Jenna Ortega Doesn't Flinch While Eating Spicy Wings

Jenna Ortega Doesn't Flinch While Eating Spicy Wings


Jenna Ortega Doesnt Flinch While Eating Spicy Wings

Wednesday star Jenna Ortega is one of the most remarkable Hot Ones contestants in recent memory. She maintained her poise throughout the celebrity-eating show, barely flinching as she consumed increasingly spicy wings.

She shared details on her collaboration with Tim Burton and upcoming Scream VI movie. Additionally, she talked about her affinity for physical books.

Watch: Jenna Ortega Doesn?t Flinch While Eating Spicy Wings

Jenna Ortega, the teenage actor best known for her roles in Wednesday and Scream VI, recently took on Sean Evans' hot wings challenge on YouTube's popular food show Hot Ones without even blinking. She even managed to finish eating all four wings without feeling any heat from them!

She even managed to answer some questions about her career, such as how she got the role of Wednesday Addams and what makes a good horror movie. Additionally, she revealed which Tim Burton film she enjoyed watching most and which Gen-Z tropes she didn't enjoy.

But what really impressed us was her cool demeanor. She consumed ten increasingly spicy wings without ever showing signs of fear or discomfort, even winning a Wednesday-inspired staring contest with host Sean Evans after indulging in enough spicy sauces.

Celebrities rarely manage to maintain their calm while trying the most challenging things, which makes it all the more impressive when you consider how many celebrities have ended up choking, gagging, vomiting or simply giving up during past challenges.

When the Wing Eating Challenge on Hot Ones came around, we were eager to see how Ortega, who plays Wednesday Addams, would fare. It's no secret that she is an incredibly talented actress but it seems she has a special knack for mastering even the toughest tasks with ease.

Her performance on Hot Ones definitely earns her a place in our top 5. She answered all the important and some less important questions about her career while maintaining composure while trying to enjoy some of the spicier sauces the internet has to offer.

Watch: Jenna Ortega Dishes on Gen-Z Tropes

Jenna Ortega is the rising star of Netflix's "You," but she's more than just a pretty face. She's an actress breaking genre stereotypes and passionate about bringing Latin representation into her films. Her empathetic portrayal of Vada - a teenager grieving her friend's death in the latest installment of "X" - serves as proof of her talent and compassion.

If you're not already a fan of the actress, I strongly suggest watching this episode. Her interview is captivating and offers an insightful look into how she got to where she is in her career. Additionally, she does an outstanding job of demonstrating why it's essential for Hollywood to take notice of today's issues - particularly when it comes to Latinas in film.

In her interview, she shares her enthusiasm for movies, her views on the industry and her hopes to bring more diversity into mainstream films. Furthermore, she recounts a recent shooting at her school which she found to be an eye-opening experience.

Her story is both heart-wrenching and hilarious, capturing the unique way teenagers experience grief. She doesn't fear to let her emotions get the better of her, creating characters who seem genuine and relatable.

She has a unique talent for portraying characters who may not be particularly likeable, yet still manage to make viewers laugh - one of the primary reasons she has achieved such success in her career. Her latest movie "Wednesday" will be available to stream on Netflix starting November 8th!

As a young actor, she used to be afraid of scary movies. Her parents assured her that "it's just a movie." Now though, her friends have encouraged her to go see horror films and now she looks forward to experiencing something different in cinema.

Recently, she spoke to New York Magazine about the significance of filmmakers bringing diverse stories to the screen. She expressed that she doesn't enjoy films where the main character is a stereotypical "bratty teen" who doesn't achieve success for themselves.

Watch: Jenna Ortega Dishes on Tim Burton

Tim Burton is an iconic director, having created some of cinema's most beloved and visually stunning films such as Alice in Wonderland and Sleepy Hollow.

Director Tim Burton's latest movie, Scream VI, takes a modern slasher film and reinvents it for modern audiences. Though it differs from his other horror works, Ortega believes the film still leaves an impact on the genre.

She's no stranger to slasher films, having previously starred in Disney Channel's Bizaardvark. But on Wednesday night in her new Netflix series Wednesday, she will take the lead role of the Addams family.

The supernatural show follows Wednesday Addams (played by Ortega) as she navigates the social halls of Nevermore Academy and uses her powerful psychic abilities to prevent a monstrous occurrence. It has become an enormous hit on streaming services, boasting over one billion views since its release last year.

But amid all of the excitement, it can be easy to forget that this day is special for this golden girl. As one of six children, she doesn't get to experience traditional high school rituals like prom or graduation like other students do.

Thankfully, she's made up for it with her acting career. In fact, she won an Imagen award for her portrayal of Harley Diaz on Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle.

She's been nominated for her work in X, The Fallout, as well as in Scream movie. With such a prestigious resume, it comes as no surprise that her net worth continues to soar with each new project she takes on.

Watch: Jenna Ortega Dishes on Scream

Jenna Ortega is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood right now. She has starred in critically acclaimed films such as X, The Fallout and Wednesday on Netflix - with Scream VI hitting theaters this Friday!

The Scream franchise has spawned a new generation of young actors, including Ortega who has quickly established herself as an iconic teen icon. Recently, she graced the Critics' Choice Awards red carpet wearing an eye-catching see-through black one-shoulder dress.

Ortega's youthful appearance belies her deep, dark beauty. Her gorgeous features are defined by her dark eyeshadow and rosy cheeks, all professionally applied by The Beauty Department's talented team.

She looked stunning at the awards show, held in mid-November. Her one-shouldered dress featured a dramatic neckline accentuated by an elegant lace panel along her chest. Additionally, she applied shimmery bronzer to enhance her features and give skin tone depth.

While her role as the star of Scream is not her first time portraying a teenager, it remains one of her most challenging yet. It requires her to act cool while also maintaining an intense demeanor.

In the film, she stars as Tara, Sam's sister who gets sent away to Nevermore Academy by Principal Weems (Gwendoline Christie). When a monster attacks, our heroine is forced into action that threatens her very existence.

No easy role, but Ortega delivers an enthralling performance that makes viewers root for Tara all the way. She masterfully balances making Tara relatable while maintaining a serious, cold demeanor.

Her performance as Wednesday Addams on the new Netflix series Wednesday is no different, with her character being both charming and menacing. This isn't her first time playing a spooky character; she previously starred in Disney Channel series Stuck in the Middle and hit slasher film Scream.

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