Jon Jones Vs Ciryl Ganes - UFC 285 Fight Breakdown & Picks

Jon Jones Vs Ciryl Ganes - UFC 285 Fight Breakdown & Picks


Israel Adesanyas Fight Breakdown  Picks  UFC 285 Jon Jones vs Ciryl Ga

Jon Jones Vs Ciryl Ganes - UFC 285 Fight Breakdown & Picks

After three years away from the sport, Jon Jones is back and ready to prove he still has what it takes to become a legend. In the main event of UFC 285 against Ciryl Gane, Jones will move up to heavyweight for the first time in his career.

Israel Adesanya’s Fight Breakdown & Picks

Jon Jones is set to return to the UFC after a three-year hiatus, and fans are eager for him to face Ciryl Gane at heavyweight. The former light heavyweight champion boasts one of mixed martial arts' most impressive resumes, having defeated numerous legendary figures during his two runs with the title.

On Saturday, March 4th Jones (26-1 MMA and 20-1 UFC) will attempt to capture Ciryl Gane's vacant heavyweight championship during UFC 285 in Las Vegas. This major PPV event of the year will air live on ESPN+.

On Friday morning at the ceremonial weigh-ins, Jones came in at 248 pounds while Gane measured 247.5. These two will square off in a battle for the vacant UFC heavyweight belt at T-Mobile Arena on Saturday night; prelims air on ESPNews and ESPN+ beforehand.

Jones has endured a great deal over the past three years, from clashes with UFC management to failing drug tests for performance-enhancing substances. Yet despite these setbacks, Jones remains an intimidating opponent and his experience will help him get back on track against Gane.

This fight won't go down in history, but it could be an intriguing matchup for Adesanya. He's 15-3 with 15 victories by KO/TKO, and while Alex Pereira has shown he can pack a punch, backing Adesanya to win this contest is likely the wiser bet.

Adesanya boasts an impressive striking game that is hard to miss, which he has refined over the course of recent fights. Additionally, he's demonstrated an eagerness to fight at a fast pace and boasts an impressive takedown technique.

The former kickboxer is a formidable striker with the ability to land big punches and an excellent counterpunching style. His kicking has also improved, giving him an edge against Gane who lacks precision in that area.

Though Adesanya has been cautious in recent fights, his 75 wins in professional kickboxing should not be overlooked. The 'Last Stylebender' is an expert striker who uses length, quickness, kicking ability and deceptive power for devastating effect. Adesanya should be able to keep the fight on the ground and put Gane in a position where he cannot defend himself.

Jon Jones’ Fight Breakdown & Picks

After three years away from the sport, former light heavyweight GOAT Jon "Bones" Jones returns to the Octagon on Saturday night in Las Vegas for a highly-anticipated UFC 285 bout against Ciryl Gane. A controversial former champ, Jones relinquished his 205-pound title in February 2020 and moved up to heavyweight where he will attempt to capture the vacant title against Gane in his first bout at that weight.

Jones is considered one of the greatest mixed martial arts (MMA) fighters ever and a legendary figure within the UFC. His grappling abilities are unsurpassed, boasting black belts in Gaidojutsu and BJJ. Furthermore, Jones boasts an impressive standup game that utilizes his 84-inch reach as well as technical kickboxing abilities to attack opponents from various angles.

Jones boasts an impressive striking arsenal, but his greatest strength lies in his capacity for shifting and pivoting under pressure. This enabled him to survive the intense pressure Daniel Cormier brought to their second fight and even find some counterpunches during the middle of it.

Jones is widely considered one of the most versatile and dangerous MMA fighters ever. Not only can he strike with ease, but he's also adept at landing submissions and takedowns with ease.

His standup game has improved since his last two UFC fights, as he has added mass to his frame while maintaining superior striking ability. Unfortunately, he remains vulnerable to injuries so it's important for him to get enough cardio in order to perform at his peak performance level.

Furthermore, he must find a way to get on the mat and take his opponent down. Ideally, he should attempt to maintain control on the ground in order to secure either a submission or win via knockout.

