Jose Alvarado and the New Orleans Pelicans Won the Rising Stars Challenge

Jose Alvarado and the New Orleans Pelicans Won the Rising Stars Challenge


Why Jose Alvarado s team won the rising star game

The Rising Stars Challenge is an innovative NBA event, more like an exhibition game than the All-Star Game. It promises high flying action and high scoring action throughout.

The game is divided into two 20-minute halves, with potential overtime periods of five minutes if needed. This gives competitors ample opportunity to display their creativity and play their unique style of basketball.

1. He is a great shooter

The modern NBA has moved away from the traditional post-up big, pass-first guard and mid-range power forward player archetypes we saw in the 90s and 2000s. That means small but mighty dawgs like Jose Alvarado still have a chance to find success on the court despite their diminutive stature.

Alvarado may not be as tall as some of his post-up or pass-first big brothers, but he still has an excellent shooting range and the ability to work off-ball around screens. Furthermore, Alvarado possesses great facilitation skills; he consistently finds open teammates in the paint.

These traits will only aid him in his development as a future starting point guard, particularly in the G League where they can be put to good use. His defense is excellent and should allow him to secure either a late second or two-way deal with an NBA team if he stays healthy.

His ability to hit open shots has been one of the keys to his success in his short NBA career. He can knock down shots off the dribble or catch-and-shoot, giving him a threat for scoring in any game. Furthermore, he has shown an ability to capitalize on defensive lapses and open paint by making off-ball cuts which could prove crucial in close games.

Alvarado may have some shooting issues that need to be addressed, but he remains an intriguing prospect for teams searching for a backup or second-string point guard who can provide value on both ends of the floor. Furthermore, his defensive skillset is among the best in basketball; this combined with his sneaky backcourt steals give him a good chance at becoming a star in time.

This type of play could make him an ideal fit for teams with many younger players. He would likely start as a backup point guard in the starting lineup, but could also come off the bench to provide scoring depth.

He's an adept pick-and-roll facilitator, making him a great option for teams needing a guard to step in and take charge. A natural leader, he will motivate his teammates to get more involved in the game.

2. He is a great passer

The Pelicans have made a strong start this season, led by Jose Alvarado's play. The New York City native is one of the team's most gifted players and can score goals in multiple ways. Additionally, he's an excellent passer who can get the ball to his teammates even when facing tough odds.

He is a gritty, intelligent and playmaking point guard who head coach Steve Pikiell can build his offense around. His ability to penetrate defenses and create easy shots for team's other top scorers - Zion Williamson, Brandon Ingram and CJ McCollum - make him the ideal partner for them.

His game has blossomed since last season, and it's easy to see why New Orleans fans have grown fond of him so much. The Brooklyn native has always been a gritty player but his development as a player has taken an incredible leap during his sophomore year.

One major reason is his shooting ability. He boasts an impressive 3-pointer and is highly efficient on the catch-and-shoot end of the floor, which should only improve as he continues to hone his skillset.

He has the ability to get off-ball screens and move off them, an area which should continue to develop with age. This will enable him to be more assertive in the paint without fear of being blocked by larger players.

In addition to his impressive shooting prowess, he's an impressive passer as well. According to Bball Index, he created shots for teammates at the second highest rate among all rookies last season. Furthermore, he displayed a knack for making tough passes and relieving other players of pressure - essential traits if he hopes to succeed at the next level.

If Alvarado can translate his defensive prowess onto the offensive side of the ball, I believe he could be an invaluable player for any team. His stutter steps, quick changes of direction on drives, footwork in the paint and calm under pressure all possess traits which could help him become a score-first point guard who only stands 6'2" in the NBA.

3. He is a great leader

Jose Alvarado of the New Orleans Pelicans may not be a star, but his teammates know he brings energy and excitement to their team. Plus, he never hesitates to step up when needed - qualities which earned him MVP honors during this year's NBA Rising Stars tournament.

Since joining the Pelicans rotation last January, this young guard has quickly earned himself a place of honor and respect among teammates by recording multiple double-doubles during his initial six games with them. Furthermore, he's established himself as an unselfish player and an impressive leader for his teammates.

Over the past five games, he's averaged 11.5 points, 2.8 assists, 2.5 rebounds and 1.5 steals in 28 minutes per contest. Furthermore, he has had four of his team's five best shooting performances this season - a positive sign as they strive to improve upon their inconsistent start.

He's an excellent teammate, which is another reason his team won the Rising Stars game. The Pelicans played with great energy this evening, which proved crucial in their victory.

At the start of the game, New Orleans led by nine points. But early in the first quarter, Portland cut that lead in half with a backcourt steal that led to Alvarado's first score of the night.

He's become renowned for this move, earning himself the moniker "Grand Theft Alvarado." He runs up on players in the backcourt, taking them off guard and then stealing the ball. It isn't particularly subtle but teams must keep an eye out for it due to its effectiveness.

Alvarado is an impressive candidate for ACC Defensive Player of the Year, showing his capacity to make plays that matter. He has already made some remarkable progress in this area and it appears he's only getting better.

He possesses an impressive work ethic and is dedicated to continually improving himself. He's always the first in the gym and the last one out, serving as an inspiring role model for other young players. As such, he is an invaluable asset to the Pelicans, with his leadership skills set to only continue aiding him in his success.

4. He is a great athlete

Jose Alvarado has earned the nickname "energy guy" throughout his career. He makes every game seem more exciting than it actually is, which has earned him plenty of admirers within the New Orleans Pelicans organization. But as Alvarado looks towards the future, he has bigger goals in mind.

One of his key objectives this season has been to become more comfortable shooting the ball from outside the restricted area. This has been an obstacle since entering the NBA on an undrafted free agent two-way deal, but it appears to be paying off: He's making 61 percent of his two-point shots this year and shooting 72.7 percent inside that circle.

He's also begun to play more aggressively on defense, boasting an intense hustle that has helped him lead the Pelicans in steals and rank second on their team in deflections this season. As a result, he's become one of the league's most reliable backup point guards.

He's done so well that he was given the chance to compete in a special rising star game this week. Ultimately, his team came out on top against some of the League's top young players, winning the tournament easily.

Throughout the game, he displayed his ability to make difficult shots. He even hit a 3-pointer with just three seconds remaining in the championship, giving his team hope of victory despite being down by several points.

His energy on the court is unmatched, making him a favorite among teammates and fans alike. This trait has allowed him to become an iconic figure within the Pelicans organization and one that will continue to elevate his profile moving forward.

Alvarado spends his free time teaching others how to become better athletes, including working with the team's G League affiliate, the Birmingham Squadron. Through these initiatives, he hopes to instill in younger players an appreciation for playing hard on both ends of the floor.

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