Jets Clear Another $13.1 Million in Cap Space 2023

Jets Clear Another $13.1 Million in Cap Space 2023


Jets clear another 131 million in cap space

The Jets have released $13.1 million in cap space to prepare for free agency and potentially a trade for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. To do this, they reworked the contracts of guard Laken Tomlinson, cornerback D.J. Reed and tight end Tyler Conklin.

Last week, the Jets also restructured tight end C.J. Uzomah and released wide receiver and return man Braxton Berrios to free up salary cap space.

Laken Tomlinson

Today, the Jets freed up another $13.1 million in cap space with the restructuring of contracts for left guard Laken Tomlinson, cornerback DJ Reed and tight end Tyler Conklin. These moves are part of their salary cap clearing efforts to make room for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers to sign.

Aaron Rodgers is likely to be traded before free agency begins, so the Jets need to ensure they can afford his lucrative contract. This has been their top priority throughout the offseason, and if they can free up enough cap space for a deal, they will be in an ideal position to do so.

On Monday, the Jets released reserve wide receiver and return man Braxton Berrios to save some money. Now they have just under $20 million in cap space - which is the minimum required to acquire Rodgers.

This move won't be the last for the Jets, as there are several other players they can cut or restructure to free up cap space. Corey Davis, Carl Lawson and Quinnen Williams can all be traded or released to make room for C.J. Mosley or John Franklin-Myers.

Recently, the Jets acquired safety Chuck Clark from the Baltimore Ravens for $2.4 million, which will add another $2.4 million to their 2023 salary cap. These moves and the addition of a $4 million draft pick have now created just under $20 million in salary cap space for 2023.

The Jets could continue to make more moves in order to free up more cap space for their pursuit of Rodgers. There are other players with large contracts who could be released or restructured in order to create additional salary cap room.

D.J. Reed

In anticipation of trading for Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the Jets have freed up an additional $13.1 million in cap space by restructuring contracts with left guard Laken Tomlinson, cornerback D.J. Reed and tight end Tyler Conklin.

Last week, New York also restructured C.J. Uzomah's deal and released reserve wide receiver and return man Braxton Berrios.

It was an ideal chance for the Jets to free up cap space to sign other free agents and keep their salary cap below $20 million. While re-signing Conklin, Tomlinson and Uzomah will be key moves, they also added Chuck Clark as a player with only a $4.1 million cap hit this season.

Reed has always been a hard worker and an example of leadership both on and off the field. When he joined the Jets during the offseason, his goal was to help secure cornerback for future success and give them their best shot at winning games in the future.

All this started in Bakersfield, California where Reed attended Independence High School and was named both the most valuable player in basketball and football - becoming the first athlete ever to achieve this distinction in both sports.

Reed's journey wasn't always smooth. His parents struggled with cancer and multiple sclerosis for 18 years, until divorced when he was 16 years old. Additionally, as a late academic qualifier and having to attend classes at junior college before earning a scholarship at Fresno State, his path wasn't exactly smooth sailing.

He was slightly shorter than most and didn't fit in with the Bulldogs, but Joyce, a retired college counselor, helped him get the education he needed. She encouraged him to play on a junior college team and sent his film to colleges - eventually, he committed!

He made a major impact during his rookie season with the Jets, recording 80 tackles and one interception. Additionally, he earned himself a place on the NFC All-Rookie team and his first Pro Bowl selection.

Tyler Conklin

The Jets have freed up an additional $13.1 million in cap space by restructuring the contracts of Laken Tomlinson, DJ Reed and Tyler Conklin. This move gives them more room to allocate towards Aaron Rodgers who is expected to sign a lucrative deal with Gang Green soon.

Rodgers would be an incredible addition for the Jets, who have struggled in recent years to land one of the top quarterbacks. The Jets are hoping to finalize a deal before free agency begins next week.

Through free agency, the Jets may add several players to their roster. One such player is Minnesota Vikings tight end Tyler Conklin.

Though many Jets fans were disappointed with Conklin's performance during his rookie season, there are some positive aspects about the talented tight end. He was highly efficient this year, catching 58 passes out of 87 targets for 552 yards and three touchdowns.

Conklin has continued his impressive production this year and been an effective red zone threat for the Jets. He has hauled in eight of his 10 targets inside of 20 yards and had two games with multiple catches over that distance.

He has also demonstrated his versatility as a route runner, with impressive hands and unique shiftiness for a tight end at 6'3", 248 pounds. Furthermore, his durability has allowed him to start every game this season and play over 850 snaps.

With his career resurgence and potential as a Pro Bowl tight end, Conklin should remain on the Jets' roster for years to come. He's an incredibly versatile player who can contribute on multiple levels and could become a star in Mike LaFleur's offense.

Hopefully the Jets can build on their success this season with Conklin and elevate him to become their starting tight end in 2022. In the past, there have been issues at this position; hopefully Conklin's presence helps improve production for the team.

C.J. Uzomah

This week, the Jets freed up an additional $13.1 million in cap space by restructuring the contracts of guard Laken Tomlinson, cornerback D.J. Reed and tight end Tyler Conklin to prepare for free agency. Additionally, they released reserve wide receiver and return man Braxton Berrios.

According to Bridget Hyland of The Newark Star-Ledger, restructuring Uzomah's contract allows the Jets to free up $3.6 million in cap space by decreasing his salary from $8 million in 2024 to $6.15 million for 2024. This move makes it increasingly likely that Uzomah will remain with the team next season.

Last season, He was an integral part of the Jets' offense in 15 games, catching 21 passes for 232 yards and two touchdowns. Unfortunately, he was a healthy scratch for six weeks of regular season play due to a hamstring injury.

Due to his injury, Uzomah will miss the start of this year's season and won't be competing for snaps against the Dolphins. That means Tyler Conklin will get most of the tight end snaps this year as a much better two-way player than Uzomah is.

Uzomah is an impressive tight end with excellent blocking skills and the strength to take on double teams. He's ideal for teams that like to attack tight ends in the running game, and he enjoys a strong relationship with second-year quarterback Zach Wilson.

Uzomah stands out among teammates due to his great sense of humor and joyous disposition. This trait was recently demonstrated during Super Bowl week when he dressed up as Buddy the Elf before a high school game and promised that if Cincinnati wins the big game, he'd take a bath in Skyline Chili - one of Cincinnati's iconic dishes.

He may not be the most volume-oriented DFS play, but his speed and ability to create mismatches for opponents make him a viable option in pass-catching groups and on the flex. Additionally, he offers some versatility within DFS, making him an attractive option on either team.

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