Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Beef

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green Beef


kevin durant and draymond green beef

Draymond Green and Kevin Durant are two of the greatest players in NBA history. After three seasons together with Golden State, they earned two trips to two NBA Finals.

Their relationship wasn't always ideal, which may explain why things went awry when Durant and Green got into an on-court altercation in 2018.

The origins of the beef

In 2017 and 2018, the Golden State Warriors had the NBA's best team, winning back-to-back titles. There was much talk about their rivalry between superstars Kevin Durant and Draymond Green, as the two often quarreled on-court and even had a verbal altercation during a game against Los Angeles Clippers in 2018.

The Warriors' feuding between Curry and Thompson ultimately proved to be a major issue, particularly as they prepared for free agency and the potential loss of their star player. Although it didn't negatively affect their performances on the field, it did cause their chemistry and locker room atmosphere to shift significantly from what it usually is.

But what started this feud?

It all began during a podcast interview with Colin Cowherd where Green criticized Durant's Finals runs, asserting that Stephen Curry received double-teams seven more times than Durant during those series.

It sparked a Twitter battle between the two former teammates. Both exchanged barbs on the issue, with Green appearing to simply reply to what Durant had said about Curry in response to Green's criticism.

Thankfully, things have since calmed down between the two men and they have resumed their normal interactions. It's not uncommon for them to laugh and joke before games, or to reminisce about the incident that caused their disagreement.

Last month, they agreed to an interview on Bleacher Report's Chips podcast to settle their differences. Both parties acknowledged that the way in which the Warriors organization handled the dispute had caused much distress.

But the argument is still part of their history and Green acknowledged it as a reminder of their time together in Golden State. That doesn't mean he and Durant don't have an amicable relationship now.

But it won't be an easy resolution. The two former teammates have a history of bickering and haven't always agreed, so it will take some time before they can put that behind them. For now, they're just trying to find ways to keep the fight off the court.

The incident that started the feud

If you've been following the NBA this year, then you likely know about Kevin Durant and Draymond Green's feud. These two superstars have been polarizing fans ever since their November 2018 altercation that resulted in Green being suspended for the remainder of his season.

On Wednesday night against the Los Angeles Clippers, Durant took Green to task for not passing the ball and ignited an intensely public argument. Unfortunately, this led to an overtime loss for the Warriors which dropped them to 11-3 on the season.

The incident wasn't just a hotly debated topic of conversation; it also raised concerns about the team's chemistry and locker room atmosphere. This issue had hung over the Warriors all season, becoming even more pressing with Durant's imminent free agency.

After the season, Green was able to reconcile his differences with teammates and coach. He and Durant haven't had any serious disagreements since then, though they both acknowledge that tensions can arise among players on any NBA team.

In an interview for Bleacher Report's new "Chips" series, Green and Durant had an insightful conversation about their famous argument from last season. In the end, both players agreed that it wasn't so much the argument itself that was at issue but rather how it was handled by their teammates and coaches.

Both players agreed that their relationship would have been much stronger today if their treatment back then had been different. This sentiment was especially prevalent for Durant, who felt taken advantage of.

At the end of their conversation, both Durant and Green expressed that they felt more at ease about their relationships with each other and their team. It's an inspiring insight into how these future Hall of Famers feel about one of their most infamous moments in professional sports.

It is unlikely this situation will have an eternal effect on the Warriors, but it does provide us with some insight into how Green and Durant plan to handle their rivalry moving forward. Ultimately, it will come down to Green's mutual respect or whether there are some issues they simply can't resolve. Hopefully they can find a way forward so their great relationship can continue uninterrupted.

The latest interaction

One day after Kevin Durant and Draymond Green got into an altercation during a game, the Warriors haven't been the same team since. Their long-running feud is far from over, and it could continue to sap away at their dynasty for some time to come.

Both stars are on the cusp of free agency, and if this issue doesn't get resolved soon, it could become increasingly important as they near their departure from Golden State. This could make it difficult to trade Durant if there's no agreement reached in time - leaving Golden State financially responsible for his contract.

In an effort to reconcile their differences, Green and Harrison addressed their spat in a recent interview, with Green noting that they are now on good terms. He also mentioned how their disagreement stemmed from some bad chemistry on the Warriors' team but noted that things have since improved between them.

