Jimin's 'Like Crazy' Dance Practice Video Revealed

Jimin's 'Like Crazy' Dance Practice Video Revealed


CHOREOGRAPHY   Jimin Like Crazy Dance Practice

On March 25, Jimin released the official dance practice video for "Like Crazy," his chart-topping title track from his debut solo album. In it, fans get to witness Jimin's impressive dance moves and how he interacts with his backup dancers in exciting new ways.

1. Jimin’s Shoelaces

Recently, BTS' Jimin released a dance practice video for their latest single "Like Crazy," from their debut solo album. The performance takes place in front of a basketball hoop and features some dramatic choreography.

Jimin, like any traditional dancer, is incredibly flexible and capable of some daring moves. In fact, he's even been known to effortlessly do the splits - a classical ballet stretch where your hands and head touch your flexed foot - with ease!

ARMYs have observed that the dance involves some physical contact, so one member decided to ease them into it by asking, "You guys touched my face?" in jest.

He assured the audience that his dance would improve over time. In conclusion, fans appreciated his willingness to make his performance more accessible and comfortable for them - after all, they are his fans after all!

2. Jimin’s Mic

BTS' Jimin recently unveiled a choreography practice video for "Like Crazy", the title track from his upcoming solo album. In it, Jimin showcases his impeccable dance moves to great effect and left ARMYs in awe.

Gold color attracts those with big dreams and ambitious goals, motivating them to work harder than their peers. Furthermore, those drawn to this hue often possess intense desires.

BTS ideal members for this group as they often practice dancing until late at night while taking breaks at home. Unfortunately, high expectations can sometimes lead to big disappointments in the form of major setbacks.

They possess a contagious optimism and enthusiasm which often earns them the title of'mom'. Unfortunately, these individuals may also exhibit introverted tendencies or be shy at times.

3. Jimin’s Voice

BTS singer Jimin possesses an enticing, emotive and passionate voice. His range is wide, allowing him to sing high notes that would normally be out of his range as a man.

He possesses a captivating voice that alternates between soft and rough, adding to its allure. This also perfectly captures his personality; he can be both calm and playful at once.

Jimin has an inspiring vision for his music as a solo artist. His debut album, FACE, is an intense six-track journey through conflicting emotions.

4. Jimin’s Shoelaces

Jimin feels a tightening in his chest and shudders. Not from reading death threats, but rather the intense heat that burns in his cheeks; an intense pang of fury that compels him to stand still and force himself to breathe.

He's a celebrity, after all; people will find reasons to dislike him even when they don't comprehend the full extent of events.

Knowing that all the hate comments will eventually reach him is a sickening feeling, and all he can do is close his eyes, keep his lips pursed, and attempt to breathe through it all.

He's suddenly interrupted during his dance practice and finds himself surrounded by people doing something bizarre. Hung midair by a harness that doesn't work, he can't help but feel an impending sense of doom.

5. Jimin’s Mic

Jimin has chosen gold mic, similarly to his BTS members. This color typically signifies someone with lofty ambitions and ambitious plans who works harder than their peers to achieve success.

Jimin is known to work late into the night without taking any breaks, sometimes even practicing dance moves until his nose starts bleed!

He's known to do some interesting things as a member of BTS, such as recording his own song in a closet or blowing out birthday candles with his nose!

6. Jimin’s Voice

Jimin, born October 13th 1995 in Busan, South Korea and famed as the lead vocalist and dancer for global boy band BTS, has achieved international success with his three solo tracks titled Lie, Serendipity and Filter which have amassed fifty million streams on Spotify.

He boasts an impressive vocal range and is widely regarded as one of the most versatile singers in Kpop. He's performed on award show stages ranging from Billboard to Grammy and stadium tours alike.

He is a deeply caring and kind member of BTS, always showing love and affection towards the rest of the group members as well as their fans. He's quick to comfort them when they feel down or worried about their performances, showing that he cares deeply.

7. Jimin’s Shoelaces

Jimin sits in a director's chair, feet dangling and his legs swollen and sore. Yoongi lowers him gently and Jimin inhales deeply of Min PD's woodsy musk.

Jimin, Taehyung and Seokjin are fleeing a gang of criminals in an abandoned warehouse on the fringes of Gyeonggi Province when they come upon it. It feels familiar even if they can't place it. This scene has epic potential: Jimin, Taehyung and Seokjin must flee from this unidentified entity for safety.

Yoongi takes a step forward and reaches for Jimin's arm, but Jimin evades them both with a splutter. With that gesture, Yoongi knows he can go back into the fight if needed.

8. Jimin’s Voice

Jimin has an exceptional voice that can reach high notes. Throughout his tenure as part of BTS, he has received much praise for his distinct vocals.

At a young age, he began studying dance, mastering both contemporary and traditional styles. After enrolling at Busan High School of Arts, he achieved success in the modern dance department there.

At the school, he also studied martial arts and earned a black belt in Taekwondo. Additionally, he donates money to organizations working towards education development.

He loves to dance in his free moments. Not only does it help him stay in shape, but it is an integral part of his personality as well.

9. Jimin’s Voice

Jimin's voice is one of his greatest assets. It can be heard in his songs, dances and vocal performances around the world.

He can sing high notes as well as lower ones to create an amazing sound effect. His voice is highly emotional and soothing to listen to.

He has an endearing personality, known for his sweet nature and care towards both BTS members and fans alike. He is always eager to lend a helping hand when needed, providing comfort where it is needed.

10. Jimin’s Voice

Park Jimin is renowned for his many talents, but one that stands out is dancing. He studied popping and locking dance styles at Just Dance Academy during middle school and is now an expert practitioner of these movements.

He always gives it his all during live performances, pushing himself beyond limits and giving it everything he has. Additionally, he practices for hours each day - sometimes until 1-2 a.m.!

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