Karriem Riggins Talks Behind The Sleeves Mini-Documentary & Gives Advice

Karriem Riggins Talks Behind The Sleeves Mini-Documentary & Gives Advice


Karriem Riggins Talks Behind The Sleeves MiniDocumentary  Gives Advice

Karriem Riggins Talks Behind The Sleeves Mini-Documentary & Gives Advice

Karriem Riggins, a Detroit-born drummer, producer and songwriter, is an expert on hip-hop music as well as jazz. Recently he unveiled a mini documentary produced by Native Instruments which takes an in-depth look into his illustrious career.

He's an esteemed teacher, using his craft to motivate and uplift others. His collaborations include Common, Slum Village, Talib Kweli, Erykah Badu and Madlib.

1. Roots in Detroit

Karriem Riggins developed his interest in drums when he was three years old. He was always fascinated by their power to change a room's ambience by altering its rhythm or feel.

He was raised in Detroit, Michigan where his father Emmanuel Riggins' jazz music and the emerging hip-hop scene were influential. Furthermore, his dad's love of playing guitar had an immense impact on him as well.

Riggins has performed with some of jazz music's legendary figures, including trumpeter Roy Hargrove, bassist Ray Brown and vocalist Betty Carter. Additionally, he has collaborated with hip-hop artists Common, J Dilla and Erykah Badu.

Riggins has also employed his knowledge of jazz and hip-hop to craft instrumental albums, such as Alone Together which was released by Stones Throw Records in 2012.

"I wanted to create a record that would take you on an amazing journey across all genres I have experienced," Riggins explains. It features an incredibly diverse collection of beats created while traveling, on planes and during sound checks in hotel rooms."

The result is a double album filled with short, punchy drums that are easy to work with. While they may not be as intricately layered or detailed as other releases in the Play series, producers looking for extra grip can find plenty of kits and groove patterns on this release.

Riggins' debut is an irresistible mix and must-add to your library. Jazz fans or urban hip-hop producers alike will find plenty of uses for it in the studio.

Native Instruments' documentary offers a fascinating look into Riggins' career, providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes tour of his recording sessions and offering advice for producers looking to start producing their own beats. It's essential viewing for anyone wanting to witness how an accomplished producer crafts their tracks; it gives viewers an appreciation of just how much thought goes into creating great music.

2. Biggest Influences

Karriem Riggins was born in 1975 and has grown up around jazz and hip-hop music ever since. He spent his formative years growing up in Detroit with his parents (keyboardist Emmanuel Riggins) listening to records and exploring their collection of records.

He began producing and DJing in his early teens, playing with three different school bands before joining Betty Carter's jazz ensemble Jazz Ahead in New York City. Additionally, he performed in numerous jazz ensembles with trumpeter Roy Hargrove, bassist Ray Brown, singers Kenny Burrell and Mulgrew Miller, among others.

Riggins credits jazz artists with being instrumental in his development as a drummer. He learned to play from them and has continued working with them as a sideman ever since, touring around the world and performing at numerous venues around America.

Riggins is not only a talented jazz drummer, but an acclaimed producer as well. He's collaborated with notable artists such as rapper Common, hip-hop legend J Dilla and The Roots just to name a few.

When I asked him about his biggest influences, he mentioned a variety of artists but the following came to mind: Nujabes, 9th Wonder, D'Angelo, Madlib and MF DOOM. Additionally he is an admirer of James Blake, Stevie Wonder and Miles Davis.

One great artist that he's had the honor to work with as a mentor is rapper/songwriter Common, whom he's toured with for years and collaborated on many of his albums including 1997's One Day It'll All Make Sense, 2000's Like Water for Chocolate and 2005's Be.

Riggins has produced for many notable rappers, such as Slum Village (with tracks on 2001's Trinity and 2002's Dirty District), The Roots ("Quills") from their 2002 Phrenology album, Talib Kweli and Kanye West.

Riggins is immensely proud of his career and strives to pass along his skillset to the next generation of musicians and producers. Recently, he joined Native Instruments in creating a mini-documentary called Behind The Sleeves that he hopes will motivate people to pursue their musical passions and craft their own beats.

3. New Documentary Produced by Native Instruments

Karriem Riggins is an acclaimed jazz drummer, hip hop producer, and songwriter who's had a major impact on the music scene for two decades. He's performed alongside legendary figures like Hank Jones, Oscar Peterson and Milt Jackson; collaborated with Common, J Dilla and others; but perhaps most renowned for his collaborations as bandleader for rapper Common.

He's been a key producer and drummer on some of hip hop's greatest records, such as The Shining and Welcome to Detroit. His credits include artists like Kanye West, Kaytranda, H.E.R and more; his drums can be heard on some of today's biggest hits.

In January, Riggins shot an interview with Native Instruments for his new mini-documentary Behind The Sleeves. This film takes us around L.A. as Riggins visits several iconic locations in music history such as Gold Line and Sunset Sound's Studio 3.

At the core of the documentary is Riggins' drumming, who has collaborated with some of music's greatest names. He uses Native Instruments' S88 Mk2 as his main keyboard to access all his extensive Kontakt libraries.

Riggins isn't afraid to experiment with his technology to achieve the perfect sound. His production arsenal includes Steinberg's Cubase, NI's Maschine and Komplete Kontrol hardware.

Riggins has been a trailblazer in drumming, having adopted digital technologies and integrating them into his production. Additionally, his innovative style of rhythm has had an immense impact on hip hop and r&b music genres, helping shape them with his groundbreaking approach.

He's written songs and produced for many other artists, such as singer Alicia Keys, pianist Robert Glasper and rapper Common. For his music featured in Ava DuVernay's critically-acclaimed film 13th, he won an Emmy Award.

Riggins is proud to be part of Native Instruments' Artist Board, where he advises the company on its mission to provide instruments and software that empower creators. As an enthusiastic supporter of Native Instruments' mission to bring high-quality virtual instruments to all creators, he is a passionate supporter.

4. Advice for Producers

Disclosure: I wasn't involved in the production of the mini-doc mentioned above, but that doesn't mean I wasn't informed. That being said, I can say with some assurance that their staff put in their best effort and I was even fortunate enough to get a tour of their beautiful set! Regardless, it was one of my most enjoyable experiences recently and something I will treasure for years to come.

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