Fans eagerly await the Warriors' response to this issue, even if they appear to be on cordial terms. So far this season they've been on a good path; but in order to keep their championship-winning streak going they will need to address this topic head-on.

Draymond Green's fiery personality and intense emotions make him an incredible basketball player, but that doesn't make him uncontrollable - something Durant was concerned about when Green showed up at practice on Tuesday morning.

That is why, when Green reacted to Durant's remarks about his impending free agency by calling him a "b--," the Warriors star had to tell him to restrain himself. Though they didn't immediately make up after that incident, it served as a crucial reminder that even when they disagree, they can still have an amazing relationship.

That's a lesson all Warriors players must remember as they enter the final few weeks of the season. There are still several games left and they need to find a way to win them all. Winning a title is achievable but requires hard work and patience from everyone on the team.

The future of the relationship

Kevin Durant and Draymond Green's relationship has been on the rocks ever since their days together in Golden State. The duo went to two NBA Finals together as teammates, but got into some heated arguments during their tenure together. Last year, Durant parted ways with his former teammates to join the Brooklyn Nets.

Following his departure, there has been much speculation as to Durant's motivation and why he chose to depart. Much of this speculation has revolved around his one-plus-one contract which grants him the option of becoming a free agent again this summer.

It's evident that Durant and the Warriors have had a difficult relationship this season, as they've lost five of their last seven games and remain far away from reaching their goal of a third consecutive title. Green has been particularly vocal about his dissatisfaction with the team's direction during that stretch, referencing an incident from November 2018 that occurred at least partially as a cause.

Durant has yet to apologize for their altercation, though he remains open to meeting Green again in the future to work on improving their relationship. Unfortunately, this recent disagreement was a major setback in their friendship, suggesting it may take some time for them to move past it.

On Monday night during the Warriors' loss to Los Angeles Clippers, Green failed to get a shot up in the final seconds of regulation time. He clapped and called for the ball, but when it came up it was knocked out of his hands by Clippers defenders.

That incident quickly became a flashpoint in the media and set off an explosion of rumors. With no wins in eight games and the possibility of missing out on a playoff series for the first time since 2014, it has been difficult to ignore.

Based on this scenario, it appears Green and Durant may need to work on their relationship again if their team hopes to make the Finals this season.

kendrick perkins draymond green beef

Draymond Green-Kendrick Perkins Beef

Draymond Green has always had a strong voice in the NBA, both on and off the court. During their championship parade together, he made sure everyone who spoke against their team heard by calling out those who spoke against them.

On his latest podcast, Green took a shot at ESPN analyst and former NBA player Kendrick Perkins, labeling him a "c**n".

What is the beef?

Draymond Green of the Golden State Warriors has taken to criticizing members of the media during this postseason, particularly ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins. Things have reached a new low this postseason as his tirades against ESPN have grown increasingly personal.

On Sunday, Green released a podcast in which he took aim at various media figures including Skip Bayless, Bill Simmons, Nick Wright and Cedric Maxwell - as well as Kendrick Perkins from Beaumont who works on ESPN's First Take and Get Up shows.

For years, Green has advocated for an end to the "hot takes" made about him by some talk show hosts and columnists about the Warriors. Unfortunately, that hasn't been an easy task given how integral media is to sports' ecosystem.

Though it was entertaining to watch Green hurl mud at media types, his candor has also caused some offense. When Green appeared on Trevor Noah's Daily Show earlier this week, Noah took issue with his candor and suggested that Green may not have the courage to continue such provocative statements in the future.

On the same day that comedian Chris Rock criticized Green, Perkins and other sports media stars on Twitter for their unfunny banter, the Warriors forward responded with some humor of his own. Sharing a video of himself showing off his basketball moves alongside an animated fan-made animation, Green made fun of his opponent while simultaneously showing off his moves.

Although the video was removed after a day, it has since been reposted and continues to gain viral fame. In it, Green can be heard asking, "You going from being an enforcer to c**n?"

As expected, the video has received far more attention than the actual podcast episode. It's not hard to understand why, given Green and Perkins have been consistently producing verbal fireworks for around a year now.

It's safe to say Perkins is feeling a bit annoyed with all the attention he's been getting. That was certainly one of the main reasons he called out Green on his podcast and responded with some innuendo-filled tweets of his own.

