Joe Budden Doubles Down After Calling Michael B. Jordan Corny

Joe Budden Doubles Down After Calling Michael B. Jordan Corny


Joe Budden Doubles Down After Calling Michael B Jordan Corny

Joe Budden has recently come under fire for allegedly making xenophobic and racist comments, among other things.

He recently went on a podcast and dissed Michael B. Jordan for their awkward interaction that took place last week.


Jordan is a renowned American athlete best known for his success in basketball. He was drafted into the NBA in 1992 and was part of two championship-winning teams for the Chicago Bulls, as well as purchasing shares of the Charlotte Hornets in 2006 and serving as their chairman ever since.

He is also an accomplished businessman, owning his own company that deals with sports apparel. Furthermore, he has starred in several movies such as Space Jam (1996), which combined live action and animation.

As a rapper, Budden first gained notoriety on New York City's mixtape circuit in 2002 when his song "Pump It Up" went viral. Over the course of several mixtape releases during this time period, his fan base grew rapidly after leaving Def Jam Records in 2008.

In addition to his music career, Budden hosts The Joe Budden Podcast where he and other hip-hop artists discuss topics ranging from gangsta rappers to mental health concerns. Furthermore, he wrote The Truth About Life: From the Inside Out which examines life's harsh realities.

He is also the proud father of two children: Olivia and Asher. His family means everything to him and he would do anything for them.

His mother, Laura, has always been a staunch supporter of him and his relationship with Olivia. They've been best friends since childhood and she always has his back. Laura understands his anger over what his dad did and is there to guide him through it all.

Her relationship with her husband can be complicated, yet she strives to make things work out. They are still married and have two children together. As a loving mother, she will always be there for those she cares about most.

She was once Jordan's schoolmate, so she is well-aware of his style and personality. Although Jordan can be "corny", she doesn't want to make him feel uncomfortable in any way.


Though Jordan has achieved success in recent years, he was once considered a small potato back then. His ambition and aspirations to become an actor led others at his school to judge and ridicule him.

However, he ultimately took matters into his own hands and went on a winning streak that cemented his place as one of Hollywood's biggest names. With an adoring fan base, not to mention roles in highly-rated films like Black Panther and Creed III that are set for release soon - he truly has become a star!

He made his breakthrough on the hit soap opera All My Children and since then hasn't looked back. It was a long journey but eventually paid off, and now he is one of the most beloved actors in show business.

He's now PEOPLE Magazine's Sexiest Man Alive and has also won an Oscar and earned himself a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. But one person he encountered during his red carpet run who had something to say about all this: himself!

Lore'l is a radio host who adores Jordan. When she brought up their high school days at Chad Science Academy in Newark, NJ, Jordan seemed confused but eager to discuss and show off his storied past - even wearing an attractive double breasted suit!

Megan Thee Stallion

Megan Thee Stallion, a rapper and actress from Houston, Texas, first gained notoriety through her social media accounts. She regularly used Instagram to showcase her talent and started uploading rap videos as promotional tools.

She released her debut album Good News in 2020 and has since earned multiple awards, nominations and chart hits. With an adoring fan base on Twitter and Instagram, as well as speaking out against issues that affect Black women, she has become a force in body positivity within music. She continues to strive for perfection every day!

Rapper Lil Kim has been compared to Trina and Lil Kim due to her unapologetically Southern lyrics that feature a thick Houston accent that glides effortlessly over sensual trap beats.

Her lyrics often speak about gender and race issues, with frequent references to sexual assault and harassment. She has earned numerous accolades for her work, including eight BET Hip Hop Award nominations - three for "WAP" with Cardi B and one for her song "Thot Shit."

After winning a Grammy award for her song "WAP," she was appointed Global Brand Ambassador for Revlon in August 2020 and made history by becoming the first woman featured on Time's annual "Time 100 Next" list in November.

Stallion began competing in cypher battles with boys when she was a teen, drawing attention on social media platforms. Ultimately, Stallion decided to pursue her dreams of a career in music and began rapping.

Houston-born rapper Kat Von D quickly built a large Instagram following, showcasing her powerful lyricism. Soon, she released mixtapes and began touring the US to promote her music.

Megan's debut album Good News, a star-studded celebration of wealth and power, was released in 2020 and quickly rose to number three on the Billboard 200, earning her a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. Over time she has continued to release new music, including a remix of her hit single "Savage," which became her first top 10 single on the charts.


BTS, a seven-member boy band from South Korea founded in 2010, has achieved unparalleled success since. They've won numerous awards, performed at the Olympics, released four studio albums and five EPs, and sold millions of records worldwide.

They are renowned for their poetic style, which has explored topics such as mental health, struggles of school-age youth and coming of age, loss, self-love, and individualism. Additionally, they have supported causes like the Love Myself campaign against violence and an educational initiative for young people.

BTS are all highly talented performers, but what truly sets them apart from their peers is their friendship and bond with fans. Through positive messages, advocacy for causes they care about and genuine friendliness, BTS have made a major impact in the industry.

Their music defies genre boundaries, often featuring powerful images that express themes of friendship and love. Their most recent album, Love Yourself: Her, has already broken records on the charts and is set to become one of the biggest debut releases for any Korean artist ever.

Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook make up BTS; they collaborate on writing and producing their songs as well as producing solo music and working on independent projects outside the group.

Bang Si-Hyuk, the songwriter and producer who founded Big Hit Entertainment in 2005, began gathering a group of teens that would later be known as BTS (Bangtan Sonyeondan, "Bulletproof Boy Scouts") in 2010. They chose this name with deliberate intention: to celebrate their strength and resilience against external stresses while also conveying that they are sincere individuals rather than perfect idols created within an artificial studio culture.

Through their career, BTS have managed to strike a balance between personal and professional development and outside projects like rap mixtapes or bestselling books. Their sound has evolved into something truly multi-genre; combining elements of pop, hip hop, and kpop.

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