Kelsea Ballerini on Saturday Night Live - Rolling Up the Welcome Mat

Kelsea Ballerini on Saturday Night Live - Rolling Up the Welcome Mat


kelsea ballerini rolling up

Kelsea Ballerini's last six weeks have been filled with incredible experiences. She released an emotional new EP and short film, Rolling Up the Welcome Mat, which won her critical acclaim; then, on Saturday Night Live, she performed songs about her divorce from Morgan Evans that touched a deep chord. Although this project is still in its early stages, it has already achieved remarkable success.

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat was initially written as an album of emotional tracks to cope with her split from Evans, but it soon evolved into something much greater - an album full of songs that resonated with people experiencing similar feelings of loss and regret as Ballerini was.

She wrote all six songs on the EP, released on Valentine's Day, as a way of processing her mixed emotions regarding the end of her marriage. But as she's discovered time and again, music can have an incredibly powerful ability to connect people in ways the human psyche cannot.

Ballerini had no idea her project would become such a global sensation. Her fans were so enamored with the album that they kept asking for more songs to be added.

Nashville star Alyssa Vanderheym has been working with a few collaborators on her new songs, but she also recorded them all herself. She wrote three of the songs and co-wrote others with longtime friend Alyssa Vanderheym.

Rolling Up the Welcome Mat offers so much to love, from its seductive piano melody of "Mountain With A View" to its subtle self-examination of doubt and letting go in the title track. It's ideal for anyone in a relationship who wonders if there will ever be an opportunity to make it work.

Not only is the music captivating, but there's also a short film featuring Ballerini and director Patrick Tracy that follows her journey as she crafts these deeply personal songs. Filmed in stark white, minimalist space, the clip offers an intense glimpse into the emotions that went into creating these new tunes.

In a world where artists and celebrities often don't reveal their innermost thoughts to the public, Ballerini is breaking down those barriers through her music. By sharing her breakup story with her fans, she allows them to connect on an entirely new level that she never could have predicted when writing it.

She's taking aim at her ex's poignant ballad about their breakup, "Over For You," with an up-tempo new song that offers some direct counterarguments.

This song is one of her most honest compositions, coming after she's spoken candidly about her own breakup. As she sings, "It's a love story that ends in broken down home/ I tried to fix it for years/ But it never felt enough."

This song is her most direct statement yet. It's in response to her former husband Morgan Evans who has made it a point to express his dissatisfaction with their marriage and how he feels treated by her over time.

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