Why is it going on?

At a time when the NBA seems to be mired in an endless media battle, Draymond Green-Kendrick Perkins' feud has reached new heights. While these two have never shied away from attacking each other on social media, their exchanges appear to be at their most vicious.

On Friday night, during the final game of the Warriors' series-clinching win against the Memphis Grizzlies, Green took aim at ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins. It was just another chapter in their ongoing feud which has seen Green appear on various ESPN shows including First Take and Get Up.

On Sunday, Green released an episode of his podcast in which he took aim at various sports media figures - particularly Skip Bayless for his frequent disparaging remarks about LeBron James. In particular, Green expressed his anger towards Skip for what he perceived to be his insensitivity toward LeBron's success in basketball.

Perkins was quickly alerted by Green's retaliatory comment, which he quickly responded to on Twitter. In a video that has since been removed from his account, Perkins lashed out against Green for calling him a "c-n".

However, the Warriors star immediately issued an apology for his remarks. He stated that while his intention was to label Perkins a clown, he "could've very easily replaced that word with c-n," according to ESPN.

While fans may understand that the feud between Green and Perkins may not be over anytime soon, it should still not be looked upon with disdain like a bar fight. Both players are highly vocal and it's no secret they get heated at times; however, Perkins is one of basketball's loudest voices and Green doesn't hesitate to back him up when necessary.

Green has previously derided Perkins for his personal attacks against players and being part of the old media. He's also labeled Perkins "dumb" and a "moron."

On Sunday, however, their feud reached an all-new high. On an episode of his podcast, Green disparaged various sports media figures - particularly Kendrick Perkins.

Who is the target?

It's no secret that the Golden State Warriors are undisputed kings of the West, especially when it comes to winning championships. Although their most recent NBA runs may not have been as exciting, their legacy will continue to make fans of basketball swoon for years to come.

However, the defending champions may face their share of critics, including some members of the media who may not be as knowledgeable about the game as they should be. That is where Kendrick Perkins vs Draymond Green Bee can really start to heat up.

Looking back at the feud between former Celtics stars revealed that it began when Green and Perkins got into an intense argument about defensive strategy. It remains a debate they have yet to put to rest.

Ultimately, Warriors big man had the better of Perkins in a series of one-on-ones that led to an apology and temporary restraining order for the remainder of the season. Now they look forward to a rematch in the Finals next week against Boston Celtics; hopefully that will mark a new era in this rivalry.

What happened?

On Sunday, the Golden State Warriors claimed their fourth NBA title and Draymond Green has been busy expanding his media footprint with various projects. He has his own podcast on Amazon Prime, has appeared on The Trevor Noah Show, and now has his own Netflix show dedicated to him.

He's also been taking shots at ESPN analyst Kendrick Perkins, whom he's had an ongoing feud with for years. Recently, they've had several heated exchanges, with Green calling Perkins a "c-n" on his podcast.

Though they haven't gotten physical with one another yet, their insults are now so over-the-top that they cannot be ignored by anyone else. Perkins even described Green's remarks about him as "old school".

Perk's disdain for Green's latest round of ranting and name-calling is evident in a two minute clip posted to Twitter where he expresses his disapproval of both his podcast and comments about him.

That isn't to say Green's remarks aren't amusing, but it does nothing to alter the fact that they stem from his famous Twitter tirade about Perkins in May.

The feud between Perk and Green isn't the first time they've had to put their names in the mud, but it is certainly one of their most contentious yet. On Sunday's episode of Green's podcast, released on Sunday, he took aim at Perkins and several other sports media personalities for their perceived biases.

At the conclusion of the episode, Green expressed regret over using "c-n" to describe Perkins. He admitted not understanding that it was a racial slur and apologized for it.

Are we dealing with a simplemisunderstanding or something more serious? Unfortunately, Perk deleted his video response to Green, but it appears this has escalated into an ongoing argument between the two.

It's unlikely this will end anytime soon, but it can be entertaining to watch these two athletes trade words as they attempt to find a balance between having fun and the responsibilities that come with being an athlete. Eventually though, their exchanges will likely cease and they'll return to being simply big-talking athletes trying to impress their fan bases.

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