Jonathan Majors Arrested After Alleged Domestic Dispute

Jonathan Majors Arrested After Alleged Domestic Dispute


Jonathan Major is Arrested After Alleged Domestic Dispute

Jonathan Majors Is Arrested After an Alleged Domestic Dispute in New York C
Jonathan Majors Is Arrested After an Alleged Domestic Dispute in New York C

Jonathan Majors, star of Creed III and TV show Lovecraft Country, was arrested in New York City after an alleged domestic dispute. He's accused of assault, strangulation and harassment.

Police arrested him after responding to a 911 call from an apartment in Chelsea, Manhattan. The woman telling them she'd been assaulted told them what had transpired and sustained minor injuries to her head and neck as a result.


Creed III

As for the film itself, it boasts an impressive cast. Tessa Thompson from Thor: Ragnarok stars as Creed's wife Bianca and Mila Davis-Kent portrays their daughter Amara.

Michael Major's search for Twitter (Source: twitter.com)

What makes Creed III unique is that it focuses on Adonis' childhood and how he ended up in boxing. While previous films have mostly followed his ascension to icon status, this one tells a tale of Adonis' own redemption process.

Creed III stands on its own as an unparalleled masterpiece, boasting an honest depiction of Adonis' childhood that we've never seen before.

It gives a nuanced depiction of the fight that occurred between Adonis and his father, and how it affected them both. Although this could make the movie less captivating than it is, it helps bring the characters to life.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

Marvel's Ant-Man franchise began to falter, but two brighter outings have helped it find its footing. Quantumania is the latest film to hit screens and it takes Earth's smallest hero on bigger adventures.

A friend of Scott's asks him to help bring Janet Van Dyne back from the Quantum Realm, where she had been trapped for decades.

Marvel has introduced Kang the Conquerer as their first villain, though his backstory remains unknown. Kang is a powerful and menacing adversary with a solemn presence.

In this film, majors, Hannah John-Kamen, Michael Pena, and Michelle Pfeiffer play Ghost - a character capable of phasing through everything she touches.

The film brings back Corey Stoll as Yellowjacket, a character introduced in the first Ant-Man movie. Although he was well received, his presence didn't seem necessary for this sequel.

Lovecraft Country

His attorney told Deadline that Majors is "innocent".

Green's decision is impressive, showing how to deal with Lovecraft's writing in a respectful way. He takes the issue seriously by highlighting the importance of acknowledging and combating racism within his works.

Music plays a prominent role in Lovecraft Country, with classic tunes from BB King and Etta James featured throughout the first episode. But as the series progresses, its soundscape becomes increasingly diverse, featuring songs from modern artists like Tierra Whack.

Da Five Bloods

The Bloods arrive at the crash site, they secure the cargo, but are soon shot down by Viet Cong allies. But when a napalm strike obliterates their buried treasure, they have to come up with another plan.

The actor Jonathan Majors has been arrested in New York on charges of strangulation, assault and harassment. (Source: www.theguardian.com)


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