#KimZolciak Denies News About Foreclosure

#KimZolciak Denies News About Foreclosure


News about foreclosure Kim Zolciak

Kim Zolciak, a former reality star and singer, has been reported to be in foreclosure for her Georgia mansion. However, she denies this news and insists it's all just an "misunderstanding."

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star shares her home with husband Kroy Biermann in Alpharetta, an affluent Atlanta suburb. Their luxurious residence overlooks the 18th hole at Manor Golf & Country Club.

Kim Zolciak’s Gambling Habits Exposure

Gambling has been around for centuries, and Kim Zolciak's high-rolling habits are no exception. She was even exposed on several episodes of her former Bravo series Don't Be Tardy about her addiction to gaming.

On a December 2020 episode of Don't Be Tardy, viewers were treated to an extravagant Las Vegas trip. Filmed specifically for the show, Zolciaks and husband Kroy Biermann took in all that Sin City had to offer: lavish casinos, luxury resorts and more!

In addition to their casino tour, the couple also received numerous freebies including limousine rides and private suites at some of the more opulent casinos. Plus, they got to try their luck at blackjack at Planet Hollywood!

As it turns out, the Las Vegas trip was only the most glamorous of many casino visits over the years. In an exclusive January 2023 interview with Truist Bank, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Lisa Raye admitted that her family has frequented the same hotels as celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna.

Though she didn't always have luck at the casino, Don't Be Tardy star did manage to score some small victories. For instance, she claimed to have "gambled away" $30,000 at Palms Casino in Vegas - though she remains uncertain if that amount actually corresponds to any winnings.

Kim Zolciak’s Kiddos Deny Foreclosure Rumors

Kim Zolciak-Biermann of The Real Housewives of Atlanta owns an opulent home that you'll see featured on her reality television show. It boasts a swimming pool, elevator, basketball court and other features that you'll see featured throughout its time on air. Unfortunately for Kim however, it appears the property may soon be out of her control.

Kim and Kroy purchased their home back in 2012, and now it looks like the house will be auctioned off by Truist Bank on March 7. According to a public notice posted by Fulton County, the auction for this property will take place on March 7.

Kim and Kroy reportedly bought the home for over $2 million in 2012. Additionally, it's situated close to Manor Golf & Country Club's 18th hole in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Kim and Kroy remain denial that they are facing financial troubles despite the imminent sale of their home. In November, Kim posted an Instagram story in which she claimed not to be in any distress and her house did not go up for auction.

Fans have taken to social media to express their worries about the former reality TV star's finances. They specifically asked whether she could afford to pay off her mortgage.

Kim and Kroy's home is not in foreclosure, but they owe $1,650,000 to the bank that owns it. The property is scheduled for sale on March 7th but no comment has yet been given by the law firm handling the case.

Kim and her daughters are insisting that all the foreclosure rumors surrounding their Georgia home are simply "misunderstandings," according to an article by Page Six.

The daughters of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Brielle and Ariana Biermann, have denied reports that their mother's home is going into foreclosure. Additionally, they stated that there are no plans to move from their current house in Alpharetta; indeed, the two girls even got to sleep in it before heading off for Los Angeles on Wednesday morning.

In other news, Kim and Kroy have been actively marketing their various business ventures, an indication that the family may need some financial help. Hopefully Kim can find ways to get her family back on track without relying solely on gambling.

Kim Zolciak’s Home Isn’t Moving

Kim Zolciak-Biermann of The Real Housewives of Atlanta took to Instagram Stories recently with a glass of red wine in hand to address rumors that her and husband Kroy Biermann may lose their Georgia home. During a Q&A segment, fans expressed concerns about them falling into debt and not being able to keep up with mortgage payments.

According to TMZ, Kim and her daughter Brielle have denied the foreclosure rumors in a new interview. Both women stated that they are still living at the Alpharetta estate and all of their belongings remain there.

In 2012, the family moved into their luxury home and has since spent several years renovating it to reflect their extravagant lifestyle. The mansion features five bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, as well as being situated on the 18th hole of Manor Golf and Country Club.

At first, they bought it for $880,000 but quickly transformed it into their dream home. It features all the amenities one could desire - including a basketball court, gym and movie theater!

On a tour for Don't Be Tardy, she described the house as her dream home and she was thrilled with it. However, since their spin-off series was cancelled, both she and Kroy have faced more financial strain than ever before.

Now, their financial issues may have reached a crisis point as their Georgia home is set for foreclosure in March. According to a notice posted by Fulton County, Truist Bank will auction off the house on March 7 at the Fulton County Courthouse.

As many fans know, Kim and Kroy have been a mainstay on Bravo's reality shows since their appearances on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Furthermore, they launched their own podcast and have an thriving Kashmere Kollections business.

With her wealth and luxurious lifestyle, it's no wonder people have been wondering if Kim is struggling financially and about to lose her house. In November 2022, however, Kim just barely avoided having her property auctioned off.

Kim Zolciak’s Gambling Habits Are Exposured

Kim Zolciak revealed her passion for gambling on Don't Be Tardy. It turns out the original housewife enjoys slot machines, blackjack and even scratch-offs!

On Don't Be Tardy, she was known for spending a considerable amount of money at casinos and taking advantage of exclusive perks reserved for high rollers. On her Vegas trip, she fed $100 bills into slot machines and remained glued to the games throughout their stay.

Radar Online reported that the reality star gambled away $30,000 in Vegas while filming Don't Be Tardy. She is also said to have lost an additional $250k on a Bahamas gambling trip.

Fans of Don't Be Tardy were shocked when Kim's casino habits were exposed on the show, yet she remains confident in her skillset. Kim says that she enjoys gambling because it gives her a "thrill."

On the latest episode of Don't Be Tardy, she revealed her affinity for scratch-off tickets. She purchased $1,240 worth of scratch-offs and only managed to win $36!

Kim and Kroy have been frequently seen at several casinos. They've enjoyed free limo rides, private suites, as well as comps for food and drinks.

However, the Zolciak family may be facing financial strain when it comes to their home. The Atlanta mansion they share with Kroy Biermann will be auctioned off early March 2023.

Though their home is expected to be auctioned, it remains uncertain if the Zolciak family will have to relocate. For now, however, she remains closely focused on managing her finances.

Though the Zolciak family does not appear to be facing any major financial struggles, she continues to promote her various business endeavors on social media and urges her followers to donate to charity.

Fans have begun to notice that the Original Housewife is having difficulty paying her bills. She hasn't cashed her Bravo check in a while, and now needs donations to cover her costs.

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