Jimin - 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV

Jimin - 'Set Me Free Pt.2' Official MV


 Jimin Set Me Free Pt2 Official MV

BTS' singer-dancer featured in the video with an electrifying performance wearing black jacket and pants. His shirtless tattoos had ARMYs enthralled as he showed off both his singing and dancing prowess.

Next week, Jimin will release his first solo album and has already pre-released the lead single 'Set Me Free Pt. 2' along with a music video to build anticipation for this new era in his career.


The latest music video from BTS' Jimin is well worth watching. Not only does it boast an inspiring concept, but it also puts the K-pop star in the spotlight -- and he doesn't seem afraid to show it!

In the music video, Jimin shows off his moves as he joins a troupe of dancers for an intensely sensual choreographed routine. At first, they cluster together before opening up as Jimin joins them.

Jimin's voice shines in the video, not only due to its choreography but also because his tone is naturally distinctive despite autotuned lyrics. It's clear that this singer-songwriter has something special in him that allows him to stand out from other singers.

Another innovative aspect of the video is its use of LED screens, something not often seen in K-pop music videos. However, they do a fantastic job showing off Jimin's performance to the fullest extent possible.

Jimin and the dancers move around the screen with great grace, and the camera captures all their moves perfectly. Furthermore, Jimin's name appears in large, bold letters to add an air of mystery and set an atmospheric atmosphere.

The music video boasts several enjoyable elements that make it worth watching. One of the most captivating is when Jimin's lights dim and then come back on again, revealing his tattooed torso and shirtless body.

It may seem like a small detail, but it has an immense effect on the video. Music videos especially benefit from having this element as it provides viewers with an overview of the overall flow of the piece.

Jimin's other notable achievements include his first solo entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, release of his standalone track "Promise," and making his songs "Christmas Love" and "Vibe" available for streaming for the first time earlier this month as a gift to his fans - known as ARMYs - as an early Christmas present. All this is leading up to Jimin's debut solo album FACE which will be released on March 24.


BTS member Jimin, who will release his debut solo album next week, has shared a pre-release track 'Set Me Free Pt. 2' along with an official music video to mark the beginning of his solo journey. The song serves as an inspiring reminder of Jimin's determination to find freedom from both internal and external stresses.

The video is an ideal showcase of the singer's unique artistic style, which blends epic and sensual elements. The dancers' coordinated movements in the MV brought life to the song and further increased its impact.

Jimin has done an outstanding job of adding his unique spin to the choreography for his music video, using dancers instead of usual performers. The choreography is well crafted and perfectly captures both epic and sensual vibes in one performance.

The choreography throughout the video, especially at the opening where Jimin clusters up with a group of dancers, is highly appealing. His use of circular formations and lift-up and drop-in at the end are two incredible moments in the video.

In addition to the music and lyrics, singer's performance in the video is equally as captivating. His vocals are top-notch and perfectly match up with snappy hip-hop beats.

The lyrics of Jimin's song combine serious and humorous themes, showing his determination to move past different emotions and move forward in life. The dancers' movements add extra meaning and dimension to the piece, taking viewers on an emotional journey through a torrent of feelings.

I loved how he stripped away layers in the music video and showed off his beautiful body. It symbolized his desire for liberation from expectations and stresses in life.

He's long been known for his more delicate side, but with this song it seems that Jimin is finally revealing those parts of himself he's always wanted to showcase. Both the song and video capture this beautifully; I can't wait to see how he interprets the rest of the album!


The song is an epic showcase of emotions from the singer's voice, emphasizing his resolve to move past pain and sadness. He also raps about how he has triumphed over a difficult situation and hopes others can do likewise.

The music video is equally captivating. The choreography combines elements of dance and swaying, while the use of light and shadow creates a stunning effect. Both songs serve as an exciting tease for Jimin's debut solo album FACE, set for release on March 24.

Many ARMYs are still behind on BTS' latest releases, but one member is already making headlines with his first solo track. On March 17, Jimin released "Set Me Free Pt. 2," the pre-release single for his upcoming mini-album Face, and it has been met with warm reviews from fans around the world.

ARMYs have been deeply moved by the song's powerful lyrics, which tell of Jimin's determination to break free of whatever is holding him back. It has amassed over 11 million views on YouTube - making it one of the most popular releases so far this year.

Though the lyrics and song are captivating, the music video itself is truly something special for ARMYs. In it, a large group of dancers perform an intricate choreography routine that perfectly encapsulates the dark and rebellious lyrics in perfect harmony.

The music video features several creative touches, from Jimin imitating a butterfly to dancers forming the shape of the golden ratio. Both songs and videos showcase Jimin's artistic talent as well as his devotion to his fandom.

Jimin has always been known for his more subdued side, but his latest release shows him breaking away from the mold. The video is a testament to his courage as it depicts him letting go of social expectations and external stressors so that he can live life fully - an impressive move that indicates Jimin's star is on the rise.


Autotune is a tool used widely across all genres of music to automatically correct vocal issues and make songs sound more pitch perfect. It even has the capacity to create new sounds and effects not possible with just human voice alone.

Autotune was made popular by T-Pain, but other artists have since adopted it for use in various ways. It can be applied to vocals as well as instruments, adding a unique sonic dimension to your song.

Autotune comes in many forms and works differently for different vocals. One popular type is where vocals sound like they have been run through a robot; this style has become increasingly popular among modern pop singers such as T-Pain and Kanye West.

The other type of autotune is where it keeps vocals transparent but corrects notes as they come in, allowing singers to sing more naturally. This style is commonly employed by artists with powerful, expressive voices such as Adele or Ed Sheeran.

It's a controversial technique, and while some may find it annoying, others believe that it can be creatively used to produce unique musical effects. Producers are known for using it as an outlet to express their artistic vision and craft original music.

Jimin's unique use of this technique in his music video sets it apart from other artists. He transforms his rap into a robotic tone, which may seem out-of-place for a K-pop idol but works surprisingly well on this track.

He uses it at approximately 2:50 in the video, creating an interesting effect that gives him a distinctive sound. Although he doesn't use it often, adding it to your track can be very interesting.

It is a good reminder that when singing a song, having great technique and an ear for music is essential. If these qualities are present in your performance, your singing will sound much more polished and polished than if they lack them.

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