Kandi Burruss Talks About the Challenges of Playing a Stoned Character in "Pretty Stoned"

Kandi Burruss Talks About the Challenges of Playing a Stoned Character in "Pretty Stoned"


Kandi Burruss of Xscape fame will feature in MTV's new female-centric comedy film Pretty Stoned, about two polar opposites who must come together over $20,000 worth of marijuana.

Brandee Evans, Paris Berelc and Porsha Williams star alongside D.C. Young Fly and Navv Greene - making appearances as special guests!

Tick Tock

Kandi Burruss is an impressive triple threat - she holds three Grammy awards as an Xscape member, she stars on Real Housewives of Atlanta TV series and she's an Amazon best-seller author. Additionally, Kandi is also a mother and wife with business ventures across multiple industries (sex toy company and boutique among them) to her name.

Recently she made her film debut in MTV comedy film Pretty Stoned, featuring an all-star cast including Brandee Evans, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss-Tucker and Tabatha "DreamDoll" Robinson.

The movie follows two women working for Madame X, a drug queen. One is an extrovert who enjoys smoking marijuana; the other a high achiever focused on work and social life. As they discover an issue involving $20,000 of pot resulting in conflict, these women eventually band together against Madame X in order to solve it together.

Tick Tock is an intense and tough henchwoman who serves as one of Madame X's main enforcers, supported by Cameo (Jess Hilarious). Also featured in this show are Blaize (Lisa Bingham), Stella's confident yet permanently high roommate; Blaize herself being perpetually stoned while living with Stella; Leila being another enforcer from Madame X and Blaise being Blaize's confidence but perpetually stoned roommate from Stella; Blaize (whom Jess Hilarious plays), Blaize being Stella's confided-instructor.

Burruss has noted that she was able to bring her authentic voice and personality across to both characters she plays on the show, particularly since her family often comes into play on it. She says she strives to reveal their character traits as honestly as possible on screen.

As the star of this movie, she's thrilled to work alongside an extraordinary cast of talented and strong women - as well as confident that her fans will love its clever script and comedic twists.

She expresses her appreciation for having such an accommodating team behind her, and looks forward to the movie's release on April 20. Nevertheless, portraying a character who's high has proven challenging at times.

She shares that her nurse mother was concerned for her while on set, as well as having to remain patient when dealing with emotions while acting as an "women's rights activist." She recommends all viewers check out this movie which premieres on MTV April 19 and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Watch below and share your opinions in the comments section!


If you want to play the role of a stoner, there are various ways of preparing. From studying stoner behaviors and getting into their mindset to watching movies and cartoons with characters who appear high - there are various methods of preparation available to you!

For example, if you are portraying a stoned character, watch Scott Pilgrim vs. the World - this film contains plenty of stupid humor and thrilling fight scenes to keep both mind and body entertained and engaged!

Other films that may provide opportunities to act while high include:

Films to watch while high are best when they feature intricate plotlines that keep your mind engaged, taking you on an intoxicating psychedelic adventure while leaving both heart and eyes satisfied.

Another way of playing a stoned character is adopting their persona in everyday life, which involves spending lots of time among high-grade individuals to give off an illusion that you are actually stoned.

To act like a true stoner, it takes practice being high on weed and mastering various stoner behaviors - for instance, mastering that zoned-out stare associated with those high.

Learning this skill will help make you look more convincing as a stoner in 'Pretty S', giving your performance more credibility with audiences around you. By practicing and staying in character, you can get the most from your performance and fool everyone!

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Darcy is an engaging character to portray on film, but can be challenging at times due to his complex life story and pride issues.

He must possess an accurate sense of himself so he can act with confidence while remaining respectful towards others. Additionally, he needs to show his emotions without making them too obvious - because of being shy, this means showing emotion without making too much noise about it.

He found it very challenging to control his pride, since he sets such high expectations of himself and must remain mindful not to allow that standard to get too high for himself. Being at such an important juncture of power means remaining humble while remaining among your peers.

He eventually gets it and begins to trust her more, leading to increased intimacy between them and an appreciation of each other once more. She begins liking him again and has confidence that he can help her be better. Meanwhile, money starts coming in for his family; and eventually he comes full circle to realize he can bring happiness back into her life and make her whole once more.

She doesn't wish to revert back to who she was before; rather she wants to become someone different. While her family may no longer be what it used to be, she has begun trusting her father again, who wants them all to find happiness again.

At last she decided to go out on a date with him and she found comfort again in him. Furthermore she began believing that if her dad can bring joy back into their lives he may even help bring peace back into their family unit.

He feels it is also necessary for him to show her kindness because she is such a wonderful individual, wanting her to know how much he cares for her and knows she can depend on him at all times. In other words, he's trying to show that they will always remain friends even after having gone their separate ways.

Mama Thompson

Mama June has made headlines for years thanks to reality TV shows like Toddlers in Tiaras, Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and Mama June: Road to Redemption; however she has always been open about sharing personal details such as her struggles with addiction with viewers.

Becca Kufrin has made it her mission to showcase her sobriety since her struggles with substance addiction in earlier seasons, and Alana Thompson praised her mother after they met back up on The Masked Singer last week. Alana expressed pride for her mom in an interview.

They eventually got eliminated from the competition, but were thankful just to spend time together. She noted that her mother has sobered up, and they're working on rebuilding their relationship back where it used to be before she became addicted.

But there's still work to be done, and she insists she will always be available when her daughter needs her support. She remains hopeful that things will get better over time.

Kandi set out to master all of the characteristics associated with stoner culture when preparing for her role. These included looking dazed and half asleep as well as showing an off-balance gaze.

As she learned more about various stoner behaviors, she also practiced her acting abilities with an actor from the film and conducted training in front of an actress who was actually high.

Once she started performing, however, she soon found comfort in knowing her training paid off and her performance was credible and likeable. Furthermore, she found acting lessons enjoyable.

Current theater-goers who are curious about the effects of marijuana should definitely watch this film, which provides plenty of laughs while telling an engaging tale. Though its subject matter primarily deals with stoner culture, the story also depicts heartwarming love stories despite this element. For an easy yet entertaining viewing experience, this is a fantastic option to share with loved ones or friends alike.


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