Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Highlights

Jake Paul Vs Tommy Fury Highlights


Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury  Highlights  ESPN Ringside

On Sunday, February 26th, Jake Paul and Tommy Fury will square off in a thrilling boxing match in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. As British boxer and Love Island star, Paul is set to fight furiously for their title!

After years of public pressure on social media to fight a "real" boxer, Paul is finally taking the fight. However, it won't be without controversy.

Round 1

Paul appears to be the more aggressive fighter as he jabs Fury repeatedly and attempts to land his favorite overhand right shot. However, Fury's boxing skills allow him to stop the onslaught and set up counter shots against his rival's head.

The fight progresses as the two exchange punches in a tight battle. MMA Junkie scores the round 10-9 for Paul.

Paul delivers a powerful jab as he swings left, forcing Fury back onto the ropes for a tie-up. The Briton returns fire with one of his own jabs.

In this round, the American throws several powerful power punches. He lands a big right hand and also delivers an effective left hook to the body.

This round, the 'Problem Child' hits several more impressive shots. He may still be struggling with finding a combo, but his jab is working much better than before.

Round 2

After two years of negative commentary and two cancelled fights, youtuber Jake Paul and boxer Tommy Fury are set to battle this Sunday on ESPN+ from Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia. It will be an eight-round bout that will headline the pay-per-view card.

Paul (6-0, 1 KO) has become a rising star on YouTube but also had success in MMA and other sports. At 27 years old, the 27-year-old has battled various social media influencers, former NFL players and mixed martial arts champions.

Paul Fury (9-0, 4 KOs) will look to take his fight with Paul up a level, taking on an increasingly formidable rival in Tyson Fury (9-0, 4 KOs). With every win under his belt, Fury hopes to follow in his brother Tyson's footsteps and gain valuable experience for future matches.

Round 2: This fight began with a clinch as both athletes sought an advantage. Fury had the range advantage but has yet to land any meaningful shots, while Paul's jab has proven crucial in this one.

Round 3

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury are finally set to square off in a bitter rivalry that has been building for two years. The bout was originally scheduled for last year but had to be postponed due to injury and visa complications, giving both fighters time to settle their differences.

Round 3 begins with a thunderous "Tommy" chant from the fans in the arena. So far it's been an intense round, as both teams are pushing into each other's clinch and exchanging blows.

Fury opens with a hard jab that rocks Paul back. He also manages to land a counter right hand, which is encouraging so far for him.

He's also hitting Paul with some body shots and keeping his hands low. It's a strong start for him and his punches are landing well, helping him win the round comfortably.

The YouTube star poses a real challenge to the Briton. His speed and stamina can easily overwhelm his opponent and secure victory. While some boxing fans may doubt his ability to win a pro boxing bout, he's had success against other boxers and should be able to capitalize on Fury's tendency to drop his hands.

Round 4

Two years after their initial fight was postponed, YouTuber Jake Paul and boxer Tommy Fury are finally set to square off in the ring. The match headlines an ESPN+ pay-per-view card at Diriyah Arena in Saudi Arabia on Sunday afternoon, promising to be Paul's biggest challenge yet.

Paul, 26, of Westlake, Ohio, has six professional victories compared to Fury's eight. A victory against Fury could propel him into the WBC cruiserweight rankings and give him a shot at challenging for the world title.

Round 4 begins and Paul gets into a clinch with Fury, yet their blows don't connect well. Additionally, Paul misses with an overhand right and jab.

Fury, however, has shown much greater accuracy in this round. He's landing solid jabs that send Paul reeling inward.

They clinch again and Fury unleashes a body shot. He's getting into the rhythm of the fight and working to find his opponent's weak points. Additionally, he's getting some nice exchanges going on between them.

Round 5

Tommy Fury and Jake Paul exchanged several punches in round five of their fight, though neither fighter put much pressure on the other; thus, the referee took away a point for it.

At the start of the fight, both Brit and American came in at similar times and engaged in clinches. A few shots were landed, including an overhand right from Paul.

This was an improved round for Fury, who is beginning to dictate the pace and timing of his shots. He continues to use his jab as a weapon against Paul and appears more comfortable using it; though the American remains accurate.

Fury is using his size and reach to dominate distance in this round, taking an overhand right from Paul and walking through it for a clean 1-2 combination. It was an encouraging start from Fury, but if he wants to maintain control throughout the remainder of the fight, he must do this more frequently.

Round 6

Paul and Fury are gearing up for their main event on ESPN+ and BT Box Office PPV, set to begin at 1:15 p.m. ET and garnering huge global interest.

Round 5: Paul is increasing the pressure, landing some quality jabs and clinches. He's just connected with a huge right hand to complete this round's attack!

Jake Paul appears to be making progress this round, getting more shots off and working harder than Tommy. His overhand right isn't landing, but it is a heavy weapon that could prove effective if it finds its mark.

Paul has also delivered some impressive combinations. MMA Junkie gives Paul a score of 9-9 for the round.

Fury appears to have slowed down, but is still determined to get the job done. He's had a point taken away for holding and taken some hits to the head, yet he keeps his feet up and keeps moving well. Though Fury may be putting on some pressure, Paul remains determined; tomorrow will be an intense battle!

Round 7

After two years of back and forth negotiations between the two camps, the fight finally takes place at Diriyah Arena. The opening round was a gritty battle as Paul and Fury tried to keep each other at range. With the referee having his say, it proved to be an exciting opening round to watch.

Round 2: Fury and Paul are exchanging jabs, trying to escape a clinch. Fury's right hand strikes hard against Paul's glove as he applies pressure with his left hooks and check hooks.

MMA Junkie gives Fury a score of 10-9 in the round.

Fury continues to throw his jab, while Paul occasionally snaps it back. They exchange heavy punches but nothing major landed.

In the fifth round, Paul began to push forward and achieve success of his own, while Fury backed off. The round concluded with a clash of heads that resulted in a cut outside the left eyebrow.

Round 8

Tonight in Saudi Arabia, Paul and Fury finally get to square off in their long-awaited fight. After two years of building anticipation and insults against each other across the globe, this contest promises to generate enormous interest and revenue if it can be successfully concluded.

Round 8 begins with Jake Paul emerging from the dressing room wearing an all-black top and matching shorts. He is met with a few jeers but appears focused and focused.

Tommy Fury appears to have more natural boxing instincts than Paul and appears to be taking control of the fight. He moves well left of center and stalks his rival while also showing good movement on the outside.

He hits a hard jab and continues to set up for an impressive hammer right hand, which has him getting excited by the crowd's applause.

Paul has been the more aggressive fighter, but Fury is closing in with a barrage of combination shots and appears to have edged out Paul by a few seconds. If Paul can land some big shots now, however, that could change if no points are deducted from him.

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