LA Guns Share Official Video For New Single 'Shattered Glass'

LA Guns Share Official Video For New Single 'Shattered Glass'


LA Guns share official video for new single Shattered Glass

From their self-titled debut in 1988 to their recent collection of "comeback" albums, L.A. Guns - led by Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis - have always delivered quality rock 'n' roll to their fans.

Since the band's core members reunited in 2017, there has been an inexorable surge of creativity within them. Recently finishing off their fourth studio album, 'Black Diamonds', there are no signs that this momentum may be slowing down anytime soon.

'Shattered Glass' is the second single from their upcoming studio album 'Black Diamonds'

California glam rockers L.A. Guns have unveiled the official video for their new single 'Shattered Glass' and announced that their 14th studio album 'Black Diamonds' will be released on April 14. This track serves as the second single from the band's forthcoming record.

Since Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis reconvened as L.A. Guns in 2017, there has been an unstoppable rekindling of their creative energy that continues today - as evidenced by 'Black Diamonds', written and recorded over 2022 and following in the footsteps of previous albums 'The Missing Peace' (2017), 'The Devil You Know' (2019) and 'Checkered Past' (2021).

The journey that brought Guns and Lewis from their powerful early days to creating four new studio albums in such a short amount of time is well documented; so there's no need to repeat it here, but suffice it to say that Tracii and Phil were the driving force behind all those classic L.A. Guns songs!

Guns, Lewis and L.A. Guns have reached a new level of creativity and personal connection thanks to years of wisdom gained over time. With an unshakeable commitment and renewed sense of purpose, they're as inspired and determined as ever before!

'Shattered Glass' is a hard rocking track

Since their return to California glam rock in 2017, L.A. Guns have consistently produced quality material that will delight their loyal following. Their fourth studio album 'Black Diamonds', featuring Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis, will be released on April 14.

Fans will fall in love with this collection of hard rocking tracks the moment they hear it - and 'Shattered Glass' is no exception, as the new video proves.

Today, listen to the glamorous rock track on Spotify and other digital streaming services. Additionally, you can pre-order the new album here.

"Shattered Glass," the second single from their forthcoming studio album 'Black Diamonds', can be streamed below. Produced by founding member Tracii Guns, expect this album to be packed full of high-energy tracks that will keep you moving throughout its duration.

Written and directed by Billy Ray, 'Shattered Glass' follows the story of reporter Stephen Glass in the 1990s who was accused of fabricating stories for The New Republic - an event which ultimately destroyed his career. While there is little explanation provided as to why Glass did what he did, you do feel for his friends and fellow journalists who were left behind when their stories didn't make the cut.

'Shattered Glass' is a glam rock track

"Shattered Glass" is the second single to be released from California glam rockers L.A. Guns' upcoming studio album 'Black Diamonds'. Produced by founding member Tracii Guns, this hard rocking tour de force will hit radio on April 14th via Frontiers Records.

Though Guns & Lewis may not have looked like the glamorous celebrities their peers were, they have always had an ability to craft powerful songs (check out 'The Ballad Of Jayne' as proof). It has been said that Guns & Lewis possess some of the greatest songwriting talents in music history - which is certainly proven with this new track from them.

This song serves as the lead single from their forthcoming LP and will be released on April 14.

Since Lewis and Guns reunited, they've created four albums in a short amount of time - so it should come as no surprise that they've come up with another masterpiece of sound design. 'Black Diamonds' is the result of years of experience, wisdom and an enhanced creative and personal bond.

Check it out below! You can preorder 'Black Diamonds' now to guarantee you get your copy when it releases! To learn more about the band and watch their live shows, be sure to visit their website.

'Shattered Glass' is a pop track

Since their self-titled debut in 1988, Tracii Guns and Phil Lewis have always provided faithful rock 'n' roll to their fans. Their recent albums 'Checkered Past', 'The Devil You Know' and 'The Missing Peace' have been critically acclaimed for the sonic journey they take on these songs; now four studio records later, the duo is rekindling their creative energy unabated.

The new single from Guns' upcoming album, 'Black Diamonds', is an epic sonic journey that pays homage to their classic hard rock sound that fans have come to adore and expect from them. Written and recorded over 2022, 'Black Diamonds' will be released on April 14 through Frontiers label on 2023.

Guns and Lewis show no fear when it comes to showing off their hard rock chops, yet also incorporate introspective acoustic tracks that pay homage to classic rock influences from the '70s. This makes for an engaging album sure to please their legions of fans.

The video for 'Shattered Glass' is an exquisite piece of music that showcases Rachel Platten's distinctive style and impressive vocal abilities. She has a lovely voice that easily soothes the ears, successfully turning this track into something meaningful. Additionally, the video boasts stunning imagery to further enhance its quality - perfect if you're new to Rachel Platten!

'Shattered Glass' is a country track

L.A. Guns have achieved great success despite having several hits under their belts, yet they continue to create new gems. Currently on a prolific resurgence, they've released four studio albums and performed at numerous live shows since teaming up with longtime friend Phil Lewis; it appears that this incarnation has finally found its footing, now that they have clarity of direction and focus.

They have achieved remarkable results using cutting-edge technology to produce an impressive collection of high quality songs. Their latest offering should leave fans and critics alike in awe.

This song, 'Shattered Glass', is the second single from their upcoming LP 'Black Diamonds'. It's an intense rocker that promises to get your adrenaline pumping. Check it out below and feel the heat!

If you're a fan of the genre, then you'll be excited to know that there's also an upcoming live album and special edition cover album.

'Shattered Glass' is a ballad

The band never presented as the popular poster boys of their peers; rather, they looked more like the type of person you might be scared to run into in an alley as they likely carried switchblades and were prepared for a fight.

Though they had the songs to back up their streetwise image, they also wrote powerful ballads (such as 'The Ballad Of Jayne' for Exhibit A), demonstrating the band's serious songwriting talent.

Tracii Guns and vocalist Phil Lewis continue their successful sonic journey that they started with recent albums 'Checkered Past', 'The Devil You Know' and 'The Missing Peace'. While 'Black Diamonds' still showcases hard rock influences, it also includes introspective acoustic tracks that pay homage to classic 70s rock influences.

This track is sure to please their loyal fanbase. As a ballad, 'Shattered Glass' is an enchanting ballad that will have you in tears at first listen.

Bob Mitchell and Steve Coe composed the classic hit 'Shattered Glass' for Laura Branigan's fifth studio album Touch in 1987. Produced with Stock Aitken Waterman's team, it was released as a single in America but only reached number 48 briefly before dropping out of the top 70 of Billboard Hot 100 rankings.

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