Lakers Vs Pelicans Player Prop Bets

Lakers Vs Pelicans Player Prop Bets


lakers vs pelicans player prop bets

When it comes to lakers vs pelicans player prop bets, there are plenty of options for bettors to select from. The key is finding the player with the potential for making a significant impact on the game.

On Thursday night, the Lakers returned from a win against the Pelicans and are looking for revenge in this matchup. Take advantage of OddsJam's player prop odds to maximize your wagers!


Over/under bets are one of the most popular types of prop bets and can be a lucrative opportunity to win some money. There are numerous factors that could influence an over/under number, such as injuries, game pace and weather conditions.

The over/under betting line on an NBA game can fluctuate based on various factors and bettors have no control over when or if a certain team's best player gets injured. When that player is an integral part of their offense, then the over/under may decrease significantly.

Another factor that can influence over/under totals is whether a team runs an offense based on running. Running-based offenses tend to be less efficient defensively and take up more time on the clock, meaning teams with greater odds often play faster than those expected to lose.

Due to a combination of factors, the over/under betting line can fluctuate by up to 10 points. Therefore, it is essential to stay abreast of each game's odds and bet on totals with enough time for them to settle.

When a team's star player is likely to be injured, the over/under betting line may decrease significantly - providing bettors with some great money-making opportunities. That is why it's so important to monitor injuries throughout the season and place wagers early if you think he might miss some significant time.

Betting on over/unders can be done a few ways, but the most popular is placing a straight bet either side of the over/under number. If a game ends over that mark, those who betted the over will receive their stake back as a winning wager.

Similarly, if a game ends under the over/under, bettors who placed an under bet will receive their stake back as a losing wager. This can be an excellent way to boost profits; however, always check the sportsbook's rules before placing any such wager.


If you're searching for a swift and straightforward way to place a wager on a game, moneyline bets might be your ideal solution. These popular types of bets in sports are simple enough for anyone to understand; simply pick which team you think will win the match, and if they do, your bet will be successful; otherwise, a tie results in a push - meaning no winnings or losses for you whatsoever.

When betting on a moneyline, be sure to read the odds carefully. This will tell you which team is the favorite and which is underdog, impacting how much money can be won and risked on each side. Generally, odds will appear as positive and negative three-digit numbers with either minus sign representing the favorite and plus sign representing underdog.

The Lakers have averaged over 30 points in each of their last four games, making them strong favorites to win this contest. Furthermore, D'Angelo Russell has looked much improved since returning from injury.

Meanwhile, the Pelicans have been struggling lately, losing six of their last eight games. Zion Williamson hasn't played since January due to a hamstring injury and Anthony Davis remains uncertain.

This could make for a tight game, but it's difficult to predict how the two teams will perform. The Lakers should have an advantage but the Pelicans have enough talent and determination to keep it close.

Though this matchup doesn't offer the greatest chances for either team, it still represents an important juncture in their respective seasons. With their perfect home record and hopes of maintaining their playoff hopes, the Lakers come into this contest looking to stay in contention for a playoff spot while the Pelicans aim to qualify for the play-in tournament.

Making moneyline predictions for lakers vs pelicans player prop bets can be an excellent way to take advantage of this matchup. However, be mindful not to get carried away with these types of wagers as they carry risks.

Total Points

If you want to wager on a game without betting the outcome, total points can be an option. In the NBA, there are markets for team-specific point totals and totals per half or quarter of a match; these bets tend to be more accurate than moneylines since they take into account defensive and offensive matchups as well as player strengths.

You can find totals for specific players. These bets, known as player props, offer the advantage of making informed wagers without worrying who will win.

When researching the odds for a lakers vs pelicans game, be sure to examine totals and their effect on betting lines. The total may change due to factors like game tempo or weather conditions; if it's an easy win or teams are playing bad defense, expect the total to be higher than usual.

Another way totals can influence bets is by shifting the spread. When an underdog has a high total and is close to being the favorite, odds will move in favor of giving the underdog more chances at success.

Since their loss to the Milwaukee Bucks in February, the Lakers have gone undefeated. On Tuesday night at Smoothie King Center against the New Orleans Pelicans at 8:00 PM ET, they look to continue their winning streak.

When the Lakers play a pivotal game, the totals may move more than usual due to the many variables that can shape how a match ends.

