Jackie O Drops $13m at Auction on Stunning Home

Jackie O Drops $13m at Auction on Stunning Home


Jackie O drops 13m on stunning home

Jackie 'O' Henderson has spent an incredible amount at auction for a stunning home in Sydney's eastern suburbs. This no-expense-spared property boasts stunning views of Gordons Bay.

Smart-home enthusiasts will appreciate that this three-bedroom, four-bathroom property has stunning ocean views and stylish interiors.

1. Stunning Ocean Views

When selecting vacation properties, a stunning ocean view should be one of your top priorities. A picturesque vista provides an unforgettable moment that only a select few get to experience regularly.

Jackie O recently spent $13m on an incredible home in Sydney, complete with ocean-facing terrace, hot tub and private elevator. It's no surprise that Jackie O was so delighted by this purchase!

Negril's premier home is conveniently situated close to some of the island's top attractions and dining establishments. It features a range of in-house facilities like a swimming pool and complimentary Wi-Fi access.

Aside from its notorious pool, this property stands out as it sits on a gorgeous white-sand beach with unobstructed views of the turquoise Caribbean Sea - something many can only dream about.

What's more, the property is situated in a tranquil community with an easily-accessible gated entrance. Additionally, there's a pool and barbecue facilities on-site.

This luxury Caribbean home features 3 bedrooms and a kitchen. It's an ideal option for anyone seeking an indulgent Caribbean getaway with family. This palatial property will give you a truly memorable experience that will be cherished for years to come. After exploring all that Jamaica has to offer, take time out of it all by booking one of their pre-selected air-conditioned cars from Jamaica Union & Tourist Association (JUTA), giving you another great way to see this breathtaking island!

2. Stylish Interiors

Jackie O was a style icon renowned for her daring fashion choices and effortless elegance. But if there's one accessory that has become synonymous with her, it's her large sunglasses which she paired with everything from tailored coats to strapless dresses.

She adopted a daring style of interior design, developed through years of studying and working with top designers. Whether she was dressing up a room with an eye-catching high-gloss ceiling or papering the walls in vibrant prints, her designs always managed to leave an unforgettable impression.

Stewart Manger is now renowned for her sophisticated yet playful interiors, often described as "reviving classics" or "luxury yet livable". After interning with top New York designers such as Bunny Williams and David Klienberg, Stewart Manger now runs his own firm that specializes in crafting tailored spaces that combine modernity with Old World charm to create inviting and captivating environments.

This stunning home on West 38th Street is an example of this, featuring a bold palette of vibrant colors, textures and patterns to achieve an effortlessly contemporary vibe. The living and dining rooms feature modern furniture pieces mixed with antique-inspired touches while the kitchen showcases white oak cabinets for added visual interest.

In the living room, two 1940s-style Italian Deco armchairs upholstered with dark horsehair sit beside a pale-gray cashmere minimalist daybed that sits before Kelly Wearstler's ruched black leather sofa. Other sculptures such as Doug Aitken's mirror sculpture and an Italian marble fireplace add to the ambiance of this chic space.

The spacious master suite, boasting a stunning curved bath and floor-to-ceiling glass windows that bring the ocean views indoors, is another highlight. A large walk-in closet is complemented by an exquisite vanity made of Calacatta Borghini marble.

This home boasts stunning ocean views, a private elevator, smart home technology and stunning interiors - everything you could desire for an ultra-luxury residence. Conveniently situated in Manhattan's Upper West Side, it is close to restaurants, shops and public transport options.

3. Private Elevator

Radio star Jackie 'O' Henderson has invested $13m in this stunning home, accessible by private elevator. It boasts floor-to-ceiling views and gorgeous wide-plank wood floors throughout.

High-rise elevators have long been an inconvenience, but the affluent are now taking steps to modernize them with their quest for better amenities. From car lifts hoisting residents directly up to their penthouse apartments or non-stop technology bypassing other units, luxury building developers and architects are striving to offer residents more privacy while they ride.

Can private elevators really provide security, and do they add to the cost of an apartment?

Jeff Garlin, a Corcoran real estate agent who specializes in luxury properties, notes that apartments with private elevators tend to be large units such as whole floors or penthouse homes. "Most often, access is granted via keyed elevator system - meaning someone must enter a code or bring along the correct key to open the door."

When looking to purchase an apartment with a private elevator, it's essential to understand access control and the security measures in place. One common security measure is card-reading technology which can limit which floors an authorized person can ride to.

Other systems utilize magnetic cards in the elevator control board or may be able to read fingerprints. They can also be accessed via keypad or key fob.

It's worth noting that some buildings allow tenants to request a special elevator be installed in their unit if they have any security concerns, such as accessing a bedroom. Furthermore, New York State Department of Buildings will conduct free elevator inspections for both registered and unregistered private elevators at no charge.

Although it's not uncommon for owners of private elevators to neglect safety inspections, the department recently announced an amnesty program for those owners who aren't registered and not getting inspected. For the next 90 days, any registered or unregistered private elevator will receive free initial inspections and tests by the department - whether registered or unregistered.

4. Smart Home

Jackie O has chosen an energy-saving smart home system that she can access from her smartphone. Through it, Jackie O can set and monitor security cameras, control lighting and appliances, as well as set up irrigation - all from one convenient place!

A smart home is a network of connected devices controlled by one central hub, usually a smartphone, tablet or game console. Additionally, it's linked to a cloud-based service which collects data from all the devices in the system and sends it back to the hub for analysis.

Though a smart home may seem like something out of science fiction, there are numerous advantages to this technology. For instance, smart bulbs help homeowners save money by controlling how much electricity their lights use. Plus, they can be programmed to turn on and off at certain times so only use power when necessary.

Additionally, smart homes offer insights into energy consumption that enable users to adjust their habits and become more environmentally aware. These data is especially beneficial when it comes to lowering bills; however, they can also be applied for other reasons like decreasing water and waste usage.

Smart homes provide numerous benefits, such as convenience and cost savings, but there are also risks. Skilled hackers could infiltrate internet-enabled devices in a smart home and cause a denial of service attack, for instance.

To reduce these risks, manufacturers and users must exercise caution when sharing their data. A recent NTT Data report found that 73% of consumers are concerned about the privacy of their smart home data.

Thanks to new smart home standards like Matter, connecting devices has never been simpler. Matter is a Z-Wave-like platform that works with various home automation technologies and recently launched the consumer initiative Matter For You to help people get the most out of their connected devices by connecting them to other automation systems.


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