Kodak Black Heading To Rehab After Drug Violation

Kodak Black Heading To Rehab After Drug Violation


Kodak Black Heading To Rehab Over Drug Violation

Kodak Black Heading To Rehab After Drug Violation

Kodak Black, also known by his legal name Bill Kapri, has been ordered to rehab after testing positive for fentanyl on February 3. Earlier that day, the Pompano Beach rapper violated his bail conditions by failing to submit a drug test on that same day.

His attorney Bradford Cohen suggested a lab mixup may have caused the problem. He said the individual collecting the urine sample testified it is possible an error occurred.

The Judge Ordered Kodak Black To Rehab

On Tuesday, Florida Judge ordered Kodak Black (real name Bill Kapri) to rehab after violating his pretrial release conditions and failing to submit to a drug test. The 25-year-old rapper will reside at a South Florida rehabilitation facility for 30 days starting next week, according to the ruling.

On Tuesday, Miami's Local 10 News reported a court hearing in which Black and his legal team attempted to explain what went wrong with his random mandatory drug test earlier this month. Their lawyers maintained that Kodak missed the initial testing due to being out of town, then two days later his sample came back positive for fentanyl. Furthermore, it's possible that someone at the drug lab mixed up his sample with someone else's due to one employee apparently becoming star-struck while handling samples.

After hearing all the arguments, Duffy ordered that Black go to drug rehab for 30 days. She gave him until March 7 to report to the facility, and stated she would allow him to perform at a Rolling Loud concert near Los Angeles this weekend as long as he's receiving treatment, according to The Miami Herald.

Kodak was offered the option of having a hair test performed, which could show drug use dating back up to 90 days. However, Black asserted that there are no drugs in his system and the test is not an accurate way of measuring drug levels.

Duffy ultimately agreed to give Kodak time for rehabilitation, but she warned him that he needed to get his life in order. If not, Duffy warned, he will be arrested and kept in jail for some time.

Kodak thanked Duffy for her assistance and asked for some Jolly Ranchers before exiting the courtroom in a pink and yellow suit.

Kodak Black, the US rapper released from prison in 2021 after then-President Donald Trump commuted his sentence for falsifying documents to buy weapons, was ordered to attend a 30-day rehabilitation program after testing positive for fentanyl earlier this month. Broward County Judge Barbara Duffy ordered that 25-year-old performer Bill Kapri go to South Florida rehab facility starting Tuesday and also allowed him to perform at Rolling Loud festival in California this weekend as long as he is receiving treatment.

The Judge Signed An Arrest Warrant

Grammy Award-nominated rapper Kodak Black (real name Bill Kapri) was arrested last year for trespassing during the early hours of New Year's Day and has a lengthy criminal record that includes robbery, battery, false imprisonment, possession of marijuana and fleeing law enforcement officers.

In July 2022, Florida Highway Patrol troopers arrested 25-year-old rapper after discovering 31 oxycodone pills, nearly $75,000 cash and an expired driver's license in his vehicle. He was charged with drug trafficking and posted bond, though this release was later revoked.

Court documents indicate Black violated his pretrial release for an oxycodone trafficking charge earlier this month by failing to take a random drug test. He was scheduled for two tests: one on February 3 and then again five days later; however, neither test was administered.

After failing the second test, authorities believed they had enough evidence to warrant Black's arrest. A judge also ordered him into a 30-day drug treatment program starting next week; an affidavit states he will not be allowed out of state until either released from custody or proof that he has completed treatment for 30 days.

Fortunately for Black, his lawyer is standing by him. He requested the court's permission to enter treatment one week from Tuesday so he can attend the Rolling Loud festival in California the following weekend.

Duffy agreed, and then told the rapper she would allow him to have a hair sample tested. She also gave him the option of taking his own sample if desired - however he declined as there could be an inadvertent mixup between samples.

According to a spokesperson from Broward County Sheriff's Office, they requested an arrest warrant after Black failed his drug test and then submitted a urine sample that tested positive for fentanyl. It remains unknown exactly how much medication Black has in his system, but it's believed to be substantial.

Kodak’s Lawyer Sought To Keep Him Out Of Jail

Kodak Black's lawyer is fighting to keep the rapper out of jail as he faces a drug violation. Reportedly, they're asking that Kodak Black be transferred to an institution providing residential drug abuse program (RDAP).

Miami-Dade County court rejected placing the rapper back in jail, siding with his lawyer's argument. Bradford Cohen, representing Kodak, claimed there had been an error on the drug test which raised doubts as to whether any drugs had been consumed by Kodak at all.

Despite his legal issues, the rapper has remained relatively calm. He's managed to stay out of trouble most of the time, and his career has taken off in a big way.

However, things have been complicated for Florida rap star since his arrest last year on drug charges. He was accused of having possession of oxycodone and drug trafficking.

On July 15th, police conducted a traffic stop and discovered 31 oxycodone pills in Kodak's car. Additionally, authorities discovered $74,960 worth of cash during their search.

Kodak's legal team is asserting that jailing him would hinder his recovery process. Furthermore, they believe the confinement was unnecessary and unjustified.

Additionally, attorneys allege that authorities removed Kodak from the state without informing him or his family. They believe this was done to punish him for making legal filings about what they perceive to be mistreatment in his life.

Kodak's attorneys must prove that prison staff are mistreating him in order to appeal the case and potentially get him released sooner than anticipated. That's why it's so essential for them to visit him in jail regularly, to make sure everything is going as smoothly as possible.

This week, the rapper's attorney shared on Instagram that he was visiting his client in prison. He wrote that the artist is doing well and making the most of his time here. Additionally, he used this time to work on projects. With confidence, the lawyer believes that once out of prison he can continue his career.

Kodak’s Lawyer Sought To Keep Kodak Out Of Jail

Kodak Black has had a turbulent few years. He has been convicted of numerous offenses, such as drug possession and sexual assault.

His lawyer, Bradford Cohen, did everything in his power to keep him out of jail. He filed a motion for the drugs confiscated from Kodak to be tested independently by an impartial party.

After visiting his client in prison, Kodak's lawyer posted an Instagram post expressing that Kodak is feeling good and working hard to stay productive while behind bars. Additionally, he commended Kodak for his charitable works which include donating turkeys during Thanksgiving and Christmas to residents of Pompano Beach.

Kodak was arrested by Florida Highway Patrol last July and discovered to be in possession of oxycodone pills, which had been prescribed to him for pain relief following his February shooting.

But the rapper's attorney doesn't believe his client is guilty of any crimes. Instead, they believe that giving him time to heal should be granted.

Kodak may be considering entering rehab rather than prison to get the help he needs and free up more time to focus on his music career.

No information is currently known regarding the rehabilitation plan for Kodak, but it's likely he'll need to undergo several psychological tests in order to get to the root of his mental health issues. A psychologist will administer these tests and also offer counseling sessions with Kodak in order to help him cope with these difficulties.

Kodak's lawyer also wants him tested for any illegal drugs he might be carrying around. He believes it will be impossible to prove Kodak's innocence in court without having his possessions examined and tested by an outside party.

Kodak's lawyer did everything they could to keep him out of jail, yet despite their best efforts he was ultimately arrested and sent to federal prison. Hopefully his next stint will go better so he can avoid further legal troubles.

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