Some bettors prefer to stake their money on a specific player's total points, rebounds or assists instead of selecting the victor. There are plenty of prop bets for various stats, so you can wager on pretty much anything you want.

Player props cover a wide range of outcomes, from an individual player's assist numbers to whether he will record a double-double or triple-double. There are also bets placed on players' rebounds, blocks and turnovers.

When the Lakers play a tough opponent, you can make money on player prop bets. For instance, Russell Westbrook could surpass his 7.4 assists per game against the Pelicans; Lonzo Ball could grab more rebounds than projected; or Eric Bledsoe will score more points than expected in each game against the Pelicans.


Prop bets are one of the most popular betting options in the NBA, as they allow players to wager on various outcomes that don't depend on the final result of a game. These could include player results like how many assists or three-pointers a particular player will make.

Prop bets come in several different varieties, such as over/under, total points and moneyline. While these are the most popular choices for prop bets, there are other possibilities like futures bets.

Parlay bets can offer greater returns than single bets may suggest, as you can combine several wagers together for a larger payout. For instance, you could place your bet on the team to cover the spread and then add on a Totals bet on either Over or Under in order to boost your potential winnings even further.

You can also wager on a player to have a certain number of assists or steals. While this could be an excellent way to make more money in basketball, remember that not all player stats are created equal.

For example, if a player averages 3.5 three-pointers per game, this may seem like an impressive number but they're only the fifth best shooter in the league. That means he has an extremely high likelihood of missing more than 3.5 shots per game, potentially hindering his progress toward reaching his goals.

The Pelicans rank 11th in the league when it comes to opponent three-point percentage, so this may not seem like a big issue. However, if you have an edge on someone such as New Orleans point guard Georges Martin, his non-corner three-point shooting statistics could work in your favor when placing NBA prop bets.

This strategy works well for both Over and Under bets, but it's especially advantageous when making an Over/Under parlay bet. Additionally, you can combine a Totals bet with an Over/Under bet when there's an excellent matchup between the teams.

lakers vs pelicans head to head

Lakers Vs Pelicans Head to Head

This match is of vital importance for both teams. The Los Angeles Lakers have been on fire recently, making them a tough opponent to stop this afternoon.

They boast a talented squad with great players, and are in prime position to finish the season at the top of the Western Conference. On the other hand, the Pelicans remain in an uphill battle and are striving to improve their performance.

LeBron James

The Lakers and Pelicans have had one of the greatest rivalries in NBA history. Since 2000, these teams have met in the playoffs with a 2-1 head to head record.

LeBron James has been scoring points at an unprecedented rate this season, needing only 89 to break Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time career point record. If he can keep up his current rate against the Pelicans on Saturday night, James will have the opportunity to break that record.

The Lakers remain in a three-way tie for the ninth spot in the Western Conference, but they hold a commanding 2-1 advantage over New Orleans and need to win both series in order to have any chance of making the postseason. If James can return early next month, it could make all the difference for their playoff hopes.

D’Angelo Russell

After two seasons in Los Angeles, Russell was traded to the Brooklyn Nets and quickly established himself as an All-Star. Last summer he was again acquired by the Warriors, making him one of the youngest established All-Stars to switch teams via free agency.

The Lakers have had numerous issues with Russell in recent months, particularly after he secretly recorded video of teammate Nick Young talking to women other than his fiancee Iggy Azalea. This has caused considerable tension within the locker room, according to sources.

Russell has since expressed his regret over the incident and promised his teammates that it won't happen again. Additionally, he stated he is working on honing his communication skills with teammates; hopefully this will help the Lakers win more games this season and maintain their strong start to the season.

JaVale McGee

JaVale McGee is a giant who can get to the rim and block shots. He also scores from various angles, especially inside the paint.

Dallas Mavericks quarterback Stephen Jackson has been a disappointment this season and it appears they may be looking to deal him before Thursday's deadline.

On Friday night, the Nuggets welcomed the Pelicans for a matchup between two big men with plenty in common: Anthony Davis and JaVale McGee.

Both centers are capable of scoring in various ways this season, but Davis - an MVP candidate and current NBA leader - has far more experience than McGee.

Julius Randle

The rivalry between the Los Angeles Lakers and New Orleans Pelicans is always entertaining, especially for fans of both teams. Both players played college ball at Kentucky and remain good friends to this day.

