Jon Jones Breaks Down Gane Win and Says Stipe Miocic Better Give 100% of Himself

Jon Jones Breaks Down Gane Win and Says Stipe Miocic Better Give 100% of Himself


Jon Jones breaks down Gane win says Stipe Miocic better give 100 of himse

Jon Jones Breaks Down Gane Win and Says Stipe Miocic Better Give 100% of Himself

Jon Jones is a former UFC light heavyweight champion who has been competing for more than 10 years. As an iconic figure in mixed martial arts, Jones sells many pay-per-views.

He recently defeated Cyril Gane at UFC 285 and it appears as though he is on his way to becoming the undisputed king of heavyweight division. However, there are still several formidable challengers waiting in the wings.

Jon Jones Breaks Down Gane Win

Jon Jones is a name that everyone in mixed martial arts knows. At 23, he became the youngest person ever to win a UFC title, and his arsenal and poise in the cage made him one of the sport's most formidable fighters. An inspiration to all who saw him fight and an icon within the sport itself, Jones will forever remain in our hearts as one of its great legends.

Since his last fight, Jones has been striving to return to the top of the heavyweight division and earn a shot at MMA's greatest pound-for-pound fighter Stipe Miocic. At UFC 285 last Saturday, Jones faced former interim heavyweight champion Ciryl Gane and claimed victory by submission in less than two minutes, adding another UFC title to his collection.

Following the fight, Jones spoke to the media and celebrated his victory. He assured them he wasn't disappointed with how it turned out and expressed that he hopes to face Miocic again in the future.

Jones states that Miocic's health is unimportant and he will be ready for the fight when it occurs. Furthermore, Jones insists on not letting anyone talk him out of taking on this competition and that he will give 100% effort during it.

He criticised fans who labeled his performance a failure and insisted that he should be praised for what he accomplished. Additionally, Ngannou lamented Gane's wrestling, saying it fell short in comparison to Ngannou's.

Ngannou took advantage of his opponent's weaknesses to easily defeat him in a dominating manner. He used his wrestling prowess to pin Gane down and displayed some impressive grappling techniques to keep Gane off his feet.

Ngannou's striking prowess was undeniable. He managed to get inside Gane's head and take him down with ease, using head kicks and punches as leverage.

He is unbeatable when in the cage. His arsenal is formidable, he's an expert of the clinch and his Brazilian jiu-jitsu is razor sharp. He can smother any opponent on the ground and take away their hope - making for an intriguing matchup for anyone.

Jon Jones Says Stipe Miocic Better Give 100% Of Himse

Jon Jones has been out of the octagon for three years, but he's ready to return. During his absence, the former light heavyweight champion said that he wanted to focus on family and hunting; therefore, he hired a team in Albuquerque to assist with preparations before his big return.

Now, after his triumphant return to the octagon, Jon Jones is eager for his next fight. He wants to prove he can compete with even the best of them again.

In his first fight back from a three-year break, Jones defeated Ciryl Gane by first-round submission in two minutes and 30 seconds. This win reignited the debate about who is the greatest fighter in UFC history - with Jones making an uncontested case for it.

Jones, widely considered to be the greatest UFC fighter of all time, put up an incredible performance to take Gane to the mat and score a guillotine choke at 2:04 into the first round. Despite only having five minutes remaining in regulation time, Jones put on an amazing performance and ended Gane's hopes of retaining his heavyweight title.

Miocic, a four-time UFC heavyweight champion, has been out of action for just over two years. His last fight took place in March 2021 when he lost his title to Francis Ngannou via second-round knockout.

At his post-fight press conference, Jon Jones declared his intention to face Stipe Miocic in July and pledged 100% effort in the upcoming battle.

Jon Jones has been diligent in his preparation, striving to ensure he's in peak condition before facing Miocic. After dedicating significant time and energy into training, Jones feels confident that he will be ready to compete come July.

Jon Jones has several options, but he's eager to defend his heavyweight belt against Miocic and make a statement in the process. A victory over Miocic would further cement Jon Jones' legacy as one of MMA's all-time greats.

Jon Jones Says He’s Ready For His Next Fight

Jon Jones is ready for his next fight and eager to prove himself after a three-year break. After narrowly retaining the light heavyweight title against Dominick Reyes in February 2020, Jones declared he would transition up to heavyweight and has since been bulking up.

Jones is widely considered one of the greatest fighters in UFC history, having successfully defended his 205-pound title 11 times - more than any other competitor. He has become a fan favorite and an icon for mixed martial arts for many years.

Since moving up to heavyweight, Jones has had to learn a whole new set of rules and techniques. During his recent training camp, Jones has focused on honing his striking techniques as well as fast takedowns.

The former light heavyweight champion must adjust to carrying more weight as he now competes as a heavyweight, and must build up his strength accordingly. At present, he weighs 248lbs for his fight against Ciryl Gane - an enormous increase from the 204lbs he weighed when last competing in 2020.

Jones has made an incredible physical transformation, yet his physique still needs further work. However, Jones is confident that his weight room exercises have made him stronger.

Jon Jones is getting ready to make his heavyweight debut against Stipe Miocic. They had been rumored to face off for months before Miocic lost the heavyweight title to Francis Ngannou at UFC 260 in March.

When asked if he was nervous about facing Miocic, Jones assured ESPN he wasn't. His confidence in fighting the defending heavyweight champion is unwavering, but he does worry about Miocic's chin.

The UFC has said they are open to the idea of a future clash between Jones and Miocic, though how far the organization is willing to go in bringing them together remains uncertain. There's no doubt the MMA world is eagerly awaiting news of this potential superfight; however, how the UFC handles it remains to be seen.

Jon Jones Says He’s Not Worried About Miocic

After a three-year absence, Jon Jones will return to the octagon on Saturday night at UFC 285 against Ciryl Gane. The American, widely acclaimed as the best ever UFC fighter, had been away from the sport due to multiple legal issues outside of the cage.

At UFC 247 in February 2020, Jones claimed victory over Dominick Reyes and retired his light heavyweight title to move up to heavyweight. Additionally, he hired former Golden Boy boxing head Richard Schaefer as an advisor for contract negotiations going forward.

Jones has taken time away from the sport to build up massive amounts of muscle while also honing his skills in more difficult elements of it. Now back, Jones will look to put on a show in his first heavyweight contest against France's Ciryl Gane - who has only been defeated once in 12 fights.

At UFC 285 on March 5 in Las Vegas, Nevada, Jones and Gane will square off in a fiercely competitive matchup between two renowned fighters whose skills have been praised by fans worldwide. It promises to be an exciting battle of two legends who have both been praised for their prowess.

One of the biggest questions is if Gane can overcome criticism about his grappling in the past. But the Frenchman appears unfazed by this criticism, believing he will be sharper and faster than anyone has ever seen him at this weight before.

Miocic, who won the UFC heavyweight title in 2016, is looking to add another fight to his already impressive resume. He holds the record for most consecutive title defenses and has defeated four previous champions.

Recently, the 40-year-old Cleveland native expressed his interest in fighting Jones; however, he remains uncertain if that will actually take place or not.

When it comes to a potential superfight between Jones and Miocic, only Stipe Miocic knows for certain. The former heavyweight champion wants his first shot at facing off against the newly crowned heavyweight champ - making this matchup historic for UFC.

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