Kanye West Finally Finds A Lawyer Willing To Represent Him In Court

Kanye West Finally Finds A Lawyer Willing To Represent Him In Court


EXCLUSIVE Kanye West Finally Finds A Lawyer Willing To Represent Him

Kanye West finally found a lawyer willing to represent him in court after his former attorneys dropped him. Since last October, when Kanye made anti-Semitic comments, the rapper had been without legal counsel.

After months of trying to reach Ye, his former lawyers at Greenberg Traurig finally tracked him down and presented a judge's order saying they have departed. Now, two Los Angeles newspapers are running ads informing Ye that they no longer represent him as a client.

Court Documents Reveal His New Legal Team

Kanye West will now have a new team of attorneys representing him in court after his previous legal team abandoned him due to his antisemitic comments and other wrongdoings.

Documents obtained by TMZ indicate that West's former legal team Greenberg Traurig experienced a "breakdown in communication" with him. According to the firm, West frequently ghosted them and even deactivated his phone number for them to contact him.

The company's attorneys claimed they had no way to contact West, so they filed a motion to withdraw from representing him. To this end, they asked a judge for permission to publish notice of withdrawal in two Los Angeles-area newspapers where West is believed to reside and serve him with a court order that would permit them to withdraw from his case.

Despite all these efforts, West remains missing. Multiple reports have questioned his whereabouts and some even speculate that he had been seen in church.

But, it appears he's found a legal champion to defend his rights and reputation. Recently, he hired Camille Vasquez - the same attorney who represented Johnny Depp in his defamation lawsuit against Amber Heard.

Ye reportedly began seeking legal counsel on a range of business matters after joining Brown Rudnick and Vasquez. These attorneys provided assistance with contracts as well as other pressing concerns.

West's legal team had been representing him in copyright infringement cases and an uncredited music sample lawsuit in Manhattan. But, after making increasingly antisemitic comments on social media platforms, the firm withdrew from those matters and informed judges they no longer worked for him.

Kanye has been a non-factor in his legal battles and now his legal team is desperately trying to locate him. According to reports, Greenberg Traurig attempted to contact him via mail but never received a response.

They then asked a judge for permission to run an advertisement in some local papers, but that didn't work either. The firm also attempted to hire a private investigator in an effort to uncover where West was.

He’s Defending Him in a $7 Million Lawsuit

Kanye West, despite being an international celebrity and artist, isn't immune from legal troubles. A production company in Los Angeles is suing him for $7 million over claims that he failed to pay them for work done on several events including his cancelled 2022 Coachella performance and 'Free Larry Hoover' concert with Drake last December.

Phantom Labs, a production and design firm, says it worked with West on numerous large-scale projects over the course of eighteen months. These included the 'Donda 2' listening party, Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake and four Sunday Services. According to their suit, West and his representatives "promised" they would be paid for their work; however, payment has yet to be received.

According to Variety's lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court, West and his team owe Phantom Labs $7 million for the work it did on several projects. This includes The Mound stage set designed for Free Larry Hoover concert with Drake, work done for 'Donda 2' listening event, as well as multiple Sunday Service performances.

The suit also alleges that West has a reputation for not paying his bills and is in breach of contract with Phantom Labs. It is being brought by prominent Los Angeles attorney Howard King, who has represented artists like Metallica and Pharrell Williams in the past.

West finally secured legal representation in the case against Phantom Labs. Nina D. Boyajian withdrew her services after West made it "unreasonably difficult" for her to continue representing him, according to Radar Online.

West has had legal troubles before, but this time they are particularly severe. His recent Twitter comments and meetings with President Donald Trump have drawn much scrutiny and caused many sponsors and partners to withdraw support for him.

Now that he has a new lawyer, expect him to continue fighting back. Hopefully this will help him avert more costly lawsuits in the future.

He’s Taking on a New Case

Kanye West finally found legal representation after facing a string of legal issues. And now he's defending himself against yet another lawsuit!

In October, his former business manager filed a lawsuit against him alleging that he owes $4.5 million in unpaid bills. Ye was allegedly ignoring the lawsuit and lawyers for the plaintiff have been trying to contact him for months without success.

Documents obtained by Insider show that West has yet to be served with the lawsuit, despite US District Judge Analisa Torres ordering him new attorneys in her court last month.

A judge recently ordered him to cease disregarding the case, potentially meaning he must comply with all discovery demands of his attorneys. If not, contempt orders and sanctions can be issued against him by the court.

In 2022, a rapper pled no contest to battery charges and was ordered to attend 24 anger management sessions, perform 250 hours of community service, pay restitution to the victim, and serve a probationary period.

But this is not Yeezy's first battery charge. In March 2014, he pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge that was captured on video, and an investigation into an alleged battery incident took place in January 2014.

On Monday, TMZ reported that 45-year-old rapper could face battery charges after confronting a woman filming him from her car while leaving daughter North's basketball game. He reportedly asked her to stop filming him and was informed she was "a celebrity".

After an argument ensued, Yeezy grabbed her phone and threw it onto the street before fleeing with his new wife Bianca Censori in his SUV. This incident is now under investigation by Ventura County sheriff's deputies as TMZ reports.

Yeezy has been a controversial figure ever since he made controversial remarks about George Floyd's death, which was later proven in court. He questioned its cause and suggested it might have been caused by drug overdose. Now his family plans to sue him for these remarks, alleging they breached their promise not to make any statements regarding their son's passing in any way.

He’s Finalizing a Deal

Kanye West has finally found a lawyer to represent him after an extensive divorce from Kim Kardashian. Robert Stephan Cohen, an experienced mediator in high-profile divorces, will serve as his representative.

According to TMZ, the attorney will be joined by Samantha Spector, a renowned family law expert who handles celebrity splits such as Amber Heard's and Dr. Dre's.

West has retained six attorneys since Kim filed for divorce last November, joining other renowned legal professionals like Melinda Gates and Chris Rock.

West, though not as famous as Jay-Z or Beyonce, is an incredibly successful musician with 160 million records sold and 21 Grammy Awards to his name. His albums include Late Registration (2005), 808s and Heartbreak (2008), Graduation (2007), My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy (2010), The Life of Pablo (2016) and Ye (2018); plus collaboration albums with Jay-Z (Watch the Throne 2011) and Kid Cudi (Kids See Ghosts 2018).

West has earned four Billboard Music Awards for his music career, including Male New Artist of the Year, Rap Artist of the Year, R.B./Hip-Hop Artist of the Year and Producer of the Year. Additionally, he is the only solo artist to have two albums in the top five on Billboard 200.

He is one of the most influential figures in hip-hop and has amassed a devoted following across generations. His music has been praised for its inventive style and variety of genres he experiments with.

West has received criticism in the past for his outspoken opinions, such as those regarding white lives and his connections to President Donald Trump. Additionally, he went on a social media rant which many believed was anti-Semitic in nature.

West, despite being one of music's greatest successes, still has much work to do. Recently he cancelled a performance at Coachella in April and is facing legal action over unpaid fees to a production company that worked on his projects. According to the lawsuit filed July 14th, West and three companies are accused of failing to pay $7.1 million in unpaid fees for services provided.

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