Randle was previously a member of the Knicks, but was traded to New Orleans this summer in exchange for Anthony Davis. He signed a two-year, $18 million contract with a player option for next season and plans to remain in New Orleans long term.

Due to his history with injuries, there is immense pressure on him this season to perform at a high level. His game has changed and he's no longer the calm and composed player that made him an All-NBA performer in 2016. With increased demands placed upon him by this season, there will be no easy wins for him this year.

Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard is one of the all-time great centers in NBA history, boasting 12.3 rebounds and 1.9 blocks per game over his career.

Dwight has been playing with the Taoyuan Leopards of the Taiwanese League and is having a blast. Recently he even competed in a 3-point contest!

In his tenure with the Lakers, he scored over 26,000 points and finished second in points scored and rebounds in the league. Furthermore, his reputation as an impressive leader has been cemented.

He has also reached the NBA finals and won an NBA championship.

Dwight has been an instrumental factor in the Lakers' success this season and remains a crucial figure as they strive to make an impressive playoff run. He remains an inspiring presence for his teammates, always encouraging them to stay positive.

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant is one of the most renowned and beloved basketball players in history. As a shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, he helped them win five NBA championships while becoming two-time MVP of the NBA Finals and an All-NBA First Team selection nine times.

He won two Olympic gold medals in men's basketball and ranks fourth on the NBA all-time scoring list. He began his professional career in 1996 and has played over two decades of basketball.

On Wednesday night against the New Orleans Pelicans, Bryant suffered an injury to his right shoulder while diving for a dunk. He groaned as he made his way up the court and missed most of the fourth quarter before returning with just over four minutes remaining to hit two straight jumpers and start a roaring 'Kobe' chant from the crowd.

Rajon Rondo

Rondo fondly remembers his days as a Boston Celtics rookie, when his veteran teammates took him under their wing. Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen were integral parts of that.

There was much discussion surrounding Rondo's rookie season, yet he proved to be an invaluable member of the team and helped it win the 2008 NBA championship.

He has thus remained a popular player and sought-after free agent.

He is an incredibly intelligent basketball player who excels at team play.

He is a highly motivated individual with high aspirations. However, his teammates and coaches may feel that he's becoming too self-centered or not focused on the team's success. It can be difficult for him to put aside personal ambition when striving for greatness, leading them to mistaken impressions of him as being uncoachable or lacking team focus.

Jahlil Okafor

Jahlil Okafor may be a reclamation project, but he still has much to prove. After being selected third overall by the Philadelphia 76ers in 2015, the former Duke big man saw his career take an abrupt downturn.

But Okafor has found a home with the New Orleans Pelicans, who combine an experienced frontcourt with rising star Anthony Davis. This team gives him an opportunity to develop in his backup center role alongside Davis and Nikola Mirotic.

The 22-year-old still has much to learn, but is young enough to make progress quickly. Additionally, his relationship with Davis and Pelicans' director of player personnel David Booth should help him adjust quickly to their new environment.

Tyreke Evans

Tyreke Evans is one of the more intriguing prospects in the NBA. After being drafted by Sacramento, traded to the New Orleans Pelicans and back to Sacramento again as a free agent, Evans signed with Memphis Grizzlies before choosing Indiana over Charlotte as his next destination.

He has had a difficult career but has finally found success in the starting role. On Sunday night against the Brooklyn Nets, his 33-point, 10-rebound and seven-assist performance demonstrated what an all-around player he is.

Evans would fit nicely in the Lakers' system and provide them with a second ball handler. His versatility on the court could take some of the pressure off Lonzo Ball and LeBron James. Furthermore, Evans has shown himself to be an impressive defensive player that could prove beneficial during playoff games.

Marc Gasol

The Lakers and Pelicans have an intense rivalry that will get even hotter if they meet again in the playoffs. This head-to-head encounter between these two teams promises to be thrilling, if both sides can settle this series once and for all.

Gasol's time in Los Angeles hasn't gone as planned, yet that hasn't stopped him from trying. He continues to make an effort to connect with his teammates despite not feeling fully settled yet.

The Lakers are taking steps to gradually bring him back into the lineup, which makes sense. They need his touch and defense at the post, but they also don't want him to get injured again.

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