Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Bump Update in Jeans

Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Bump Update in Jeans


JoyAnna Duggar shares bump update in jeans

Joy-Anna Duggar Shares Bump Update in Jeans

Joy-Anna Duggar, star of Counting On, shared an adorable bump update on Instagram this morning. Sporting jeans and wearing her adorable bump, her siblings couldn't help but comment about how cute she looked!

Fans of the Duggar family are well aware of their strict modesty guidelines. Girls must wear long skirts or dresses that cover everything, while modern tops and pants are strictly prohibited.

Pregnancy Updates

Joy-Anna Duggar, star of Counting On, is pregnant with her third child and has been sharing plenty of updates about her growing bump. Recently she shared a mirror selfie to keep fans up to date on her progress - it appears she's wearing jeans!

On Monday, the 31-year-old Duggar daughter shared a photo of herself wearing jeans and a fitted green top. She captioned the image with the words: "21 weeks & bumpin' along."

Joy Duggar has often been known for her strict dress code, but it appears she's breaking the mold and now sports jeans! She donned a long-sleeve green shirt and distressed blue jeans that were cuffed at the ankle.

Fans are thrilled by this new look for the former TLC star, who is expected to give birth in May. They hope she'll continue sharing her growing baby bump on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube as she gears up to become a mom for the third time!

Before she welcomes her little bundle of joy into the world, Joy must ensure she and Austin are prepared for life with a new addition. After experiencing so much in the last year - including miscarriage - Joy knows exactly what needs to do. She knows full well what the future holds for them both.

Meanwhile, Duggar mom-of-two Jenelle and husband Austin Forsyth are raising their two sons: four year old Gideon and two year old Evelyn.

Joy-Anna has already lost one child, yet she remains delighted about her growing family. She and Austin are taking time out of work to enjoy time with each other - this maternity update being just another example of how they're making the most out of their precious bond.

According to WebMd, most women feel their baby moving around between 16-25 weeks of pregnancy. But Joy-Anna has been experiencing this sensation for some time now - which is why she took this mirror selfie to show off her expanding belly!

Gender Reveal

Joy-Anna Duggar is halfway through her third pregnancy and recently shared a gender reveal photo on Instagram with fans. The former Counting On star is expecting her third child with husband Austin Forsyth and has confirmed that this baby will be a boy.

Joy hosted an intimate gathering for friends and family, including her sisters Jana Duggar and Jill Dillard (nee Duggar), as well as sister-in-law Abbie Duggar and husband Jim Bob Duggar. However, Joy and Austin were missing their daughter Anna who has been the focus of many of their pregnancies.

A gender reveal is an exciting tradition among expectant couples, where parents find out whether their unborn child will be a girl or boy. It's an enjoyable way to let everyone know your baby's gender!

Some parents choose to reveal the sex of their baby themselves, while others hire an outside party organizer for the occasion. Either way, it requires a lot of work and can be stressful.

Gender reveals have grown increasingly popular over the past few years, with couples going all out for their celebrations. Sometimes they use food to reveal the baby's gender - for instance, cutting a cake to reveal pink or blue icing according to its gender; other parents fill balloons with either pink or blue confetti for added visual impact.

This fun idea can be achieved in several ways, but the most popular is having one person blow up a blue balloon and the other pretending to do the same. Afterward, have the person holding the blue balloon stand on a stool while their partner holds the pink balloon and takes a picture together.

Make this celebration even more festive by getting your guests involved. Involve them by asking them to bring a gift that matches the gender - blue for boys or pink for girls - in an envelope containing the sex items. Afterward, hand the envelope over to someone special who will wrap and present each item individually to each guest.

Counting On Updates

Joy-Anna Duggar is making progress in her pregnancy and showing that she can be both stylish and comfortable as a mom of three. This week, the former Counting On star took to Instagram with a bump update in jeans. In an adorable mirror selfie, Joy-Anna proudly displayed both her growing baby bump and that 21 weeks remain until meeting her third child!

According to Counting On blog, Joy-Anna and husband Austin Forsyth are expecting a boy this spring. They already have one son, Gideon, and daughter Evelyn. According to reports, the couple plans on naming their third child James and are thrilled about welcoming another into their family!

Many of the Duggar sisters opt not to announce their pregnancies, but Joy-Anna has gone against tradition by sharing an endearing photo of her growing belly on November 20, 2022. In the photograph, Joy-Anna smiles in various stances while showing off her growing baby bump.

Joy-Anna has shared many adorably cute pictures of herself and Austin throughout their pregnancy journey. Additionally, she captured some exciting moments with her family during a recent trip to California.

On their trip, she and her husband explored various parts of the state. They even went on a boat ride together, enjoying some quality time together.

In addition to posting plenty of adorable photos on social media, the couple also shares their daily lives with fans via their YouTube channel. They've documented the last few months of their pregnancy journey so far and can't wait to share even more exciting updates soon!

The couple isn't the first Duggar family members to become parents, but they are the only ones who have publicly announced their pregnancy. Other members like Lauren Swanson and Kendra Caldwell have chosen not to reveal their identities even though they've been seen in photos and on social media platforms.

One fan on Reddit criticized Joy-Anna for not teaching her son basic math and letter concepts. In response, she stated that while she strives to spend "five minutes" each day teaching her toddler, this doesn't always happen. Her reasons for doing this included making sure her son learns numbers, colors and letters so they are permanently embedded in his mind.

Duggar Family Updates

Since announcing her pregnancy on Instagram and YouTube, Joy-Anna Duggar has shared several baby bump updates. The former Counting On star has shown off her growing belly in various outfits; this week however she surprised fans by posting a picture of herself wearing jeans!

Joy shared her latest bump update in front of a mirror, wearing an elegant gray tee shirt with green jacket and jeans. To complete her ensemble, she finished it off with white sneakers and pulled her hair back away from her face as she held onto her growing baby bump.

This marks the second time she's posted a baby bump picture wearing jeans. It seems like she has become more at ease with her clothing choices lately, especially after experiencing miscarriage last year.

Her husband, Austin Forsyth, reports she and Austin are expecting their third child. After welcoming their first son Gideon in February 2018 and daughter Evelyn two months later in August 2020, it appears the couple may be expecting yet a third addition.

Joy has been sharing regular pregnancy updates on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. She's kept fans up to date with her progress, even having a video for each of her children's births.

Her pregnancy has not been without its share of challenges, however. At 20 weeks, she tragically miscarried, which remains incredibly painful for her. Thankfully, she's taking things slow and slowly recovering from this devastating experience.

She and her husband recently announced they were moving out of their current house into their dream home, which is currently being constructed. The couple plans on closing on their dream residence by the fall of 2018, according to reports.

Joy-Anna Duggar recently broke some of her parents' rules by wearing pants! In an Instagram post, Joy-Anna Duggar showed off her rebellious spirit and defied their strict dress code!

Joy-Anna can be seen wearing a gray tee that reads "Mama" alongside tight blue jeans. Although it wasn't the first time she's worn pants on Instagram, her family's dress code had clearly been breached - and that certainly got some attention!

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