Juvenile Drops New Adult Beverage Called 'Juvie Juice' With Local Brewery

Juvenile Drops New Adult Beverage Called 'Juvie Juice' With Local Brewery


Juvenile Drops New Adult Beverage Called Juvie Juice With Local Brewery

Juvenile Drops New Adult Beverage Called 'Juvie Juice' With Local Brewery

Urban South Brewery, New Orleans' largest craft brewery, is proud to announce their collaboration with rapper Juvenile for Juvie Juice - an adult beverage available in 12 oz and 19.2 oz cans at their taproom and restaurants around town.

It’s a Hard Lemonade

Juvenile Releases New Adult Beverage Called 'Juvie Juice' With Local Brewery

Rapper Terius Gray, better known as Juvenile, has joined forces with Urban South Brewery to launch a hard iced tea and lemonade blend. Available now in 12-oz and 19.2 oz cans at their taproom, online for pickup, as well as restaurants and grocery stores throughout New Orleans, this delicious collaboration can be purchased now in 12 ounce and 19.2 oz cans from Urban South Brewery!

Brewers created this hard drink using natural juices, cold pressed lemons and sparkling water. It's designed for portability and easy transport - perfect for a hot day at the beach or any adventure!

It's a light yellow-colored liquid that pours with an elegant, powdery froth that reminds of carbonated lemon juice. The aroma carries strong chemical notes reminiscent of cleaning products or sour candies; however, there's also a citrusy brightness at the end.

Juvenile's flavor is unmistakably sweet, yet it packs a powerful punch of flavor. A syrupy sweetness is balanced by soft acidity for an irresistibly refreshing aftertaste that lingers long after each sip. While not everyone may enjoy it, those looking for an alcohol-free option should find this unique beverage great at summer parties or picnics paired with cocktails, beer or wine. To celebrate its launch, Juvenile autographed dozens of can labels on the production line at Urban South Brewery before being distributed to market; customers who post photos of their autographed can label tagged Urban South Brewery will receive prizes from Urban South Brewery!

It’s a Hard Iced Tea

Terius Gray (better known as Juvenile) and Urban South have joined forces to launch a new adult beverage that they are marketing to an untapped market. This hard iced tea boasts real fruit flavors with just enough sweetness for it to taste like the grown-up beverage it is.

It comes in 12 oz and 19.2 oz cans, and can be enjoyed on tap at the brewery's flagship location in New Orleans. Not only is this a first for local brewing, but it's an achievement for the entire brewing community as well. What's even more remarkable about this hard iced tea is not only that it's fun to sip, but it can help combat obesity and other health problems as it contains less sugar than traditional colas or cans of soda. It may therefore be an ideal option for those looking to shed pounds since traditional drinks contain more sugar than this version does!

It’s a Collaboration

In a special collaboration, local rapper and New Orleans native Juvenile has joined Urban South Brewery to create the refreshing adult beverage 'Juvie Juice'. This 5% ABV hard version of their half lemonade, half iced tea is perfect for cooling off on hot days; it features hibiscus, lingonberries, and Himalayan pink salt for an irresistibly flavor.

It's an inspiring collaboration that highlights the power of brewing for Queer community advocacy. And it's only the latest example of Queer breweries taking action and creating opportunities in their local communities.

For instance, Denizens Brewing - Maryland's first Queer-owned and operated brewery - hosts events to honor the LGBTQ+ community. From live music to craft fairs, their space strives to be welcoming for individuals of all genders and sexualities.

Denizens has many community-minded initiatives, such as their partnership with the Gay Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation to donate beer in support of their fight against anti-LGBTQ+ hate crimes. Furthermore, the brewery recently released a selection of limited-edition beers featuring artwork created by celebrated Queer artists.

Regan Long of Local Brewing Co. in San Francisco is another example of a brewery committed to making their space as welcoming as possible; not only does she craft delicious beers and serve delicious food on-site, but she's also an inspiring Queer woman entrepreneur.

She's been an outspoken supporter of the LGBTQ+ community in both craft beer and the industry, working with organizations like GLAAD and the National Center on Transgender Equality. Together with her partner Sarah Fenson, they opened a space that's both enjoyable and accessible to everyone - putting their love of craft beer and passion for inclusivity at its center stage.

Hella Coastal Brewing in Oakland is dedicated to giving back and raising awareness about Black and brown experiences through thoughtful beer releases and social events. After only being open a year, Hella Coastal has already collaborated with numerous local breweries on projects such as "Bomba Nights," a cinnamony coconut stout inspired by Benjamin's Puerto Rican abuelita's holiday coquitos; they also collaborated with Rare Barrel on their Breathing Conversations series where brewers from different backgrounds joined forces to raise awareness around social and racial issues. And they're always seeking ways to give back: whether by donating part of their profits or sending gifts directly to those in need.

It’s Available Now

Terius Gray, better known by his stage name Juvenile, and Urban South teamed up to create the Juvie Juice: an adult beverage made with half lemonade and half iced tea. Available in 12 ounce and 19.2 ounce cans, this refreshing treat can be enjoyed at Urban South's taproom downtown or ordered online for delivery.

This oxo-shaped beer is made with Pilsner malt and oats. Additionally, it utilizes Mosaic, Simcoe and Nugget hops for that refreshing hoppy IPA taste. The great thing about this beverage is that it's fortified with calcium, vitamins A, B, C, D and E - making it a healthier alternative to some of the alcoholic drinks you might find at your local bar. Furthermore, one of its other beneficial effects is that it helps you look younger by increasing your basal metabolic rate. Finally, it helps you sleep better by reducing cortisol levels. Not only that, but it has achieved the coveted number one position on our list of the best beverages for kids - an impressive feat in itself! As part of the Juvie Juice launch celebrations, there are various promotional activities you can get involved in. From an entertaining video to creative bottle designs, there are lots of chances to win your own customized drink and help spread awareness about this exciting adult beverage.

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