Jenna Marbles is Engaged

Jenna Marbles is Engaged


Will jenna marbles ever come back

After a long tenure on YouTube, fans were left wondering what became of Jenna Marbles. The star had not been seen since June 2020 when she left her channel due to past offensive content.

In June, she posted an apology video in which she professed her regret for posting videos that appeared insensitive towards Asian culture and women who sleep around. She promised never to do something similar again and promised never to offend anyone again.

Why Jenna Marbles Left YouTube

Jenna Marbles was one of the earliest YouTube stars to become successful, amassing 20 million subscribers during her peak. Many viewers enjoyed her comedic antics and upbeat attitude.

But the former content creator recently left her channel, disappointing fans who had hoped she would return. In response, she issued an apology for several old videos that had caused controversy, such as 2011 when she donned blackface to imitate rapper Nicki Minaj and making racist jokes and slut-shaming women. She promised never to do this again.

Jenna Marbles' apology on YouTube stood out due to her courage in admitting her mistakes and offering an open apology. Additionally, she promised not to make videos that could cause harm or distress to others in the future.

In her apology, she described herself as an influencer and pledged to use her power for good. She went on to explain that she hadn't always been honest, stating it was time to step away from social media platforms.

She shared that she had been feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to create content and wanted to take a break from the internet for some time. Worrying that it could harm herself or others, she wanted to take a break from technology and focus on her physical and mental wellbeing.

Though she has kept a low profile since leaving YouTube, her fans still miss her. In July, one fan got the opportunity to meet up with her and her fiance Julien Solomita and their photo quickly went viral on Twitter.

Fans poured out their support for Marbles on YouTube, but her image also raised privacy issues.

Before Marbles' departure, she sent a care package to a terminal cancer patient who enjoyed her videos. It included a signed picture and written messages which the fan posted on TikTok weeks before she passed away. In addition, Marbles has an avid fan base who occasionally interacts with her.

Why Jenna Marbles Apologizes

Jenna Marbles is one of YouTube's original stars and has amassed thousands of hours of content over the years. She's also one of its most popular creators with 3.1 billion views and over 20 million subscribers.

She's renowned for creating lighthearted comedic videos and has earned herself a large fan base among YouTube's millions of subscribers. Recently though, Marbles' success has been called into question and she is now taking responsibility for past errors.

Her apology video, posted to her channel on Thursday, comes amid a national conversation about racism and police brutality. It marks the first time a major YouTube star has publicly resigned from the video-sharing platform due to offensive content.

The video begins with Marbles apologizing for a 2011 video she made that depicted her wearing blackface, something she says she never intended to do. Additionally, she apologized for another 2012 video which she claimed to be slut-shaming. Though both videos have since been deleted, Marbles felt "really bad" about them and needed to address them in order to ensure no one else suffered due to them.

Though some fans and influencers have condemned Mourey for her decision, others applaud it as taking responsibility for past errors. Singer Gabbie Hanna shared on Twitter: "Let's stop normalizing going back through 10 years of someone's life hoping they make a mistake so you can ruin their life!"

In her apology, Marbles acknowledges the discomfort she has felt with being labeled an "unproblematic queen." She emphasizes the importance of sincerity over money and often turns down lucrative opportunities in pursuit of what she truly believes in.

She expresses her distaste for a culture where people with an audience can hurt others without consequence, citing "cancel culture" as one such issue.

Last year, Marbles faced intense criticism from her fans due to the offensive content in many of her older videos. After filming an emotional apology video and quitting YouTube, her fans are now encouraging her to return.

Why Jenna Marbles is Engaged

After a brief hiatus, YouTuber Jenna Marbles has proposed to her longtime boyfriend Julien Solomita. After dating for several years, fans are delighted by the news of their engagement.

Despite taking a long break from social media and her channel, Marbles has managed to maintain millions of followers. She has Facebook, Tumblr, vlog channel, random stuff channel on YouTube - with over 1.7 billion video views and 20 million subscribers - all under one roof!

Her content consists of humorous jokes, videos of her dogs and outrageous beauty treatments. With a lighthearted vibe and loyal fans who looked forward to them every week, her videos had an enjoyable atmosphere.

However, Jenna Marbles - better known by her YouTube username "Jenna Marbles" - was accused of racism in several videos she posted early on. These included a skit in which she appeared as Nicki Minaj and an Asian-themed rap. Additionally, Jenna made slut-shaming comments about women who slept around.

In June 2020, Marbles posted an apology video addressing her offensive content. In it she expressed that she was embarrassed by some of her past jokes and wanted to 'take a step back' from her video channels. Additionally, she apologized for using blackface in an impression of rapper Nicki Minaj as well as slut-shaming videos.

Though she didn't promise when Marbles would return to social media or her channel, it did raise many questions from fans. She declared that she didn't 'want to contribute to strife' at a time when racism is becoming an increasingly contentious topic in public discourse.

The apology was brief, but it did garner a great deal of attention. Fans rallied behind Marbles in support and encouraged her to return and share more 'wholesome' content in the future.

Many were shocked when she announced her engagement on social media, but the news wasn't lost on those in the know. Influencers such as Pewdiepie and Brittany Broski shared their joy on the platform.

Why Jenna Marbles is No Longer on YouTube

When you think of YouTube, Jenna Marbles is likely the first name that comes to mind. At her peak, her comedic vlogs and positive message resonated with a huge following; she earned herself the nickname "Unproblematic Queen" on social media for her upbeat outlook and loyal viewers eagerly awaited each week's new video from her.

However, Marbles has been absent from the internet for two years, leading many fans to speculate if she will ever return. Her YouTube videos had not been updated since June 2020 and she deleted both her Instagram and Twitter accounts last year.

Years ago, social media became the home of "cancel culture," in which public figures are abruptly removed for their controversial videos. While this practice can often be justified, it can also become overly harsh.

Twitter has seen a rise in cancel culture, leading to public figures being quickly taken off their platforms for making racially insensitive remarks and actions. It's another manifestation of "quarantine," an online trend that encourages celebrities to be more mindful about what they post and hold themselves more accountable for their conduct.

Although some of these individuals have expressed regret and withdrawn offensive videos, others have continued to repeat the same errors. Tana Mongeau, for instance, continues to make racist and misogynist remarks despite multiple apologies.

Apology videos are a popular genre on YouTube and other social media sites, typically shot from the creator's living room for an audience. Unfortunately, these videos often avoid difficult topics or make excuses, leaving viewers uncertain whether they meant what they said.

Marbles' apology video stands out from other YouTube apologies in that it spans over 40 minutes and contains extensive footage of her taking responsibility for both past and present actions.

Ultimately, Marbles left YouTube for her own reasons. She said she was tired of creating content that hurt people and wanted to be held more accountable for her decisions. At the same time, she also decided to take a break from her vlog channel to start a family. Now engaged to Julien Solomita, Marbles seems content in both offline and online life.

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