Jordan Davis' 'Bluebird Days' Flies Onto Top Country Albums Chart

Jordan Davis' 'Bluebird Days' Flies Onto Top Country Albums Chart


Multi-Platinum MCA Nashville singer/songwriter Jordan Davis has released his third studio album and it's climbing the Top Country Albums Chart. Titled 'Bluebird Days', this track was inspired by his parents' divorce.

This song is an honest and real reflection of what being in a relationship feels like. No matter if you're single or married, everyone can relate to this message.

1. Buy Dirt

Jordan Davis' second full-length effort, Bluebird Days, set a career high on the Billboard Country Albums chart with 19,000 equivalent album units earned during the week ending February 23 - an all-time high for this chart.

Jordan had grown up surrounded by music, from his dad Ricky and uncle to the CDs he'd explore as a kid on their trips to and from Minden, Louisiana. However, it wasn't until his first trip to Nashville that Jordan truly understood just how big this industry was and what an important role he wanted to play within it.

After graduating from Louisiana State University with a degree in Environmental Science, country singer/songwriter needed an outlet for his creative energy - which ultimately came through music. It was discovering his uncle's music that ignited the writing bug which ultimately resulted in his debut single and recording deal with UMG Nashville.

Davis had achieved great success, yet had no idea where to begin when creating a new album. After extensive research and plenty of trial-and-error, the Shreveport, Louisiana native finally released an album of 17 songs he wrote himself; 15 were co-written by Davis.

2. What My World Spins Around

Jordan Davis experienced the thrill of success when his debut single "Buy Dirt" reached the top of the charts in 2021 and became one of the most streamed country songs of that year. But as he took time to reflect upon that experience, he realized there was much more in store for him than just a hit single.

On his sophomore album Bluebird Days, Davis delves into the depths of his own life for a collection that blends radio-ready singles with intimate album tracks. He mines universal truths such as love, nostalgia and hard truths to express both his emotions and those of the world in music.

Davis explores the theme of family, reflecting on his relationship with his wife and two children. It has profoundly shaped him and, to some degree, how he sees the world.

This song, co-written with Ryan Hurd and Matt Dragstrem, explores Davis' more personal side. It also emphasizes the simple pleasures in life.

This country crooner's latest single is the first taste of his forthcoming album, due out February 17th on all streaming platforms. It's an autobiographical collection of music inspired by his own experiences that promises to captivate listeners.

Davis has truly blossomed as both an artist and songwriter, both professionally and personally. With his new album and hectic tour schedule, the future looks bright for this young star.

3. Slow Dance in a Parking Lot

Jordan Davis, a Shreveport, Louisiana native, is on the rise to success. His hit album and two Platinum-certified singles ('Singles You Up' and 'Take It From Me'), have gone platinum-certified, and he's currently touring with Luke Combs for his Middle of Somewhere Tour and Thomas Rhett for Bring the Bar to You.

As a country singer-songwriter and performer, Davis possesses an authentic ear for melody and lyricism. His repertoire ranges from tender ballads to uptempo country jams that will get everyone in the feel-good spirit.

"Slow Dance in a Parking Lot" is an emotional duet written by Davis and fellow composer Lonnie Fowler that captures the magic of love at first sight. It recounts Fowler's original date with Sara - eventually to become his wife - word-for-word.

This track is a touching and thoughtful demo, perfect for the listener who appreciates well-crafted songs with powerful lyrics. The tempo is slow and low key throughout, featuring clean electric guitars and drum machines on the first half of the song as well as atmospheric synth tones in the background.

The second half of the song has a more uptempo feel, with rougher guitars and drums adding to its energy. It all culminates in an emotionally charged chorus that makes it worth listening to.

This track is truly special and will surely touch many hearts. It exemplifies Davis' versatility in music, his capacity for blending genres and styles seamlessly. Unsurprisingly, we're loving this tune from Bluebird Days; it serves as proof of why this young man is quickly becoming one of our fan-favorite artists.

4. Next Thing You Know

Shreveport, LA's native son continues to blossom as a songwriter with the release of his second full-length album. Following up on Home State, Bluebird Days offers reflections and meditations on life, love, family and hope that will leave listeners feeling inspired.

The 17-track collection showcases Louisiana singer-songwriter's versatility and ability to write about everything, from happy times to hard truths. Many of the tracks are inspired by his own experiences, such as "Fishing Spot" and "Short Fuse."

Davis recently scored his fifth No. 1 with 'Buy Dirt' featuring Luke Bryan and is on an upward trajectory, continuing to build momentum with the release of his new LP. Featuring 17 songs co-written by the award-winning singer-songwriter, listeners can expect both radio-ready singles and introspective tracks on this collection.

Tracks like 'Next Thing You Know' demonstrate how quickly time passes, and how drastically things can alter in an instant. The song serves as a metaphor for Davis' feelings regarding his marriage and family.

"Next Thing You Know" is a catchy tune that fans of Davis' previous hits will recognize. The track was composed by Davis, Chase McGill, Josh Osborne and Greylan James.

With its haunting melody accompanied by gentle guitar pulls and vibrant percussion, the track signals Davis' direction for his forthcoming LP. Lyrically, it is an intense record that hits hard where needed.

After an incredible year of successes and milestones in 2018, Davis wants to remind his fans to slow down and cherish the moments that matter most. His latest single 'Next Thing You Know' will certainly help him reach that goal.

5. Home State Stories

Jordan Davis has always had a deep-seated passion for music, ever since his parents first introduced him to it during childhood. Growing up listening to Uncle Stan Paul Davis' hits inspired Jordan to pursue writing music himself one day - something which would ultimately lead to becoming an accomplished songwriter himself.

He studied environmental science at Louisiana State University, but his songwriting interests led him to Nashville in 2012 where he quickly found success as both an artist and songwriter. His first major hit "Singles You Up" has accumulated over 4 Billion career streams, thrusting him into the spotlight as an up-and-coming country star.

Jordan Davis' latest release, Bluebird Days (out February 17), continues his tradition of crafting songs that reflect on life's various emotions and experiences. With a growing family and an ever-evolving career, the Shreveport, Louisiana-native is ready to share some of his most personal tales yet.

Davis' latest hit single, "What My World Spins Around," explores the emotional toll of his parent's divorce on him as a father. Additionally, Davis takes time out of his busy schedule to reflect on his own life and how fleeting success could be taken away at any moment.

Davis finds comfort in reflecting back and remembering that all this is achievable if you stay true to yourself. Additionally, he expresses gratitude towards his family and friends who have stood by him throughout this journey.

His new album's title track explores this idea of change, featuring clever writing mixed with genuine emotion. This message of hopefulness is beautifully expressed through an honest story that captures his genuine talents.

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