This matchup between two of the most accomplished and talented MMA fighters of all time promises to be exciting. It all depends on Jon Jones' level of ring rust after three years away from competition, as well as whether Ciryl Gane can make the transition from lightweight to heavyweight successfully. Additionally, both fighters must perform at their peak levels in order for this fight to be decided.

Valentina Shevchenko’s Fight Breakdown & Picks

Valentina Shevchenko is one of the greatest female fighters in MMA history. She has successfully defended her title seven times and boasts an impressive 15-0 record in the UFC, beating out some of MMA's elite opponents such as Amanda Nunes and Joanna Jedrzejczyk.

Shevchenko is renowned for being an adept counterpuncher. She often catch's opponents off guard with a series of devastating strikes.

Shevchenko isn't afraid to hit her opponents with a combination of head kicks and face punches, whether from the clinch or standing. Plus, she has an uncanny knack for throwing powerful counterattacks from behind.

Shevchenko struck more hard than any of her opponents in a one-round victory against Talia Santos. Additionally, Shevchenko scored several submissions and proved she is an adept grappler.

Her go-to maneuver is her "transitional" method, which she uses whenever she has the opponent within range. It starts as a feint but soon she steps back and leaves them feeling frustrated. This strategy works well against many people.

Shevchenko often utilizes this tactic to take her opponent down and then attack. Grasso must be smart about this move, making sure she secures a position after the takedown instead of getting into an intense scramble.

Shevchenko is adept at taking advantage of opportunities and can quickly recover after being caught. This gives Grasso the chance to catch Shevchenko before she gets into serious trouble.

Shevchenko may not have seen the odds swing in her favor yet, but she remains an intriguing option to consider this weekend. With a good chance of winning and the worst stoppage odds on the card, Shevchenko could still be worth taking into account.

Shevchenko should be able to handle a challenge from Grasso despite being slightly rusty in her last fight. Shevchenko boasts an impressive striking game and Grasso is known for throwing lots of volume during fights.

Shevchenko is an ideal GPP selection and should be able to dominate in the middle rounds of this fight. However, how much time she has with her opponent and whether or not she can stay focused are two major concerns for Shevchenko.

Geoff Neal’s Fight Breakdown & Picks

Geoff Neal has not been the most impressive striker in recent fights. After taking down Mike Perry in one of his earlier wins, he hasn't shown the same consistency since then and has missed weight twice recently; making him an unlikely favorite against Vicente Luque at UFC on ESPN 40.

Luque is a welterweight with some impressive wins in his division, but he lacks the power to put much volume on an opponent. Additionally, he hasn't finished anyone yet in his career so Luque will be tough to beat if he wants this fight.

Rakhmonov is an impressive welterweight prospect with impressive skillset, particularly in grappling. He averages 2.32 takedowns per 15 minutes and has won three of his four UFC bouts by submission - including one stunning spinning hook kick finish!

Neal has the capacity for power and punches that offer him the potential for some quick finishes. Unfortunately, his ability to get in range and takedowns are highly dependent on him; if Neal gets off the mark early on it could prove too much for him to handle.

Neal has a good chance to score a knockout in this matchup, but it won't be an easy feat. He's an experienced fighter who hasn't been knocked out in nine pro fights, and Luque likely won't be able to keep up with him throughout the entire 15 minutes of competition.

On Saturday, you can expect some thrilling action between top welterweights. Both fighters have been knocked down and scored some notable knockouts in the past, so this matchup promises to be highly competitive.

Rakhmonov is the more skilled and experienced fighter here, having demonstrated that he can take down more durable opponents with his striking and grappling. Though he's a huge underdog against Neal, Rakhmonov's skillset gives him an edge that could potentially give him victory in this fight.

Neal should have no difficulty beating Rakhmonov with his power, but he needs to learn from Rakhmonov's striking and grappling techniques. Additionally, Neal needs to improve on his standup game as he's not particularly good at getting in range or finding takedowns.

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