Lamar Jackson Trade Rumors: Ranking NFL Team Fits For Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Lamar Jackson Trade Rumors: Ranking NFL Team Fits For Ravens QB Lamar Jackson


Lamar Jackson trade Ranking NFL team fits for Ravens quarterback

Lamar Jackson Trade Rumors: Ranking NFL Team Fits For Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Rumors surrounding an impending free agent quarterback Lamar Jackson continue to swirl. On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens placed the non-exclusive franchise tag on him, opening negotiations with other teams.

On Wednesday, reports swirled that the Atlanta Falcons had expressed interest in Jackson. However, ESPN's Dianna Russini reports that they are no longer involved.

1. Atlanta Falcons

The Atlanta Falcons have been widely reported as one of the top teams interested in Lamar Jackson. With ample cap space, they can afford a quarterback of Jackson's caliber.

Arthur Blank, owner of the Falcons, is said to be eager for a Super Bowl victory and may be willing to provide Jackson with a fully guaranteed contract - something both Houston Texans and Indianapolis Colts attempted but failed at last year with Deshaun Watson.

The Ravens have elected not to use an exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, meaning he can explore free agency beginning March 13. If another team makes an offer, Baltimore has the option to match it and receive two first-round picks as compensation.

2. New York Jets

The New York Jets are an intimidating opponent on defense. Their front seven is one of the best in the league, meaning Jackson will face a significant test when taking on this formidable unit.

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens placed the franchise tag on Jackson. However, he is still free to negotiate with other teams. If he accepts an offer, they have the option to match it or receive two first-round draft picks in exchange.

Which NFL teams are the ideal destinations for Lamar Jackson? Here is our ranking of the top contenders to land him.

3. Los Angeles Rams

There are a multitude of NFL teams that could potentially fit the bill for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson. Some are already in the quarterback market, while others are revamping their offenses and searching for assistance in that area.

Los Angeles Rams rank as one of the best teams that could potentially accommodate Jackson's needs. They boast two first-round picks and plenty of cap space, giving them room to make a bold move for the talented passer.

Jackson could make a major contribution to the Rams' new 49ers-inspired offense. He'd provide an immediate upgrade and add another dimension to their explosive passing attack. Furthermore, Jackson would give McVay a reliable veteran leader and backup option in case of injury.

4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

On Tuesday, the Baltimore Ravens applied a non-exclusive franchise tag to quarterback Lamar Jackson, keeping him off the free agent market but leaving other teams the option of pursuing him. If an offer sheet is signed by Jackson, the Ravens have five days to match it or let him walk and receive two first-round draft picks as compensation.

It may be a risky move, but for the Ravens it appears to be their best option right now and could allow them to maximize Jackson's performance without trading away an important player. If another team comes in and offers Jackson a long-term deal, the Ravens could easily match it and ensure their quarterback stays with them throughout his career.

5. Miami Dolphins

Sources indicate the Atlanta Falcons are the likely trade partner for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, though other teams could potentially negotiate a deal with him as well. They plan to place the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson but this could open up other teams' options to pursue him as well.

The Miami Dolphins may be an ideal destination for the star passer. They're reportedly searching for a veteran signal-caller to replace Ryan Tannehill, and already have two first-round picks in 2021.

However, the Dolphins must reduce their salary cap in order to afford Jackson, so they may not have as much money to offer. They could try getting a high draft pick in exchange for him but that seems unlikely.

6. Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are believed to be one of the teams interested in trading for Jackson. With the eighth overall pick this year's draft, they need a quarterback.

If the Colts are willing to make a major commitment for Jackson, it makes sense. They'd gain an agile quarterback who can throw the ball downfield.

They also boast a formidable defense, one built upon effort and hustle. The Colts should be able to disrupt the Ravens' power running game while curbing Lamar Jackson's tendency for scrambling out of the pocket.

7. New England Patriots

Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens remain far apart in contract negotiations, making it increasingly likely that they will apply a tag to him. Should that occur, teams would then be free to make trade offers.

In such a scenario, the New England Patriots could be an attractive target to trade for Jackson. Not only would they receive two first-round picks in exchange, but they would also have to pay Jackson his full earnings had he been allowed to negotiate his own contract.

It's a risky move for the Patriots, but Jackson is an ideal fit. Jackson is a dual-threat signal-caller who can beat defenses both aerially and on the ground. Under Bill Belichick's tutelage, Jackson could unlock another dimension as a passer. Plus, their run-heavy offense would benefit from having an experienced quarterback at its helm.

8. Los Angeles Chargers

Many teams would love to make a move for Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, but few are willing to commit to an extensive deal that includes substantial guaranteed money and two first-round picks.

As the NFL offseason progresses, there remains hope for the Baltimore Ravens to reach a trade deal for Jackson. He has received the non-exclusive franchise tag from his team and can negotiate with other teams.

9. Chicago Bears

After one year of negotiations, the Baltimore Ravens still have not signed star quarterback Lamar Jackson to an extension. General manager Eric DeCosta reportedly decided to use the non-exclusive franchise tag on Jackson, meaning other teams may offer him an offer sheet and Baltimore can either match or accept two first-round picks in return.

Trade rumors are once again swirling as teams vie to acquire the league's best passer. We've identified the top teams that could potentially pursue Jackson this offseason.

10. Washington Commanders

The Washington Commanders may not be the first team to come to mind when considering a Lamar Jackson trade, but they are an obvious suitor. After making moves this season to support their quarterback Carson Wentz, Washington can afford Jackson as well.

Jackson could be an ideal addition to McDaniel's 49ers-inspired offense. He would give their running game a major boost and help them secure victories within their conference.

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