Jake Paul Holds Back Tears After Losing to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul Holds Back Tears After Losing to Tommy Fury


Jake Paul Holds Back Tears On Show After Loss  BS PostFight Special

Jake Paul Holds Back Tears After Losing to Tommy Fury

Jake Paul suffered his first loss of his career when Tommy Fury earned a split decision victory in Saudi Arabia. Though Paul questioned the judges' rulings, it appeared that his younger opponent landed more powerful blows than him.

Paul's brother Logan offered his perspective on the loss during a special episode of BS with Jake Paul. He questioned Fury's performance and expressed that he would prefer to see Jake face Tommy again in a rematch instead.

Paul Holds Back Tears On Show After Loss – BS Post-Fight Special

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury's fight has been eagerly anticipated since it was announced that they would square off in a professional boxing match. The two have long had an intense rivalry within the sport, so this bout will mark their first ever professional boxing encounter.

YouTuber-turned-boxer had gone undefeated in six fights prior to this contest, and was expected to put on a show against an experienced professional boxer. Unfortunately, Fury won by split decision in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia on Sunday.

Paul's defeat was not without some controversy, as two judges docked him points in the fight. Despite these setbacks, Paul is determined not to give up on his boxing career yet.

Jake Paul took to his podcast, BS with Jake Paul, to address the recent loss. In a post, he detailed several reasons behind why he lost to Fury and revealed that he was suffering from illness during most of his training camp leading up to the fight.

On his podcast, Jake also addressed the rematch clause he has with Fury. According to ESPN, the fight will take place in June.

Throughout the fight, Paul delivered several overhand rights to Fury's head. This wasn't Paul's first time hitting with such a blow.

In fact, it was this shot that felled Anderson Silva during their fight in October 2021. A similar event transpired when Paul landed a right hand against Tyron Woodley in December of 2021.

Paul's decision to fight Fury comes after years of social media requests for him to face off against a "real" boxer. In the past, Paul has won against former athletes, sports personalities and MMA fighters who weren't trained in boxing but are nonetheless formidable opponents.

He's triumphed over athletes such as AnEsonGib, Nate Robinson, Ben Askren and Tyron Woodley.

But the big question on everyone's mind is if Paul can beat Fury in a future fight. It's an important one for Paul, as he already has victories against athletes, sports personalities and MMA fighters who weren't trained in boxing. It remains to be seen if that will change with this fight against Fury.

Paul’s Fight With Tommy Fury

The fight between YouTuber Jake Paul (Problem Child) and British boxer Tommy Fury was highly anticipated. Millions of fans watched from ringside, along with celebrities Mike Tyson, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Kevin Hart.

On Sunday night in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia two boxers met and engaged in an eight-round cruiserweight match that had been anticipated for months. It proved a huge success for organizers and fans alike with both making huge profits from the event.

As expected, both fighters put in a fierce effort and both displayed great skill in their styles. The first round saw both exchange jabs as they traded blows back and forth; ultimately it was Fury's ability to land solid punches that secured him victory in that round.

In the second round, Fury delivered a counter left hook to Paul's side of the head followed by a right hand that caused him to stumble and fall. At that point, it became too much for Paul and it became evident he was out of energy to continue.

Paul, despite his lack of strength in the fight, still put up a good fight as he kept pushing forward with his punches and attempted to avoid getting wrapped up by Fury's clinching techniques. This strategy paid off as Paul was able to win most rounds.

However, in the fifth round Paul was docked a point for throwing a punch to Fury's back of head that did not come from his jab. According to former heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder, this type of thing should never take place during a fight between world champions.

Wilder believes the referee erred when they failed to grant Paul the victory in their fight. He told Fight Hub TV it was a "dumb mistake" and that he should have received at least three warnings.

In addition, the fight was marred by last-minute drama when a fake "script" leaked online. This caused considerable confusion and controversy amongst attendees.

Paul’s Post-Fight Interview With Tommy Fury

Jake Paul has quickly become a household name, amassing millions of followers on social media platforms like YouTube. His channel is almost as successful as his brother Logan's, and he has earned millions from content creation and endorsement deals.

In 2018, he ventured into boxing and achieved some notable victories. He defeated Deji Olatunji - KSI's younger brother - in an amateur match before defeating YouTuber AnEsonGib by TKO. Since then, he has gone on to win numerous more fights, including one against former NBA star Nate Robinson.

After entering the ring, Paul quickly gained notoriety on Twitter and Instagram. He would often post videos or vlogs about his personal life and boxing career, as well as founding Team 10 with various social media stars who featured in each other's videos.

He began his career on Vine, amassing millions of followers. Eventually he signed a deal with Disney Channel and appeared in the show Bizaardvark.

He then turned professional, winning his debut fight against AnEsonGib in January 2020 with an emphatic knockout. Since then, he's gone on to defeat other YouTubers while earning a substantial income from boxing.

Paul, despite his early success on YouTube, still struggles with doubts about himself as a boxer. He's uncertain of how best to prepare for his next fight and believes that he may need some assistance from his brother Logan in this regard.

His older brother, however, is more confident in himself as a boxer and believes his younger sibling can do better in the ring. He's willing to share his expertise and guidance with Paul during his future training regimen.

In his post-fight interview with Tommy Fury, he expressed that he would love to have another fight with him someday. Additionally, Paul mentioned that there was a rematch clause in his contract with him, so it's possible the two can settle their score in the future.

Paul’s Fight With Tyson Fury

After an eight-round exhibition match in Saudi Arabia, Jake Paul fell short to Tyson Fury. The blonde social media star, renowned for her success on YouTube and as a Disney star, suffered a split decision loss to the professional boxer.

Paul and Fury, who is renowned in the boxing world and a world champion, were initially scheduled for Dec. 19, 2021; however, it had to be postponed twice due to injury and health complications.

Paul and Fury engaged in a fierce battle, with each having their moments. However, Fury emerged as the clear favorite throughout most of the contest, using his reach and landing combinations to keep Paul at bay.

But Paul persisted and eventually got Fury down in the seventh round with a huge right hand that sent Fury flying onto the canvas.

After his remarks, Paul announced he will use the rematch clause in an effort to seek revenge against Fury. He expressed a desire to fight him again and hopes this time around he can come out on top.

He also stated that he hopes to make more money from this fight than from his first one, and predicted record pay-per-view sales. While that may be true, it doesn't guarantee Paul a place as an elite boxer.

It could be that he's changed his priorities and is now more interested in making money on YouTube than striving to become an accomplished boxer. If so, this indicates the wrong path and requires him to put more effort into reaching his objectives as a fighter.

Paul has taken a risk that won't please traditionalists in the boxing world, but it also promises him plenty of money. It will be an interesting test for Paul to see if his boxing career can translate into success on a larger stage.

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