Jessa Duggar Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage With Baby No 5

Jessa Duggar Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage With Baby No 5


Jessa Duggar Reveals She Suffered Miscarriage With Baby No 5

Jessa Duggar shared the devastating news of her miscarriage only four hours after posting an update announcing her fifth pregnancy on YouTube. The former reality star took to sharing the video with fans to express her sorrow and share this difficult time with them.

She shares four children with husband Ben Seewald: sons Spurgeon (7 and Henry, 6), daughters Ivy (3 years old) and Fern (18 months). Additionally, the Seewalds are featured on TLC's Counting On show.

She Suffered a Miscarriage at Home

The Duggar family is known for their easy-pregnant status, but that wasn't always the case. Jessa Duggar - oldest daughter of 19 Kids and Counting star Ben Seewald - recently suffered a miscarriage, which she revealed in a YouTube video posted Friday evening.

Jessa opens up in the video about her recent loss and the emotional journey it brought her. She and Ben are taking it slow at home, focusing on their children Spurgeon (7), Henry (6), and Ivy (3).

Jessa's sister Jinger Vuolo also experienced pregnancy loss. In 2010, her story was featured in the 2010 film Courageous, which followed a young girl who passed away due to complications during her pregnancy.

Jessa and Ben have three sisters: Joy-Anna Forsyth, Jill Dillard, and Lauren Swanson - who all suffered miscarriages or lost a child. Despite these setbacks, Jessa and Ben remain hopeful that their next pregnancy will be healthy.

Jessa, after her miscarriage, decided to seek medical help with a dilation and curettage procedure at the hospital in order to remove the fetus from her body. Though painful, Jessa believed this was ultimately what was best for herself and her baby.

Though some still doubt Jessa's claim of infertility, some commenters have pointed out that her doctor told her there would be "risk of complications" when performing D&C, suggesting Jessa may have been telling the truth about her experience.

Though some of these comments were critical, others offered support. They noted that miscarriages are commonplace and that Jessa should not feel bad about it.

She checked into the hospital and stayed for four days, receiving all of the support she needed to cope with her loss. Eventually, she recovered enough strength to return home with her family.

She acknowledged that she and Ben experienced some hardship during the process, but ultimately were able to move on with their lives. Additionally, having her children -- Spurgeon (7), Henry (6), and Ivy (3 years old) around for comfort helped her heal from it all.

We wish her and her family peace during this difficult time, and we pray for their wellbeing and healing.

We pray Jessa and Ben can find peace within themselves and focus on healing. We also wish them comfort in each other and their children as well. Our hearts are with them - send our love to all of them!

She Suffered a Miscarriage in the Hospital

Jessa Duggar, star of Counting On, shared her heartbreaking miscarriage story in an 18-minute YouTube video that aired late Friday night. In it, she revealed she was expecting her fifth child but suffered a devastating loss several weeks ago.

She explained that she had to check into a hospital for dilation and curettage procedure to safely extract her baby from its womb. Although it was one of her toughest moments afterward, having her children around helped ease the burden she felt afterward.

Although her pregnancy was expected to last up to four months, she only made it through 11 weeks before receiving devastating news of her loss. In December she shared footage from a pregnancy update she'd filmed earlier that month, detailing her journey up until this point.

According to the former TLC personality, her doctors advised her that a dilation and curettage was necessary in order to safely extract the baby from its mother's womb. She agreed, and headed off with Ben Seewald to the hospital for the procedure to be completed.

Thankfully, she experienced no physical complications from the dilation and curettage procedure. Nonetheless, she did experience feelings of guilt afterward and questioned if it had been a wise decision. She asked that her followers respect her decision rather than judge her for it.

Her family was an immense source of strength during this ordeal, including her husband Ben and children Spurgeon (7), Henry (6), Ivy (3) and Fern (18 months). Additionally, Michelle Duggar and Jinger Duggar - mothers to Jinger Duggar - assisted her through difficult times as well.

Jessa had an especially difficult childhood growing up with four siblings; as the middle child, she often battled with older sister Jana. According to Jessa's book Growing Up Duggar, she would sometimes kick Jana out of bed at night in an effort to irritate her.

She has since shared that she has improved at managing her emotions better. She credits her sister Jinger with pushing her to be the best person possible and helping her through some difficult times.

She is currently recovering from the ordeal and plans to "take a break" on social media to focus on her recovery. She feels thankful that her family was by her side during this trying time, striving to "be the best mom" she can be.

Jessa and Ben have endured an unbearable loss. Our hearts go out to them as we send them our love, hoping that they can find strength to cope with this devastating loss.

She Suffered a Miscarriage at the Hospital

Jessa Duggar, star of TLC reality show Counting On, shared last week her devastating miscarriage with fans and followers alike in a nearly 19-minute video uploaded to her YouTube channel.

According to the video, Duggar first experienced spotting in November and then went to her doctor who warned her there could be complications. She ultimately chose to check into a hospital to have specialists perform a dilation and curettage procedure in order to remove the baby from her body, opting for this step in order to mitigate any risks associated with vaginal delivery.

Once she arrived at the hospital, Michelle Seewald and her husband Ben Seewald were by her side to assist with labor. Michelle sat with Ben while Michelle watched from behind their bed as the medical team informed him they would be having a girl. Ben stood protectively behind Michelle while Michelle rested. As they waited patiently for Ben to deliver his precious cargo, Michelle experienced intense emotions.

After her mother and grandmother met with the doctor to hear the heartbeat of their new daughter, they were all allowed to meet each other.

After some touching moments, the couple's older children were able to meet their sister in person and expressed how much they were going to adore her. Fern weighed 8 and half pounds and measured 21 inches long - just like her big brother Spurgeon did!

Jessa not only brought her children home, but she and her husband also took time out of work to spend quality time as a family after the birth of their daughter. To this end, they stayed at a guest house on Duggar family property in Arkansas - where they had previously lived while engaged - where they now reside.

While she and her husband were in Arkansas, they took the kids to see some of the places Ben had planned for them when he proposed. He originally intended to do so in Eureka Springs; however, due to a snowstorm, their wedding had to be postponed.

Once they returned home to Springdale, Arkansas, the couple quickly adjusted to life as a married couple. To help ease the transition into married life, they implemented a buddy system in their household: each child being assigned an older sibling who would provide guidance and care.

Since the buddy system was implemented, the Duggar children have been paired with their younger siblings to complete chores such as organizing their belongings and tutoring their cousins. Furthermore, they assist their parents with household tasks like cooking dinner and washing dishes.

After one year of pregnancy and the loss of her baby, Duggar decided to take some time away from social media for mental and emotional wellbeing. In a video statement, she was candid about her struggles with grief and how they needed to focus on their family in order to heal from the loss of their little one.

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