Jimmy Fallon Pranks the Coaches on The Voice

Jimmy Fallon Pranks the Coaches on The Voice


Jimmy Fallon Pranks the Coaches  The Voice Blind Auditions  NBC

On Tuesday night's episode of The Voice, Jimmy Fallon pulled a joke by impersonating blind auditions for each coach. He managed to get Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper to turn their chairs around in amazement.

They were initially perplexed, but eventually hit their red buttons to turn around and see Fallon. Once everyone realized it was him, they all burst into laughter.

Kelly Clarkson

On The Voice, coaches do not see what their competitors sing until after they hear them and decide whether or not to turn their chair around. If a coach pushes their button and turns their chair for someone, that artist becomes officially selected to join their team.

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon put his talents to use when he took part in a blind audition for Michael McDonald's "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near") song. His attempt at singing had the judges completely surprised; when he finished singing with an awkward rasp, Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper turned their chairs towards the talk show host.

Clarkson, 40, is an award-winning singer-songwriter who has released eight studio albums since 2006 - her debut album Heartbeat reaching number two on Billboard 200. She's also made appearances on television shows such as American Idol and The Voice, winning over fans with her soulful sound.

She has sold 25 million records worldwide and earned four Grammy Awards for Best Pop Solo Performance, among other honors. With her band the Freedom Fighters, she has toured around the globe while continuing to perform live and work as a voiceover artist.

Mother of two, she has been described as having an "Emily Dickinson" singing voice. With passion and dedication to her craft, she hopes this opportunity will allow her music to reach as many people as possible.

Her debut single, "Meaning of Life," became a hit and since then she has released four more studio albums. Additionally, she has starred in films and plays.

She's played along with the coaches on The Voice Blind Auditions multiple times, always getting a laugh out of it. When Fallon pressed her button, she burst into laughter. Her sister Holly Clarkson joined in the fun too and had an enjoyable time.

Niall Horan

Niall Horan is a singer who first gained notoriety after competing on The X Factor. As part of One Direction with Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik, he quickly rose to become one of America's most popular musicians. Additionally, he won several awards and sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City's Madison Square Garden during a concert there.

Niall Horan wasn't sure of his singing ability when he started. After years of practice and competing in several smaller competitions, the 16-year-old entered X Factor Ireland where his audition was successful but didn't make it past round two. However, one Direction offered him the chance to join their band - and has been part of One Direction ever since!

His debut single, 'This Town,' was released in September 2016 and quickly achieved success. It soared to the top nine on both the UK singles chart and Billboard Hot 100, earning it gold certification from several music associations.

He had two other hits that reached the top 20 on the charts. Additionally, he collaborated with Maren Morris on her track "Seeing Blind," and performed during the Olympic closing ceremony.

Niall Horan, as part of One Direction, has earned himself an array of awards and recognition. Additionally, his presence has been featured on movies and television shows.

Horan loves cooking and playing the guitar when not performing on stage. He is also a proud dad, cherishing every moment spent with his family.

After eight seasons on the show, he is ready to retire and focus on his music career. Through inspiration and motivation, he hopes other aspiring artists will follow their dreams and reach their highest potentials.

Following his role as coach on The Voice, Horan is set to release his next album and continue touring throughout America. His most recent song 'Moments Like These' can be listened to online for free.

Chance the Rapper

The rapper has achieved great success as an independent hip-hop artist, pushing the limits of independent music. Additionally, he is an active philanthropist who uses his platform to support Chicago's public schools and combat gun violence within the city. Raising more than $2 million for educational initiatives in Chicago and leading #SaveChicago campaign which seeks to reduce violence within its borders, Kanye has truly made a name for himself.

Chance the Rapper has never forgotten his family despite his success. He identifies as Christian and was raised by his grandmother in Chicago, where he began developing his music career. In 2017, Chance was honored with three Grammy awards for his work.

He is best known for his album Coloring Book, which became the first streaming-only record to win a Grammy and earned him the title of Best New Artist.

Chance was discovered by Childish Gambino in 2012 and quickly rose to fame. His first mixtape 10 Day was released the following year (2012) followed by Acid Rap in 2013.

In 2013, Chance gained major label attention after appearing on Justin Bieber's song "Confident." As his fan base grew, he eventually signed a deal with Def Jam Records.

Over his career, he has collaborated with numerous artists and producers such as Chancelor Johnathan Bennett, XXXT Magazine's Naila Mergence, SZA and others. Additionally, he joined SocialWorks to raise money for Chicago's public school system.

He has earned several awards, but is best known as an advocate for gun safety in his city. He played a significant role in helping stop the weekly shootings that occur in Chicago, as well as working to prevent police killings of black men.

At a young age, his teachers ridiculed his musical aspirations; yet he persisted and never gave up. Over the years, he has earned many awards while pushing the boundaries of his genre.

Chance the Rapper has achieved international fame as one of the world's most beloved artists. He has toured extensively and released multiple hit singles, while also becoming an accomplished social activist with projects that have touched millions of lives. Additionally, Chance has won three Grammy awards, solidifying himself as a staple name within music circles.

Blake Shelton

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Fallon of NBC's "Tonight Show" fame played a joke on Kelly Clarkson, Niall Horan and Chance the Rapper by singing Michael McDonald's cover of "I Keep Forgettin' (Every Time You're Near)." As Fallon sang in his best McDonald-like voice but intentionally mispronounced some words during his rendition, Clarkson, Horan and Chance turned their chairs to see who it was: none other than Jimmy Fallon!

Clarkson immediately pressed her buzzer, followed by Horan and Chance the Rapper. Shelton remained stoic, unmoved. Finally, Fallon crossed the stage and pressed his buzzer for Shelton as well.

Blake Shelton is a country singer-songwriter best known for his success on The Voice, where he twice won Vocal Event of the Year and three times won Musical Event of the Year. As an accomplished songwriter, Shelton collaborates regularly with fellow country artists to craft more than 200 songs that have earned him induction into Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Shelton has always had a passion for writing and has collaborated with several songwriters, such as Rhett Akins, Dallas Davidson, Ben Hayslip and Jeff Bates. He believes that meeting other creative individuals is important to helping them make their mark in the industry.

Shelton has not only performed, but he's also opened a restaurant in both his hometown of Oklahoma and Nashville that serves up American dishes with laid-back country music. Additionally, the 2018 Denbo Diamond Award winner established a cancer research program at his local children's hospital.

Shelton is one of the most beloved and beloved voices in country music, with hits such as "Drink on It," "Startin' Fires" and "Hillbilly Bone" reaching the top of the charts. He has earned multiple awards from both Grand Ole Opry and Country Music Association alike.

Shelton is a country singer but also enjoys pop and R&B music. Additionally, he has performed in various genres such as gospel and opera.

He has collaborated with numerous singers, such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga. Additionally, he released a Christmas album for his fans to enjoy.

Shelton has enjoyed a successful career as a singer-songwriter, launching his own clothing line in 2010. Additionally, he owns his own food truck to bring his signature Southern cuisine to customers. Additionally, Shelton is known for his generous charitable efforts; donating funds to a cancer research center in his hometown of Oklahoma.

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