Karol G and Shakira - TQG - The English Lyrics & the Meaning

Karol G and Shakira - TQG - The English Lyrics & the Meaning


Karol G  Shakira TQG the English lyrics  the meaning

Karol G and Shakira - TQG - The English Lyrics & the Meaning

Colombian superstars Karol G and Shakira have come together for an inspiring song called TQG, released on February 24 with accompanying video that same day.

The video for Te Quedo Grande (seriously "Too much for you to handle") takes viewers on an intense journey around the world as it chronicles their glamorous celebrity lifestyle as reality TV. From billboards in Japan and airplane TVs to a man eating popcorn while lying in a bathtub, viewers watch them from every conceivable angle.

The song is a diss track

Shakira and Karol G have joined forces to release TQG on Friday, February 24. The song offers an uplifting message and serves as a platform for them to showcase their respective talents.

TQG, short for 'Te Quedo Grande' and meaning in Spanish "too big for you", was composed by both Shakira and Karol G after they realized their respective ex-partners had cheated on them.

The music video for TQG follows them around the globe, lyrically attacking their ex-partners. This nods to celebrity life as a reality-show.

Shakira's song "Cherry Bomb" is another diss track from her ex-partner Gerard Pique and his girlfriend Clara Chia that went viral in January. This track follows her mega-viral diss track with Argentine DJ Bizarrap from January, which garnered more than 350 million views on YouTube.

Shakira's debut diss track against Pique is no shocker; her ability to dissect former partners has always been well known. In fact, Shakira's song with Bizarrap is currently the most streamed Latin track on Spotify.

She also made a song about women's empowerment with the line, "Las mujeres no llloran, las mujeres facturan". In her latest track with Karol G, she takes aim at rapper Anuel AA who she ended her relationship with in 2021 and who is currently dating Yailin La Mas Viral.

Shakira begins the song by reflecting on how difficult it can be to cope with a breakup. She emphasizes the importance of not immediately filling the void with another relationship, instead encouraging people to work on building an entirely new version of themselves before entering another commitment.

She then looks back on her past relationships with former-partner Gerard Pique, whom she split from in May 2017 after more than a decade of marriage. Shakira continues to troll his new girlfriend throughout the song while saying that she's 'better, harder and lighter' since their split up. These lyrics have caught the attention of Shakira's fans and followers who eagerly await more from her in future performances.

The song is a love song

Karol G and Shakira have come together for an inspiring collaboration, "TQG." The song dropped on February 24th and has already gained widespread acclaim!

This song is an irreverent breakup anthem that gives a middle finger to unfaithful boyfriends and depicts the singers at their most unapologetic.

Shakira and Karol G take viewers on an amazing journey as they traverse worlds while performing their inspiring lyrics. It's tabloid-pop at its finest, and we can't wait to see the reactions from fans!

Karol G's debut album Manana Sera Bonito features TQG as the lead single and she and Shakira have collaborated for this track, which explores personal experiences.

Both women have gone through difficult breakups in the past. Karol G's separation from Puerto Rican rapper Anuel AA proved especially challenging.

Karol G released a number of songs that disparaged her former partner after their split, including one diss track directed at Gerard Pique, the soccer player rumored to have cheated on her during their 11-year relationship.

Karol G has taken aim at both of her ex-partners on her last album, and now the first track she and Shakira have collaborated on puts Gerard back into the spotlight.

The Spanish-language track is an intense breakup anthem that's intended for immoral, unfaithful boyfriends. Set to become one of the biggest hits this year, the song already has millions of views online.

It's an inspiring song that encourages women to move on after a breakup, rather than immediately seeking another relationship to fill the void. It serves as a reminder that women need to work on themselves before entering another relationship.

Both women sing about how much better off they are without their ex-partners. They don't fall victim to any of the tricks they used against them in the past, such as "liking" photos of them online.

In the verses, they criticize their exs' "dumb moves." Additionally, they sing about not repeating their errors and warning them that they won't get back together with them ever again.

The song is a breakup song

TQG is the product of Karol G and Shakira's collaboration, released on February 24th from her album Manana Sera Bonito.

This breakup song has been rumored to be about Shakira's former football player boyfriend Gerard Pique. They parted ways in June 2022 after dating for 11 years, and Pique recently admitted cheating on her with 23-year-old Clara Chia Marti.

Shakira has kept busy even after their breakup, continuing to promote her music. Recently she released two diss tracks - "BZRP Music Sessions #53" and "Monotonia" - which appear to be alluding to her ex's infidelity.

Karol G, who had grown up listening to Shakira's music, had long desired the chance to collaborate with her. But it wasn't until she heard Shakira and Ozuna's collaboration that she realized how closely her personal story paralleled that of the Hips Don't Lie star.

Shakira and Karol G's lyrics discuss the difficulty of moving on after a breakup, emphasizing how important it is to work on yourself before entering another relationship. They reassure their listeners that it's okay to let go and not to feel compelled to fill the void with another one; rather, focus on improving yourself and becoming the best version of yourself before entering another one.

The music video for TQG pays homage to the tabloid culture surrounding breakups. It depicts them traveling around the world, including Japan billboards and airplane TVs. Plus, they see a guy eating popcorn in a bathtub as they lyrically mourn their former partners.

This song is unmistakably a diss track, likely written in response to Shakira's "BZRP Music Session #53" track and her diss of Pique on "Monotonia."

Ultimately, the song is a breakup song about how difficult it can be to move on. It addresses how much media can impact our lives and make us feel small, yet also inspires people to be brave and find strength within themselves in overcoming a breakup.

The song is a song of empowerment

Colombian pop stars Karol G and Shakira have collaborated for a powerful breakup bop that's already gone viral. Within just hours after its release, "TQG" boasted over six million views - an inspiring testament to their own experiences as it encourages listeners to move past toxic relationships.

The song serves as a testament to the female empowerment and feminist messages present in both Latinx artists' music. It also sends a message to women around the world facing difficult times, encouraging them to prioritize self-love and self-care.

Karol G has always been an outspoken champion for women's rights and has served as inspiration to other Latinx artists. On her new album, Manana Sera Bonito, Karol takes her message even further.

At the time of recording her album, it was a challenging time for her. She had so much on her plate - recording a Netflix biopic series and performing at Coachella - that it felt like she might slip into depression. At one point, it even felt like she was heading into an extended period of disconnection from reality. Nevertheless, she persevered through it all despite feeling overwhelmed.

Karol G's most recent album allowed her to express her deepest emotions, helping her heal her heart. Instead of striving for another record-breaking hit, she wanted to craft an album that would bring her peace.

The result was a sensual and soulful album filled with cathartic tunes about love, sexuality, and letting go of old pain. She revealed to Uproxx that the emotional intensity of her latest LP helped her release some of her most difficult emotions and work through them.

Karol G recently spoke with Uproxx about her most personal LP, sharing that she underwent a major breakup last year. The singer-songwriter explained how the pain she endured helped her grow and become stronger, which she then shared with her fans through music.

Karol G and Shakira made an unlikely pairing for this song. Both had suffered heartbreak at the same time, feeling betrayed by those they loved most - whether Anuel AA betrayed her or Gerard Pique ended their relationship - yet they came together in powerful collaboration to share their sorrow.

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