately resolved. It started over the Grammys reclassifying her single "Super Freaky Girl" into pop categories instead of rap. After tweeting her displeasure, Nicki brought fellow rapper Latto into the fray.

The 24-year-old rapper had been a longtime admirer of Nicki Minaj, so when their feud began in 2022, it proved to be deeply frustrating for her. After all, Nicki had been one of her biggest inspirations and they had even planned a collaboration together one year prior that never took place.

Latto has recently felt let down by some of the rappers she's worked with recently. Notably, Latto has been particularly disappointed in 6ix9ine, who was accused of sexual assault and is currently serving a prison sentence for his crimes. Additionally, she was dismayed by those who collaborated with Kodak Black who pled guilty to sexual assault in 2021.

Though they have made some humorous remarks about one another, it appears they lack respect for one another. After all, their songs both made it into the top ten of Billboard Hot 100 lists - an impressive accomplishment!

It's understandable for them to have some disagreements, given their differences. However, when they went too far and started tagging each other in public posts, it quickly turned the conversation into a catfight.

Latto should have shown more respect towards Nicki and her claims of racial bias when making her point, since she seemed quite reasonable when making it. Unfortunately, his shade and name-calling only distracted from the main point: that the Grammys should be more impartial when selecting which music deserves an honorable mention.

The rapper was particularly outspoken about her family's connections to hip-hop, specifically mentioning her husband Kenneth Petty - who is a registered sexual offender. Additionally, Lauryn Hill was described by the rapper as a "super freaky grandma," something she rarely says.

4. Kodak Black

Latto recently discussed her struggles working with male rappers in an interview. She mentioned that one of the male artists featured on her latest album gave her grief because she didn't answer his direct messages.

She even expressed that she wishes she hadn't named the man involved in her story and would never do it again! Additionally, some rappers she's recently collaborated with have disappointed her by not performing as well as she hoped they would. Recently, some of their posts have been removed due to not performing as well as her earlier ones did.

Nicki Minaj, the superstar rapper, has had an unsteady run lately. Despite her comeback tour, her new singles haven't sold as well as her past hits. She's faced criticism from both fans and critics alike and appears to have taken things a bit too far on social media platforms.

Minaj was indignant about being nominated in the pop category for her song "Super Freaky Girl," instead of in the rap category, and brought in Latto into the discussion. Their Twitter exchanges took an unpleasant turn when Minaj called Latto a "Karen" and suggested she wasn't acting in a professional capacity. As reported by XXL, things quickly escalated between them.

Minaj escalated the situation when she tweeted a screenshot of a message she believed Latto intended to shade her. This sparked an intense Twitter battle between both women, each pulling examples of instances when they felt the other was making light of them.

After much back-and-forth, the couple ultimately chose to part ways. Minaj called Latto a "Karen" for her remarks and implied she was acting like a "40-year-old bully." In response, Latto took Minaj offline.

Though this could simply be a miscommunication, it serves to remind us that the singer doesn't exactly set an example for maturity when dealing with critics or haters. Her actions have caused her a great deal of trouble and make her an unfit collaborator if you are trying to break into the industry.

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